Trying 11 Best Fun Halloween Costumes by Crafty Panda

Trying 11 Best Fun Halloween Costumes by Crafty Panda

(Robby) Hey Guys, how are you doing? My name is Robby and
this is my craft corner. And today we’re going to
be doing a bunch of fun, spooky, makeup tutorials. Let’s do this! Okay, I’m gunna go ahead
and do this one because, frankly, you have no skin. I’m sorry about that buddy, you can chill out right here if you want. There you go. Okay guys, so here’s our baby; now we have to do a little
surgery on this guy. I’m really sorry about this in advanced. So here’s some scissors, and then it looks like this is kind of being held on with like a zip tie. I’m gunna see if I can,
uh, just kinda pull it off. (grunts) It’s just like a little lip right here. It just needs to come off. Okay, I’m gunna just cut the zip tie. There we go, and, haha easy peasy! Oh, that looks a little gnarly. Okay, next arm. Haha. Okay, awesome we have acquired
all of our arms and legs. I probably didn’t have
to cut off the baby head. Well, we don’t need the body anymore. I’m just gunna clean
these up really quick. Yeah! Honestly, that looks a lot better. One down! And, we’re good. (talking as baby) “Hi! I’m
right hand, nice to meet you.” “Hi, I’m left hand, nice to
meet you. Yeah, fist bump.” Oh, I wonder if it
would look funny if I… Oh this looks so strange. (laughing) Oh no, This is nightmare fuel if I’ve ever seen it. (talking as baby) ” Hello, I’m
baby hand, nice to meet you.” Oh man, this is the definition
of nightmare fuel right here. I’m not sleeping tonight. Anyway, get off of me. Ah, I’m stuck! Oh, ow, that was close. Okay, so I’ve got to say that
this one seems pretty easy. All I’ve got to do is glue
some baby pieces to my face. Well guys, let’s go ahead and
start off on the right foot. Well, this is actually the left foot. You guys get the point. Here’s our eyelash glue. I’m gunna just go ahead
and boop boop boop. I love eyelash glue; you
can use it for everything. But honestly its kind of
hard to get off your face. Just kind of dab that on there. Aha! I m just gunna stick this on my face. Hopefully it actually sticks, and, it doesn’t look like it wants to stick. Maybe I’ve got to cut
it, a little more even. There we go, maybe that’ll do it. Then clean my face off really quick. Yeah. Looks good. 1,2 and.. Just stay on my face please. Maybe I should add more eyelash glue. Yeah, get in there. I feel like I probably have to hold this a little bit longer. I don’t have the attention span for this. It keeps falling off.
Maybe if I squeeze the leg? Dude, I don’t even need eyelash glue, I can just make it suction to my face. Why didn’t I think of this? Now I have eyelash glue on my face, great. And, Oh my gosh, this is pretty good. This would kind of hurt to leave on for any length of time though. My face is already starting
to hurt a little bit. Agh! You don’t even need
freaking eyelash glue for this. I feel so… this was a waste of time. This one was a waste of time. Anyway guys, let’s go show Tori. Oh Tori Debranski! – Oh no! – You ready? Here it is! – You look so scary. – Don’t I look really good? – You look like a beetle. – I’m a baby face. I can hold you while
I kiss you. Come here. Ah, my arm fell off! Wait, I want to caress
you before I kiss you! (jazz mood music playing) Yes! Caress! – That’s so horrifying. – Do you like it? – I was sitting here and
all I herd you say was “time to glue some baby
pieces to my face!” And I was like… Oh, can
you put it on your nose? – I don’t think so. I don’t
think that’s going to work Tori. Ow! – Maybe if you sniff really hard. (Robby sniffs loudly) – Oh, I don’t like this. Oh, right on the forehead. You have to kind of
like squeeze this part. (Tori laughs) – I am also baby face now. – Hi baby face. I’m baby face.
Its very nice to meet you. Well guys, I guess we can
say that this one works. Anyway guys, I would say that
this is a pretty good prank the only thing is, is that
it costs an arm and a leg. Anyway, lets go do the next one. Okay, so the first thing I’m
gunna need is a glue stick. So, uh, here we go. Perfect! Now what do I do with this? Ugh, I have to put my hair
out of the way, dang it! Okay guys, I’m going to
be putting my hair up Don’t make fun of me okay? I’m very sensitive about my forehead. Look how wrinkly it is. Anyway, I need a hair tie. Tori Debranski! Can I borrow a hair tie? Yeah were back with our hair tie. I don’t even know how to put my hair up. I’m gunna go full palm tree
today; standing straight up, you know. Oh my gosh, it’s
so long, it’s like almost one whole head length. It’s a really talk palm
tree I’ve got there. Wooo! (laughs) Now that we’re full palm
tree, I have to put this glue all over my eyebrows and,
this is gunna be awful and I already know it. Yup. Ugh. My poor eyebrows. I really hope this doesn’t pull out my eyebrows or something. Yeah
so just put it everywhere. So I need to cover up my eyebrows. And then I don’t have
any translucent powder but I do have this, uh, basic powder so this is what we’re gunna use. I need a brush. Do I really
not have any paint brushes? I’m the king of craft! How do
I not have a freakin’ brush? Okay, I guess that just means
that I have to use the one that came with the little powder thing. I don’t use it anyway so what’s it matter. I just didn’t want to
use my nice brush because Then I feel like this
would ruin it probably. Its just glue though,
like, this thing doesn’t feel like it’s getting ruined. Pft. Are my eyebrows going away? Not really. I think I probably need to put more. I’m also getting it all over my eyes. What do you guys think?
Are my eyebrows going away? Maybe I need to put even more? Pft. Yep, I think that’s about
as good as we’re gunna get. Okay, now we’re gunna go ahead
and get our coverup makeup. I also need to get some brushes
to help put this stuff on. Uh, lets see… where did I put them. Okay, lets see, where did
I put those dang things. Uh, oh, there they are. Ha, good enough. Okay, we got our little brush, perfect! Focus on the brush. Do
you see it? do you see it? It’s going on my forehead now. Is it covering up my eyebrows? I mean, kind of. My
eyebrows are very weird. I think I was supposed to brush
my eyebrows down actually. That would probably make a lot of sense. And I didn’t do it and now
you can see my eyebrows still. I’m gunna just put more
makeup until I fix it. Why am I using this? I have
an actual beauty blender. Its also really dirty. So, yeah. Maybe I was supposed to
wait for the glue to dry? Because this doesn’t want
to make my eyebrow disapear. Dude, covering your eyebrows is so hard. I think its not going away
because I was supposed to brush them down more, probably. I messed up, I’m sorry. Maybe if I put more powder, it’ll help. Yeah these definitely look like eyebrows. Well, you know what, I tried. Anyway, lets go on to the next step. Then we go ahead and get our liquid latex. Oh boy, this looks yummy. Okay, and uh, here we go. Kind of put it down our nose, like that. Then we get some cotton
balls. It looks like they kind of stretched theirs out a little bit. Oh wow, it just unrolled. That convenient. I didn’t know that cotton
balls were rolled up! I thought they were just
kind of mushed together. Learn something new every day don’t you. Here we go. And put that on our nose. Yeah. That’s pretty good. Not bad. I think I’ve got to build up
my nose a little bit more. I just used this; put it
on top of this, like that. Is that a thing? I don’t know if I’m doing
this right, probably not. Maybe I’ve just got to get
two smaller cotton balls and put it there, maybe. That’s way too big for a nose. Oh it already stuck, wow.
Kind of roll it back up. Boop Boop. Gunna make
our nose nice and, yeah! Okay, this looks weird.
This nose looks so strange. How’s it looking? Does
it look like a real nose? How did they do this with
latex? I don’t understand. I’m just doing this by my
view finder on my camera and its probably and awful
idea that I’m doing that because I can’t see anything. Come on. Oh, this stuff smells so gross and it hurts my eyes! Ugh, what is in this stuff. That’s good, there’s no
ingredients listed on the bottle. I don’t know why I thought
this one was going to be a lot easier than it is. Does that look like a nose? Oh man, I think I’m getting it in my eye. Oh I am! Agh! What do I do? This is awful. Ugh. Not a fan of this stuff. I don’t think I’m doing this right at all. This looks disgusting and I am not a fan and it is getting in my eye. Yeah that looks like a
perfect upside down nose. Anyway, lets go on to the next step. Okay, apparently now I just
need to draw on some eyebrows. I’m really good at drawing
myself on some eyebrows in the first place. Uh,
regular eyebrows, I mean. And that’s why I’m gunna be really good at making these fake eyebrows. You ready? Yeah. One eyebrow down. Remember they’re sisters, not twins. Because these two are definitely related. Maybe like grandma and granddaughter. Oh man. Okay we got our eyebrows down. Then I have to fill in
the rest of my makeup. Uh, here we go. I’m just gunna… I feel like I should have done this before I did my eyebrows. Good enough. I’m just starting to look
like a football player. Okay, it’s good enough. I know I say that about
a lot of things but, I’m trying here, okay guys? Okay, then they also use fake eyelashes. I’ve never put these
kind of things on before so this is gunna be a first for me. Oh, they’re already sticky. I don’t even need eyelash
glue; its perfect. I don’t know how I’m gunna do this. Agh, I just dropped my eyelash! Now I just need to… I can’t get it closer to my
eyelid because it scares me. How the heck does Tori do this every day? You know what? That’s as
close as we’re getting. Okay, next one. And this one fell off. Yep, that’s as good as we’re gunna get. Now what do I got to do? Now I have to make the
mouth on my forehead. Is this stuff supposed to burn? This is great. So, I just
have to make a mouth. Here we go. Put some fuller lips, yay! Maybe like outline the
lips so you can see them. Yeah, looks good. Okay now I need the wig.
Um, uh, lets do this! (Robby) Oh! Hi Thomas! Perfect! Okay, uh, so I just,
um, wait. I think I need to put my hat on like
this. Now I need to tuck all my hair up into it. Oh man, this looks so weird. And we put our wig on. How do I look? I need to figure out how
to keep this thing on. Oh, I got makeup in my wig. How am I gunna tie this on? I can use rope. I’m
gunna just tie the wig. Is that gunna work? Uh,
I don’t know, maybe. Okay, now I just have to ear
this thing like a fake beard. Oh this smells so weird. Oh my eyelash fell off; dang eyelashes. Okay, its lost forever, sorry. Okay guys, and uh, we’re all done! How do I look? Do I
look…Did I do it right? (singing to himself) Hey there, I’m upside down. Okay guys, lets go ahead
and show this one to Tori! Oh Tori Debranski! Come here, I want to show you something fun. What do you think? – Uh Uh? I don’t think so. (laughs) – Does it look good? – Here, how about lay down somewhere. – You want me to lay upside down? – Yeah. – Okay, here, film me upside down. (Tori) Now is the big reveal. (Tori laughs) – How’s this look? (Tori) – Robby, that’s so scary. (Robby) Do you like it? (Tori) No, I give it negative 5. (Robby) Well guys, I guess we
could say that this one works! (Tori) It’s so scary, oh my god! Benji do you like it? Is this your dad? Okay, so the first thing we’re
gunna need is a calendar. Okay, perfect. This one should do. Okay, here we go. Here’s our scissors. Let’s go ahead and do
some surgery here guys. Sorry about this princess. I need it big enough so that my head fits. I think that might work. Okay, lets go ahead and test this out. Here we go. So I’m gunna just
go ahead and fold that down and boom! I am now the princess. How’d they get it to stick? Oh, so they put tape and string. I can’t believe I forgot about that part. Okay, back to the drawing board guys. Okay, so here’s our string; put that off to the side for a sec. I’m gunna need some tape,
uh, here’s our tape. I’m not sure that this is
going to be strong enough but you know, we have to try. Cut our string, and then,
just gunna tape it on. And I just ran out of tape. I’m gunna go ahead and
just use this tape now. I feel like it will be a
lot stronger anyway, so… Boom bam, eatin’ ham! Okay, yeah, looks good! Lets
go ahead and try this puppy on! Okay, here’s our calendar thing. How the heck am I supposed to tie this on? Uh, Tie the string first. It’s like an apron. Okay, yeah. I’m just
gunna tie it like that. Okay! I am now the Princess of High Rule. Lets go ahead and show Tori. Oh Tori Debranski! (Robby) Want to see my new
costume? Do you like it? – Are you March? Are you a calendar? – I am the Princess of High Rule. – Oh! You could almost be
Link with a really tiny body. – It’s an interchangeable costume. I like being the princess. What do you think? Is it a good costume? – Oh, it’s great! – Rank this costume out of ten. – I would give it a one. – Benji does’t like it. You’re giving this costume a one? – I give it a one. – Tori, I spent minutes
on this costume, okay? Its a pretty good costume. – I mean, it’s not bad. – Well guys, one out of
ten, I guess we can say that this one works. (Tori laughs) – Barely. Whew, guy. Okay, for this
next one I’m gunna need to dye my hair, um, but
instead of doing pink, I think I’m gunna do it blue because it would make a nice contrast. I’m gunna be a blueberry
ice cream monster. Also, I haven’t taken the
makeup off yet because I feel like it would be a waste because I’d have to take two showers anyway. Anyway, lets go ahead and dye my hair. So we actually decided to
do a little test strip first before we do my whole head. What do you think Tori Debranski? I’m trying to do the eyebrow thing. This is definitely harder than I thought. Oh wait, I just have to
talk so I have to go like… I’ll do it upside down so you
guys can see it. You ready? So here it is. It just looks
like I’m moving my nose when I do this. But if I do
this, I have to, like, talk. (Talking gibberish) Now Lets get back to dying my hair. Okay, the test strip turned out decent. Lets go ahead and do my whole hair. I’m just gunna sit here
and watch Adventure Time while Tori does it. Thanks Tori! Tori, you’re doing such a good job. I think you’re doing a great job. I can’t see what you’re doing, but I definitely think you’re doing good. Ah! What’s going on?
You’re changing my head. Okay, now its time to wait,
uh, an hour with this makeup and this stuff in my hair. Man, I really did not think this through. I’m just gunna go ahead
and watch Adventure Time for the next hour. Oh my gosh! I’m gunna
have to say that this turned out pretty freakin’ blue. Like holy crud! It’s like almost… It’s
bluer than my beanie. Like, look at that. That
is eye-piercing blue. That is beautiful. Tori did a great job. Thank you so much
girlfriend; you’re the best! Anyway, to celebrate
this brand new blue hair, we go some new merch!
Description down below. Look it, its so cool. We got the mix-it-trab
5000, we got our scissors, we got a glue stick right there, little bag of cement, tape. Its a pretty dang good shirt. I’m gunna go ahead and put it on. I’m gunna do a new trick, you ready? One Two and huh, oh wow! I am a very blue boy right now. Wow, we got the blue beanie;
we got the blue hair; we got the blue shirt. Wow! Now all I need is blue pants! Anyway guys, if you want this
new shirt, it’s pretty sick uh, I’m gunna go ahead
and put a link to it down in the description down below. I think I actually have
to put my hair up again so, uh, sorry beanie; get out of here. I’m going to be blue palm tree now. This is the rarest of palm trees you know. Like a rare shiny Pokemon-
I’m a rare shiny palm tree. Oh man, I look rediculous. Blue on blue, on blue, on blue,
on blue, on blue, on blue. This is what you guys wanted,
so now I have blue hair. There you go! I am the
bluest boy there ever was. Okay, so it looks like I have to actually take my shirt off for this. Sorry blue shirt, you
have to get out of here. Get out of here! I’m sorry blue shirt, I didn’t mean it. So, the first things first, I got to make little drippy’s all over me. So it goes over one eye. Which eye does she do? She does this eye, so
I’ll this eye as well. Here’s our white eye liner pencil. Let me go ahead and go
in and make our drippy’s. Maybe I’ll start on this side. So, here we go. Lets go down. She starts at her ear actually, so we’ll start all the way back there. Okay, not bad. I think I’m
doing pretty good so far. Am I doing too many drips? I don’t think I am. And then it has to go over my eye. And then it needs to go down my nose. This is the easy part –
the middle of my face. I missed it, there’s
supposed to be a drippy going down this way so I’m just gunna… I can’t believe I messed up, how could I do this? I
thought we were friends? I need to sharpen this.
I probably shouldn’t be doing this with a knife,
but you know, its what I got. Okay, I definitely messed up this eyeliner pencil pretty bad. Do I have an extra pencil sharpener? I feel like I do. Pencil sharpener! Aha! Okay, its perfect. I just got to hope that
this isn’t too far gone. Oh, we’re almost there. We got this all sharpened. Let’s finish this bad boy off. I like how the line is small, and then, all of the sudden, it gets super big. That’s probably not
what’s supposed to happen, but you know, it is what it is. Oh man, I still got to do my chest. Oops. This is so hard. Ow, its stabbing me. Then I have to go to my other hand. Now I’m drawing with my
left hand, wish me luck. This one looks a little weird, uh. Okay, now I just have to
fill all this stuff in. I feel like its gunna be a
little harder than I think it is. Here’s our blue face paint. Lets go ahead and start
this daunting process. I had this blue crayon the whole time. I could have just drawn
it on with this. Oh frick. Okay, I’ll do this for
the finer details later. Anyway, lets get to this. Oh man, I’m so nervous about this. This is on the side of my face so I can’t see what I’m doing. I just hope I’m drawing inside the lines. Looking pretty decent, actually. Does she have eyebrows? She does, she over did her eyebrows. So I have to make sure to draw over my eyebrows when I’m done. Maybe I’ll do my eyebrows
a different color. I’m gunna keep painting in my hair. Dang it! Here comes
the part I kind of hate when I get really close to my eye. I can’t get right inside
my eye right there. and it’s very frustrating. Okay, I got as close as I could. I think I’m gunna go ahead and try to beauty-blend in the rest of it. Yeah, that’s kind of working. That looks pretty good. It’s definitely a lot darker
than my hair, but that’s fine. Now I got to do my chest. Oh boy, this is going to be fun. Wait, okay. So it goes up to my chin. I’m gunna draw the line just so I know where I have to go to. Oh, this is so light. Okay, good enough. I can completely see my
back so I’m just guessing. The crummy part is that
I’m almost out of blue. Squeeze it all out. One more little boob-a-de-boob and I have to to do it with my left hand. It’s the only way. Okay, this blob looks really weird. I tried, okay guys? I freakin’ tried. I have to kind of even it out like this. That looks okay. Now I’m gunna kind of try
and fix the outlines on this a little bit with my little blue pencil. Here we go. Dang, this blue pencil
does not do anything. It literally does nothing. Dang it. Okay, then it says that I need to kind of do like the shadow of it. I’m just gunna go ahead and
take my little makeup pallet. This looks like a nice blue. Maybe we should do a darker blue. Its already pretty dark. I’m gunna do a lighter blue. This looks nice. Uh, that might be a little too blue. That looks a little better. Yeah it kind of like highlights almost. Oh wait, these are supposed to be shadows and then I do highlights afterwards. I’ve got a really light shadow here, real light, probably a little too light. I think for not really being
like an actual beauty guru, I think I’m doing pretty good here. Yeah, not bad. I’m gunna do all these. How are we looking? Okay, not too bad. Now we got to add some sprinkles. I’m gunna go ahead and add the pink ones because I think that
will look really good. Go ahead and move all my makeup. Here we go! Aw! I just added blue. Dang
it Robby, why do you do this. Okay, here’s our pink. Yeah, not bad! Maybe if I just throw them at
my face they’ll kind of stick. One, two, and… Oh! A couple did. Just like, you know, sprinkling a cake. Oh my eye! I’m gunna have sprinkles
all over my desk now. Now, put a little more paint on. Maybe that’ll help stick a little better. Not bad. Now, I just got to do my chest. I feel like my chest is going
to be easier than my face. They all just kind of stuck
in my collar bone right there. This is harder than I thought. Argh! Just stick on me! Oh! It’s actually working. That’s handy. Okay, yeah. I’m covered in sprinkles. Probably have too many
right now but that’s fine. Yeah, man. It’s been a journey
getting here but we did it. So it looks like I’ve
got to put my hair down and then, do the cones. Okay, lets do this. You ready? This puppies coming down. Please don’t come off sprinkles, please. Oh, there’s so many
sprinkles all around my room. It looks pretty sick though. A blue fluff monster! Wow! It looks pretty good. Stay on there sprinkles. Yeah! I’m impressed! I like this! Okay, so here are our ice cream cones. Lets just, uh, put these in my hair. Please don’t all be broken.
Please don’t all be broken. And we’re good! Now I got to just figure out
how to put these in my hair. Hair spray is the answer! Haha! So we’re gunna do
my hair up a little bit. We’re gunna go in and
I’m just gunna wrap… I don’t know if my hair
is long enough for this. Maybe if I put it on the cone? Note to self: don’t eat this later. I’m just spraying it on the cone, then maybe it’ll stick to my hair? Please just stick to my hair. Please, just do it for me! It’s kind of sticking. Oh
shoot. Almost sticking. And it didn’t stick. This hairspray also kind of
smells like blue raspberry, which is my favorite
flavor before I quit sugar. Now I can’t have anything. My dentist said I can’t eat sugar anymore, and I’m like what? You can do it hair. Do I have any, like, rubber bands? I need a rubber band or something. Oh, you know what, its actually drying. It’s staying in my hair. Whew! I mean it looks a little
funky but its fine. Okay, lets try and do the other one. This one’s going to be
a little bit harder. Okay hair, you got this. No! I knocked it out. It’s a little bit crooked. Ah! It fell out. Hair, why do you do this? Okay, now I just have to wait
for it to dry a little bit. Do I have my hair dryer? I do! Wow! It’s actually sticking. Dude, this is crazy. This looks so cool. I wish it looked a little
more drippy on my face but, I mean, it’s fine. Wow! That’s pretty sick! Okay guys, as per tradition,
lets go ahead and show Tori! Oh Tori Debranski! Come see
what I’ve turned myself into! Ready, and… – Oh! You look cute! – I’m an ice cream boy! – Aw! – I’m raspberry flavor. – That’s super cute though,
you did a great job! – Thank you. – Aw. – I did it all by myself. Except the hair, you did that. – You look so nice though. – I’m a little ice cream
devil boy. (laughs maniacally) – You look so good though. – Want some sweet kisses? (children cheering) Yay! What would you rate this one Tori? – I give this a twelve out of ten. – You rate this a twelve
out of ten?! What? That’s amazing. You’ve got some blue on your mouth. We’ll guys, I guess we can
say that this one works! – I think it turned out
pretty freakin’ amazing. I really like this one. Same as Tori; I rate it twelve out of ten. Okay guys, now its time
for everyone’s favorite part of the video where
we recreate the thumbnail. Woohoo! Okay, so I just set up the green screen, but I forgot that I
have to do my lipstick. So I actually already started,
but that’s what I’m gunna do I’m gunna do blue because
I think that it goes well with this whole blue aesthetic. It looks pretty good. And also, I don’t have blue lipstick so I’m just gunna go ahead and use… ow, my lips are really chapped. I mean, that’s as good as we’re gunna get. Anyway, lets do this guys! I need a little bit more sprinkles. Okay, perfect! Okay, ready? One, two, and… (camera snapping pictures) Okay, guys, thanks so much
for watching the video If you liked it, make
sure to give it thumbs up in that little spot right down there. You guys want to see me do even
more life hacks and crafts? I have a whole playlist I
can be doing them right here! If you guys are new, make sure
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you can click right here or down in the description down below. Okay guys, I love you so much, I’ll see you guys again real soon. Peace, love, and wifi. Akward ending. Okay, bye Ah!

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  5. I wander what u guys are for Halloween I'm a zombie so is my little brother type in the comments what you are and I hope u have a great day😜

  6. If you turn you're phone,tablet upside down you'll see a face upside down πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£

  7. It’s called dyeing your hair I KNOw WHaT IT MeAnS IT means your hair is ganan fall off cuzzzzzzz is called dyeing

  8. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha

  9. I just started watching robbys video then the baby hand,baby foot,baby head in his fingers and then i started laughing 1:26

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