Tornado (Clash Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Tornado (Clash Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay tutorial! Today we are going to create the Tornado from Clash Royale! I really hoped that the Tornado would win the poll one day because I was very looking forward to create it, because I had this wool thing in my mind to create it with and so I was pretty lucky and… To create the Tornado when it won the poll last week in the last Clash Royale tutorial. Thank you for voting I really appreciate that and here we go let’s create the Tornado and you may have recognized this tiny pig. Well it’s a hog to be precise because it has these teeth the tusks at the side of the mouth. We talked about that in my Hog Rider tutorial. So we are creating a hog flying around in the tornado and well this is pretty simple. I’m not that detailed about that. I don’t spend too much time on this pig as it isn’t that important in the end result. We will focus on the tornado itself and also we will focus on the flying rocks and the wooden pieces which create a great atmosphere of the card itself and I try to be as near as to the original artwork as possible. So you can decide if the end result looks great or not. Yeah we just created the eyes and the iris with tiny black pieces. Here we go for the ears as well and now we will of course start working on the feet of the pig. Yeah I want to talk about the current hurricanes which are going on in the US in particular but also in other places over the world. I was really thinking about not doing this tutorial out of respect, but I thought about it and it is really nonsense not to create and not to be creative when there are some brutal and horrible things going on. I really hope that none of you is harmed and none of you lost their homes. I really pray for that and I really hope that you are all fine. Yeah but back to the creation itself. We will create the wooden parts. It’s quite hard to just talk about the creation while something like the hurricane is going on right now, but maybe this tutorial helps you in any way to be distracted or to create yourself to forget about the reality for a few minutes. And well for me art has always been some kind of an outlet when you were struggling, when you were facing some problems in your own life then start creating it really helps a lot. Meanwhile we are creating the stand. We will also create the grass which we will place on top. And I’m taking my knife for that, for these tiny details. So here we go. All four sides and after that just chopping away some more clay, we will use some aluminum wire for the stand as the base layer, the skeleton for the tornado so here we go. But let’s have the poll! Please participate. I am, you know that, already looking forward to see the end result. Please participate. Next tutorial is all about Pokemon. So please let me know which Pokemon should be next and if you have any further ideas please leave them in the comments. I am reading them all. I can’t respond to all of your comments, but I am reading them all. Now we are working on these tiny details. To be more specific on the grass. And let’s also put some of these tiny pieces around to create a nice atmosphere and the structure from the Tornado itself. It’s a kind of a pattern on the grass. And I think we are ready to go into the oven! Freshly baked stand out of grass and mat and freshly baked pig and wood and stone and we can go on like that, but let’s take some wool. And some super glue. Just put It onto the wire itself. So we will start at the bottom and I will now put the wool around. So just wrap It around and you will get bigger and the Tornado is growing, growing to the top. So I’m using a lot of glue. You can also just take any kind of glue, but I just took this one. This is no product placement. Now I’m taking some grey and this needle is called felting needle and you can compress the wool and you don’t need that much glue as you just have to stick the needle inside and the brighter and the darker wool is somehow connecting. This is the same technique which is used for some kind of slippers for example. In Germany we call them Hausschuh and maybe one day you are in Germany and you’re wondering why people are wearing these kind of slippers inside. Well it’s just in our DNA. When we have some friends over and they are from different countries they are always some kind of surprised that people in our country are wearing these shoes inside the home. It’s just for making your feet comfortable. Comfortable and warm especially when the winter is coming. Okay here we go. Just placing all the wooden pieces and also the stones to the tornado itself. Just wrapping around some more wool. And i guess finally… closing the glue. That’s it! I really hope to enjoyed this tutorial as much as I enjoyed creating this Tornado. Please let me know what you think. Write it down in the comments. I’m looking forward to read all your comments. I have prepared two different kinds of videos, of tutorials. Well If you want to create a bigger pig this is the Hog Rider so check it out. More wool. Well this is a lot of wool in the Fireball tutorial. I guess that’s it for today. Thanks for watching and hope to see you next week on Friday. Bye! Hello! Hello!

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  1. Lol du bist Deutsch. Das wusste ich nicht. Der Titel ist zwar Deutsch aber im Video redest du Englisch deswegen war ich verwirrt. 😀

  2. Вот тварь сам написал из полимерного клея а сам из ткани

  3. My friend was in Florida because he lives there and he was in the hurricane (not outside) so i'm happy that you mentioned this. 🙂

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  5. Ey buddy! Nice tutorial, very funny one. I have a small petition 😛 Can you share the label of the clay that you use? I want to buy a kit on Amazon but is to many option and so little experience o.O

  6. Your saying that people don’t wear slippers inside? Wtf…. I’m in Australia and I’ve never heard that slippers are outside shoes…

  7. What you can speak German
    I also speak German !!German: Ich trage fast nie Hausschuhe und ich lebe in Deutschland.😂

  8. What is your accident I’m not sure if that is rude but if it is please don’t feel offended I really love your YouTube channel and it’s my favorite thing to watch

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  10. Thanks for this! I'm thinking of working on a D&D dice 'tower' in a design of a tornado, and I was looking for ideas, and this video gave me more than a few!

  11. Where do you get the wool from for the tornado because I am working on a project and I need that please so if you reply thanks.

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