TRYING 11 Easy Beauty  Life Hacks By 123 GO! Bright Like a Diamond!

TRYING 11 Easy Beauty Life Hacks By 123 GO! Bright Like a Diamond!

– Hey you guys, how you doin’? My name is Robbie, and
this is my craft corner! Today we’re gonna be trying 11
easy beauty hacks by 123 GO! It looks likes today, I’m a beauty guru. Oh boy, this is gonna turn out great. (upbeat music) Okay guys, so the first thing I’m gonna do is paint my nails. Here we go. (squeaking)
Oh, come on, get off better. There we go. Here we go! And, ahh! I messed up. Here we go, I can do this, it’s not that hard to paint your nails. You got this Robbie! You have basic basic motor skills. Ahh! Are we getting this? Are we getting how bad I’m messing up? What if I do, I’m gonna
do every other one blue, and then every other one pink. (whooshing) And the thumb is blue. (whooshing) There we go! It’s not perfect, but you know, it’ll do. Now for pink, oh man, okay, here we go. And there, you got this
Robbie, don’t mess up. (whooshing) Yeah, looks good! Now I just have to wait for these to try, and then we’ll try some hydro dipping. (dinging)
(upbeat music) (spraying) (whooshing) (spraying) So I actually already did this, but I forgot to turn my
fricking microphone on! (suspenseful music)
Ugh! Anyway, this is an example
of how the black turned out. This is black on pink. Not a fan, I don’t know,
it’s a little dark for me. This is this green on my blue nail. That one turned out a little better. I think it has to be glossy, if it’s not glossy, it won’t work. I used the black one and it says flat, so I think that’s why the
black didn’t come off as well. Anyway, now I’m gonna try the green, and then I’m gonna mix it with pink. (fast music) (spraying) Yeah, that looks pretty good! Okay, we’ll do it on
this pink finger, ready? And,
(drum rolling) oh that’s not bad! (victorious music)
Yeah! That looks pretty good! Okay, it is coming off. I would definitely use glossy, ’cause I think glossy is where it’s at. Yeah, it’s not looking too bad! Now just for fun, I’m gonna go ahead and try and use gold spray paint. (upbeat music) (spraying) Oh wow! Dude, that looks crazy! Okay, you ready? (drum rolling) Whoa! Hydro dipping gold, really cool! Holy crud! Dude, I think the gold is the best one. Can I hydro dip other stuff? Let’s try hydro dipping my screwdriver. (spraying) Yeah! You ready? And here we go.
(drum rolling) – [Crowd] Wow. Awww.
– [Robbie] Oh no! It didn’t work. I think metal is a hit or miss thing. Maybe these sunglasses. Just gonna go ahead and pop
the frames out really quick. Okay, you ready? Here we go. And actually, I think I’m
gonna also take off the arms, ’cause it might be a little easier. Dang, I need a different screwdriver. Here we go. I needed a flathead,
I had a Phillips head. Anyway. Ahh, it doesn’t wanna come out! Come on, you’ve got this. Why is this so difficult? Okay, there we go. Cool! Now, the other one. Put the crew’s off to the side, perfect. Now, let’s do this! You ready? One, two, and
(suspenseful music) Whoa! (drum crashing) It’s
coming out a little chunky. Now I do the other side. Oh no! Spray a little bit more gold. (spraying) Here we go. Ooh! Whoa, I mean it kinda works! Not bad! Anyway, hydro dipping nails, I’m gonna say that it kinda works. Hydro dipped sunglasses really works! Okay, I have to clean this up. ♪ Make a wish, take your pick ♪ ♪ Let me out before I slip ♪ ♪ Take your pick ♪ ♪ Take your pick ♪ ♪ Ah ah ah ah ah ♪ – Boo-yeah! So here’s our eyelash curler,
here’s our liquid eyeliner. Now, I just had to put the liquid eyeliner on the top right here. Here we go. Be real careful. This is like a fancy quill and ink. Okay, let’s try this puppy out! Okay, here we go! Ready? I need a mirror for this, oops. Keep forgetting my trusty mirror. Okay, let’s do this, you ready? Oh my god, this is so scary. I don’t like this, I don’t
like this, I don’t like this. I feel like it’s not fitting. It doesn’t work! What’s going on? What am I doing wrong? How the heck do you use a eyelash curler? So I guess like this. (drum rolling) Yes, I think I did it!
(cheering) It definitely grabbed onto my eyelash. Okay, so that’s one. Okay, does that look any better? I don’t think it really changed anything. Well guys, I’m gonna go
ahead and say that this one doesn’t really work,
(buzzing) unless it just, oh! I think the liquid eyelash
just dried really fast, so I’m gonna try it one more time. Here we go. Boop boop boop. Let’s do this, you ready? Here we go. One, two and, did it work? Did it work? My eyelashes look fuller? They look like the same to me. See this one? Oh, that one looks a little better. No, they look about the same. Yeah, I’m gonna go ahead and
say that this one doesn’t work. Well, since the eyeliner
trick didn’t work, I think I’m gonna go ahead and just give myself
eyeliner really quick. Here we go! Admittedly, I don’t think I
am gonna do very good at this, but you never know until
you try, am I right? You ready? Here we go. Ahh! This feels so weird. Yeah, it looks pretty good. Now for the other side. You start of with the wing
on this side, I think. Oh no, I already messed up. Think the eyeliner’s way too thick. Oh, that feels so weird, I don’t like it. Did I do it right? Oh no!
(dramatic music) I got it all over my eyelid. Ahh! Dang it! Oh well, I guess I better
go onto the next hack. (uplifting music) Right guys, so here’s a cup
we’re gonna put everything in, here’s our honey, and
here’s our olive oil. So I’m not sure exactly
what the ratio to this is, but, you know, we’re
gonna try our best here. Oh man, this honey looks so good! Ahhh! Mm, honey. Dude, this looks so weird. (squirting) Ahhh! (gagging) (cup rumbling) Now for our olive oil. Here we go. Yeah, that oughta do it. I’m ready to go ahead and mix it up a bit. (whooshing) (dinging) Okay, let’s go and put
this stuff in my hair. Okay, here we go. Oh man, I don’t think I’m
gonna like this at all, but I’m doing it for you! Let’s do this. Okay. It’s gonna be so sticky, eww! Can’t believe I’m putting this in my hair. Dude, this is gonna take
all the dye out of my hair. (squelching) Ohh, that feels even
worse than you’d imagine. Guess I’m just gonna
have to goop it in there. Ohh! Eww, I hate this. Eww! Why honey? Ugh! Ew, ew! Ugh! I am not enjoying this at all. A lot of it fell on my desk
so I’m just scooping it up and putting it in my hair, ew! I think I need more. Oh man, I’m gonna make some more. Okay, here we go. Ugh! Dude, this feels disgusting in my hair. This is the worst. You know what, Crafty Panda’s
never let me down before. I shouldn’t be doubting them. Ugh, ugh, ugh. Oh, okay! Now it’s time to go wash this stuff out. But I don’t wanna mess
up my brand new eyeliner. What do I do? (pop music) So here’s our hairband,
here’s our weird cover thing, I couldn’t find anything that was clear and also kind of not as flimsy, so I guess this is the best we got. I’m not sure what this thing
is called, but, you know. I guess it’ll have to work. I’m just gonna go ahead
and cut it a little bit. (snipping) It’s kind of fun to cut actually! Anyway. Then we go ahead and get our glue gun. Just sorta, you know,
glue this bad boy on here. Honestly, I could see this working fine. It’s holding pretty good. Let’s do this. (squirting) Okay, got that on there. Now let’s be real careful,
stick this on, the hot glue, here we go, ah, it’s so hot! Okay, we got this, ah! Yes, I’m doing it, it’s
working, it’s sticking! Wow, it looks like a welder’s mask now. Okay, let’s go try this puppy out. Right guys, time to test this bad boy out. Here we go. (squelching)
Yeah, looking good! See you on the other side. Okay, here we go, turn the
shower on, oh no, oh no! (dramatic music)
Oh it’s cold, oh it’s cold! Okay, it’s normal, it’s
normal, we’re good. Okay, you ready? It’s time to wash my hair. Is it getting in my face? Oh, it’s so hot! Okay, how we doin’? My face is staying fairly dry. Not bad! Oh, it’s getting a little wet. I don’t know how I feel about this one. Oh, I definitely got water in my face. (spitting) What do you guys think? My face look wet? Well guys, I’m gonna go ahead and say that this one
doesn’t work. (buzzing) I’m gonna go finish rinsing
out the rest of my hair now. (laughing) Ooh! Okay guys, well it’s the next day, and my hair is nice and dry. It definitely feels a little softer. It’s also a lot less knotted. So I’m gonna go ahead and say
that this one works. (dinging) ♪ As I’m thinkin’ on your hands ♪ ♪ In the way you made them dance on me ♪ ♪ On me ♪ ♪ Make a wish, since you been,
let me out before I slip. ♪ ♪ Take your pick ♪ (angels singing)
– [Robbie] Yes! (dinging) Okay, so here are rubber bands, and I think I’m gonna
go ahead and use blue. Blue’s a good color, it’s
one of my favorite colors. Ah here we go. I guess I only really
need one of these, so (crashing)
get out of here! So I’m not sure what they
did exactly with the string, I think they kinda like
doubled it up or something, so maybe, what is that? We just have a bunch of
string like doubled up. They don’t really explain
that part very well. Instructions were not clear. Okay, so I just kinda like
tripled and doubled it up, and then I’m gonna go ahead
and do it again like that, and hopefully that’ll work. Flip, they just got the rubber band, sit it in half like
that, okay, looking good, and then just wrapped it
around, just like that. Now time to do it a bunch
of times, you ready? Let’s do this. (fast music)
(whirring) This is a lot harder than it looks. Oh my gosh, my hands are getting tired. It looks nice so far though! (fast music)
(whirring) (dinging) Almost done. And we’re good! Woo! I did it! I made a little scrunch. My very own little scrunch. Think I messed up tying this little bit. Gonna snip that off. Okay, yeah looks pretty good. Finish tying it off, there we go. Bipadeeboop. (snipping) Woo! Not bad! Took me about five minutes to make. Hopefully this won’t get stuck in my hair. Let’s go ahead and try this out. (crashing) Okay, are you guys
ready to see what I look like without a hat on? Oh my gosh. Are you guys ready for this hat reveal? And, (crashing). There you go, guys,
that’s what I look like without a hat on. I’m pretty sure I’ve actually done videos without a hat on before,
but I feel like I also wear a hat a lot, anyway, forehead reveal, this is the real reveal. Oh no! Okay, let’s hope this
doesn’t mess up my hair. And, (whooshing) wow, okay! This is perfect, what do
you guys think of this? I am full blue palm tree now. (laughing) Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh! What? It stays up so perfectly. (screaming) I’m like a bird! Cackaa! (laughing) Well guys, I guess we’re gonna have to say that this one works! (dinging) Pretty good. I would probably rate
this one a five out of 10. It’s a good one. (upbeat music) – [Robbie] Okay guys, so
here’s our highlighter. Now we have to try and
take this bad boy apart. So I’m just gonna go ahead and (popping) Oh, it worked! Dude, nice! I didn’t think that would work so easily. Okay, let’s take this guy out. Ooh! Nice. Then we’re gonna go ahead
and get our cup of water. Then we just dump that in there. Boom boom. Okay, now I’ll see you
guys in about 12 hours. – [Narrator] Early the next morning. – Okay, we let that sit overnight. Now we get some molecular water. Micelluar water? Micia, I dunno how to pronounce this. But we’re gonna get this water, and I’m gonna go ahead and
put it in a different cup. Here we go! That oughta do it. Then we just take this bad boy out. It’s still a little pink,
should I be concerned? I’m sure it’s fine, 123 GO
has never lied to me before. There we go. And then it said to
wait another 10 minutes with it inside the molecular water. So uh, mocoluar, micellar water? I dunno, it said leave it in
there for another 10 minutes, so that’s what we’re gonna do. – [Narrator] Two very
boring minutes later. – [Robbie] Okay, so it looks
like this guy’s all done. (thumping) Cheers! Now let’s go ahead and put it together. It’s still a little pink,
but I’m sure that’s fine. Oh boy. So I’m not sure if it’s
gonna affect anything, but it looks like the
tip kinda broke apart. So I guess I’ll just put that in there, and then this goes like that, boop! Okay, it looks good! This guy on. (crashing) Ugh! Yeah! Let’s test this out on my eyeliner. Ooh! Okay guys, so as you can see,
my eyeliner is on fleek today. I don’t even know why I’m
bothering taking it off. Honestly, I did such a good job. Anyway, let’s try this. Here we go. And, oh! What? It actually comes off! Oh my god. Wow. I have to show this to Tory. I bet she’s gonna love it. Wow! Okay, I smudged it a little bit. This water stuff, it should
be called miracle water. My gosh! Okay, let’s try it on this side. Wow! Just comes right off! (slapping) Feel like I might need to
rinse this off or something. Ooh, just dip it back in the water. (tinkling) There we go! Dude, that comes right off! That’s awesome. Well guys, I guess we’re gonna have to say that this one works! (dinging) ♪ Baby I’m not runnin’ around ♪ ♪ Looking for nobody else ♪ ♪ I’ve got one thing on my mind ♪ ♪ I already hear the bells ♪ ♪ I’m a victim of love ♪ ♪ Fallin’ up to heaven above for ♪ – [Robbie] Woo, okay guys,
so here’s our glitter, here are cups. (pinging) Looks good, here’s our hair gel. I’m just gonna go ahead and start putting some of that bad boy in there. Ahh! Okay, let’s start off with the orange. I feel like I just need to
break this whole thing off. There we go! (tinkling) Hopefully that’s good. Mix that up a little bit. Oh, that is very glittery. Now for yellow. (grunting) Ah, perfect! (tinkling) Squiz squiz!
(squirting) Blue! (crashing) Ahh, I got it everywhere! Dude, I’m never gonna get
glitter out of my fricking carpet ever again. Little bit of green, come on. Ahhh! Okay, the green doesn’t wanna come off. Oh, there it is. Purple. And last, but not least, pink. I feel bad, ’cause this
was actually Tory’s gel. I need to buy her more. (squirting) Let’s go ahead and mix
these up a little bit. Boop, boop, boop, boop, boop. Mix, mix, mix. (whirring) Okay, now let’s go and
put this stuff in my hair. Ooh! Okay guys, so I feel
like I’m never actually gonna get this stuff out
of my hair ever again, so wish me luck. So the first step is I’ve gotta
put my hair back like that. Not diggin’ this look. Gosh, I look so weird. Then I gotta bobby pin it back. Only have one bobby pin,
I’m doomed for disaster. Oh, you know what? It’s actually keeping it back. How’s that look? Does it look weird? Well, time for me to do this. So I don’t actually have one
of those hairbrush things, but I do have a regular paint brush, so this is gonna have to do. So I guess we’ll just
start with some orange. Put that on our paintbrush. Ooh, oh no! Feel like I might need help with this one. Maybe a mirror will help me. Yep, the paintbrush is definitely not the right tool for this, this is way harder than they made it look. Okay, that’s about as
good as we’re gonna get with the orange, I think. Now for the yellow! Yeah! Ooh. Ahh! Come on, you can do it, hairbrush. Maybe I should use a spoon. Oh, honestly, man this looks so weird. Cool! Now for the blue! My hair’s already blue, so let’s hope I don’t
completely mess this up. Nope, this isn’t working
like I thought it would. Maybe I could do it with my finger. This is not work! Some good old fashioned green. Love it in there. Ahh, it’s on my ear! How’s that, good? I feel like this is a huge mess. I feel like I failed. I didn’t even get to do the purple. I’m gonna try and do the purple, even though I got green
all over my fingers. I need a napkin. Eww! Okay, we’re gonna attempt
to do this purple. This line of purple. I can’t see this at all. Well, what do you guys think? I did the best I could. Can you see the side of my head? Probably not. I can’t see the side of my head, so I’m gonna connect it to my phone app. Okay, so this is what the
side of my head looks like. Honestly, it looks a little
weird ’cause I have a mullet. I dunno how I feel about this. Well, we might as well
recreate the thumbnail. (camera snapping) Well guys, I guess we could
say that this one kinda works! I don’t really know. I bet if someone helped me, I could probably do it way better. So I’m gonna say that it
kinda works. (dinging) Not really digging my hair though. It’s not my hair style, I
wouldn’t wear this out every day. Ugh, I’m gonna go take a shower, ugh. Okay guys, thanks so much
for watching the video, if you liked it, make sure
to give it a thumbs up, or comment this right down there. If you guys liked this video, you guys wanna watch me do
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the description down below. Okay guys, love you so much, I’ll see you guys again real
soon, peace, love and wifi. Awkward ending, okay bye, ahh!

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