Triple Wheel Throwing Colored Clay

Triple Wheel Throwing Colored Clay

there’s a lot of colored clay here welcome back
to the studio everybody my name is Jim and in this video I’m making three different
pieces of colored pottery using colored porcelain a potter’s wheel and three
different methods of preparation so let’s get to it for the red orange and yellow i stacked
quarter inch pieces and then i cut it on a diagonal and rearranged those two
halves in order for the color to be on all sides of the sphere of clay the white
blue and black i just stacked for more random layers cut it in half stacked
again to get doubled the layers and i cut four rectangular pieces forming them
into more of a pie shape then those four pie shaped pieces made a nice cylinder the last one i just ripped and stacked and
wedged and pressed together randomly to get a random block of rainbow clay thanks so much for watching I will
trim and glaze these in the future but until then I will see you in the next video

9 thoughts on “Triple Wheel Throwing Colored Clay

  1. I like all three, but perhaps the blue/black/white is my favourite. But I didn't like that you distorted them……. they were best in the strict cylinder shape because of the colouration in the clay.

  2. Such a great idea, combining the creation of the three at once, really showcases the contrasts and similarities between them. Thanks for making your videos!

  3. Awesome…I liked the blue one all the way through the video (and I'm not fond of blue). I didn't think I was going to like either of the other two until you scraped the outside of them. Then they showed their "true colors".

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