44 thoughts on “Totally Awesome Technique For Isometric Design (Illustrator Tutorial)

  1. Awesome video..
    I thought u hired someone to give voice in your video!
    Get well soon..
    Life has ups n downs.. and its not always possible to be perfect all time..
    Take care..

  2. Thanks for sharing. Great technique for isometric design. I pray you get the rest, the tea, and some needed peace this week from all that has and is happened. As always have a great day.

  3. Wow this seems to be so much fun 🤩 I wanna try this…Thanku Sensei 🙌🏻 & Get Well Soon 🌻 Sending all the good vibes in your life Takecare 😇✨

  4. Thanks dear for make video in this topic. I really glad to you for this helpfeul video. Take love from deep in my heart 💙

  5. It's just so laughable that illustrator STILL doesn't have an isometric grid feature…but…affinity designer already does. Illustrator still has the upper hand with the shape builder, and many other things. Wish adobe would listen to their fanbase every now and then.

  6. Bro I'm so blackpilled design is so hard I'm legit faster in CSS than design programs but all the stuff you guys do looks so cool

  7. You just saved my project for uni with this video! Thank you and hope you get well from the flu.
    Have some tea man! Cheers from Argentina.

  8. Hey Tom! I have been watching your videos since the begging and love your content. I would definitely love to see some more isometric design. Also, if possible then make a video, where you work on some real client project especially brand identity work. Thanks cheers!

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