TREE RING PRINT (DIY) : How to make wood art from a log

TREE RING PRINT (DIY) : How to make wood art from a log

Hey everybody today we use these stumps and
a little acrylic paint to make these really cool tree ring our stump stamps
and I’m going to show you how to do it I also need a bunch of different prints
out of all these different logs so watch to the end of the video where you
can learn how to win one and also win an Amazon gift card. the supplies and tools
that we’re going to use for this project are a piece of wood, a brush that has
soft plastic bristles, some high quality acrylic paint, torch of some kind a
sander or sanding block and some paper we’re gonna be using some more tools in
the video but this is the bare minimum tools you need to do this project we’ll
make a list in the description of the other tools that we used first thing you
need to do is find a stump or a branch or whatever size of tree you need to fit
whatever piece of paper you’re going to be doing it on but for ours we’re gonna
use this big stuff we found in the backyard you want to make sure that the
stump is not wet because when you try to burn it that moisture is gonna prevent
it from giving the texture that you need you also want to make sure that it’s
somewhat level because that’s gonna save you a lot of time in the long run when
you’re trying to level this thing off and get all the deep grooves out of it
for instance on this side you can see whoever cut this cut it out unevenly so
you’ve got this big Ridge that you’d have to sand off or cut off and that’s
just a lot of extra time that you’re not gonna want to do one more thing to
remember when you’re choosing the size of project you’re gonna do is the bigger
the stump the more paint you’re gonna have to put on and the less time you’re
gonna have to roll the paint on and get the piece of paper over before you’re
ready to sand this you want to knock off all the loose dirt and any rocks that
are stuck in any of the cracks because it’ll just slow down the sanding process
and it’ll wear out your sandpaper unnecessarily now that we got the stump all cleaned
off we’re going to use an orbital sander to sand out all the grooves and all the
imperfections in the stump and anytime you’re going to use a sander make sure
you wear your high protection because any little rocks or any chunks in here
could potentially fly off and hit you in the face you don’t have to use an
orbital sander you can use like a sanding block or sanded by hand now that
we’ve got the log nice and flat we’re going to take a torch this is just a
Harbor Freight propane torch and I’m gonna use my acetylene jewelers torch
just cuz it’s a lot faster but what we’re doing is we’re gonna take torch
and burn the wood and we’ve done the same technique in a couple of other
videos I’ll link them in the description and at the end of the video if you want
to check those out but what we’re doing is burning it so the soft grain in the
wood burns faster than the hard grain this that gives us the nice ripple
pattern so that when we put the ink on and we lay the paper that’s what’s going
to give us the nice rings that you see in the finished product once you’ve got
it all burnt like we have here it’s alternative charcoal it’s nice and black
you’re gonna take a wire brush and hit it nice and lightly until you get all
that charcoal and completely removed from it and we’re gonna burn it one more
time after that and then printed after burning it the second time I notice that
the brass brush that I used was a little too rough so this time I’m going to use
a plastic bristle brush if you do this just make sure it’s cooled down enough
that it’s not going to burn the bristles when you scrub it next we’re going to take just a water
spritzer and a rag and we’re gonna clean this off and it does a couple of things
it finds the log to be ready for the paint because acrylic is water-based and
if we didn’t have any water on this at all the first time putting paint on
there it will just completely absorb it and you wouldn’t have enough time to get
your piece of paper on there and get a good transfer before we do the actual
printing let’s go over some of the materials in little more detail for the
paper you’re gonna want to use something around 80 pounds because if this to bite
of paper it’s gonna crinkle as it dries it’s too thick of a paper you’re not
gonna be able to get all the details and all the little ridges to apply the paint
we’re gonna use a paint roller you don’t have to use a paint roller but it’s
gonna be a really fast and effective way to spread a lot of ink and I also got a
needle tray that helps keep it in one area and it’s got a little nozzle where
I could just put it back into the acrylic tube for the paint itself you’re
gonna want to use acrylic paint the higher quality paint you can afford the
better because better quality paint is gonna give you a better color and also
it’s gonna spread better and it’s gonna dry more evenly rather than cheap craft
store Felix first thing we’re going to do is take
our roller and rolled around the eave get it nice and covered and then you’re
gonna slowly cover the entire area of the stump with the heat you don’t want
to put tons of ink into it because you’ll get big splotches if you do that
just hit it nice and lightly with high quality paint it’s not gonna dry within
a few seconds it’ll be a minute or so so you have to worry about it drying really
fast next we’re going to take our piece of paper and we’re going to lay it on
top of the stunt you’re going to lightly put the piece of paper on there and
flatten it out with your hands so it sticks nice and firm and then you’re
gonna take your spoon get the outsides really defined and slowly working away
into the middle and you don’t want to push too hard to do enough crinkling the
paper you just want to make sure that you’re hitting every single spot you
don’t want to have a bald spot when you’re done with it so just continue to
do that and then once you’ve got it completely covered you pull the piece of
paper off and look at how you’ve done don’t be afraid to do a couple practice
ones and make sure you get lots of paper so you can get perfected just right and
after every single time you make a print make sure you take a old cloth or some
paper towel and clean out all the low spots so the paint doesn’t build up and
destroy the contrast it doesn’t take too long to dry because it’s acrylic so just
hang it up to dry or put it on on a table and let it sit for 20 minutes and
after about 20 or 30 minutes it should be dry I had a ton of fun doing this project
and I did a bunch of different logs and I also wrote down a bunch of tips and
tricks that I did including the video to kind of show you guys and talk about one
of them being wait till the stump cools down to apply your your paint maybe
spray it down before get some water in there so it helps cool it down you can
clean the stump between prints because just naturally it fills in those little
divots with extra paint that you didn’t pull
off with the print you could try sanding it I had one log where the peeps are
really high and pointy and so when I did the print the lines are really small and
so I tried using a little bit of sandpaper and flattening those out which
gave me a wider band all the way around this stump and I also used a spoon in
one of these and I tried it with my hand and the spoon the spoon seemed to do a
little bit finer lines but when I use my hand I hit allowed me to kind of get
into the grooves a little bit better and so it gave me a bolder stronger print
I noticed the harder wood worked better like this one I think was a cedar post
and it worked really really well and it was a really hard wood versus this one
it’s really soft and the wood split and it burned a lot easier and so I didn’t
end nothing as good of a print and it’s a trick to win the Amazon gift card or
one of these prints just in the comment section leave which one of the three
framed prints you liked the most or if you tried this let me know what
tips and tricks work for you what didn’t work for you any techniques that you
discovered that I hadn’t put in the video and that will intrigue into it you

17 thoughts on “TREE RING PRINT (DIY) : How to make wood art from a log

  1. I really like the smaller round framed print. Nice color, contrast, and also character from the split. I donโ€™t have all the tools yet, but now plan on doing something similar to add some art to my home. Found you guys today from your planter video and subscribed. I look forward to future videos!!

  2. DIY doesnโ€™t have to mean crappy quality. Spend some time and get it right before you start framing pieces.

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