Top Tips to Halloween Card Make and Craft like a Pro

Top Tips to Halloween Card Make and Craft like a Pro

hi and welcome to hedgehog Hollow today I’m
here to share with you five top tips for your Halloween crafting to make even
spookier and greater Halloween projects so let’s get started so tip number one
is the batboat now you may have seen these around for Halloween you can use
any ribbon I want you to actually do it with some more of a smooth color but I’m
going to say that hello in can be in the purple because you just saw my wonderful
halloween address there so I’m going to tie this here on your box you can tie
them anywhere onto a gift on to your gift box around the cake and you want to
use phonic reasonably wide okay this is about a two inch width ribbon this is a
floral reven hence it’s a little bit more quickly you could use a satin
ribbon you could use all sorts of things but the fun bit is the bat here so I’m
going to open this up and the great thing to do the bat is we’re just going
to do and then we’re going to do an even bigger curve that comes out here so you
can see almost got that batwing on there and then I’m going to do the same on the
other side one and then so this is how you create that wonderful that bow and
that’s my first Halloween tip my second tip for you for the Halloween and how to
spook at your Halloween projects are the nouveau glue in the dropped
glow-in-the-dark glow drops they are fab you can see some projects on your screen
of some of those wonderful things that I’ve created with them they get some
great effects I actually sent one of those cards out to someone and they sent
me an email saying I’ve completely forgotten you use the glow-in-the-dark
drops until I went to bed that evening great way to add some fun to your
Halloween projects my third way to spook your Halloween
projects are with Nouveau eyes so you may recently seen the way you can create
Nouveau crystal drops and create eyes with them you start by piping out to
wonderful circles here those tips will go down I like to pipe from the side
rather than the top I find that gets rid of any of those
pointy bits and then while it’s still wet I’m going to just pipe to the side
first of all you pipe in these wonderful black pieces like this and you can see
how you can create custom eyes for any project any shape any size that you
would like but you can add some really fun Halloween elements so again I’m
going to take that simply white and of course everything will be linked in the
description for you and for these it’s a little bit better to create some larger
eyes I’ve got two fab Halloween ideas for you so I’m going to put two sets of
eyes out here so there we are and then on one of them I’m going to add the
Nouveau jewel drops in strawberry coulis now these give you a lovely bloodshot
effect so I’m going to add that you can also take a cocktail stick or a
toothpick I’m going to grab my tweezers and you can just pull them out to create
that bloodshot look like so and you don’t have to be symmetrical you don’t
it to look like crosses in the eye but you do you want to pull some of those
out you don’t have to it’ll create that bloodshot effect and then it you can put
your black dot in the top always piped the side first you don’t want those
sludges and you can see those close-up photos on your screen of how they came
out your owl option again is with those glow drops that we just talked about so
I’m going to do the same and I’m going to pipe some larger green pieces in here
you could also use the pink you can make some wonderful fried eggs with some
yellow all sorts of fun ideas I’ve also got some rainbow drops ideas we’ll be
doing very soon and now I can add those centers in there so when you turn off
the lights look at how cool are they alert you could also see some close-up
photos in the light on your screen right now as well my fourth tip it’s the
glow-in-the-dark embossing powder from Wow you can see
that lovely little pot is full of so much cool and fun things to do look at
the cards I’ve already created with it those glow-in-the-dark sentiments you
can fill them in with the marker those videos will be linked on your screen or
you can just use them on some black card stock and that glow-in-the-dark doesn’t
really power up until you switch those lights off as you can see and final tip
is using the Doodlebug collection I couldn’t have a 5 top tips without
putting this in there’s a great way to spook up in there there’s some more eye
ideas whether you make your own eyes or use these fun stickers that coordinate
we all these wonderful papers and embellishments and all those fun things
that are flicking through your screen right now plus a few projects that I
also made with that Doodlebug boo evil collection I’ve linked it up in a few
different places for you as well so much fun stuff I hope you’ve enjoyed these
five top Halloween tips to spook up your projects I will see you again very soon
for some more inspiration do give us a thumbs up and click that subscribe
button if you don’t already and I will see you very soon happy stamping bye

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  1. Love the glow in the dark! Great for Halloween and kids birthdays.Thanks for sharing this video 🕷🕸🐲🎃

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