Tree Branch Decor

Tree Branch Decor

Hey everyone and welcome back to my channel.
I wanted to share with you guys a project that I had been working on. We’re going to
call it tree branch decor. So follow along with me, I’m going to show you how to take
these old tree branches and turn them into this. So first I wanted to give you guys a
little back story on this. We were clearing out our backyard, taking out tons of trees,
bushes. My brother in law was so kind to do that for us. I stumbled across this tree branch
that I really liked the texture, the look. I just thought that the trunk of it was so
unique. It had really smooth bark. So I started by clipping off any excess limbs anything
that was hanging out or hanging off. Any branches that just looked kind of smaller and looked
like they didn’t belong, I just got rid of them. I used a small pair of pruning shears
and for the bigger ones a pair of large pruners. Then I started sanding the limbs. I started
off using a 120 grit sandpaper and that was good. For the bark, the main trunk it made
it really smooth. It made them look really nice but anything that was hanging off or
that was kind of sharp I had to use something with a lower grit like an 80. It worked really
well to finish off the little knobby pieces. Anything that was really sharp it really smoothed
everything out. Some of the sandpaper did take off a little bit of the bark. Which I
didn’t mind, you can see that the limbs were still a little bit green on the inside. which
I think is completely normal and I think it will darken over time as the limb dies off.
For now I am really enjoying the green and the color that it brings to the limbs. When
your done the limbs should look like this. All sanded and nice and smooth. They look
really good I’m so excited that they’re finished so make sure that you come back so that you
can watch the video on how I decorate with these and incorporate them into our home.
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  1. Hi, that is such a beautiful tree branch. But how do you prevent termites from attacking it? Do you give it a special treatment? Like some oil or something like that?

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