TOP TIP for Distress Oxide Ink On dark Cardstock with a Holiday Stamp – INKTOBERFEST Day 24

TOP TIP for Distress Oxide Ink On dark Cardstock with a Holiday Stamp – INKTOBERFEST Day 24

welcome back inktoberfest can you
believe we are down to our final week so today I may be showing you my top tips
for distress inks and just stress upsides I just heard a funny noise on a
black cardstock so for this technique you really do want a stamp platform
you’re gonna find that much much easier now distress oxides they’re not hybrid
ink they are a distress and they are a dye and pigment fusion they are not for
hybrid okay so they they behave slightly differently and I’m gonna choose a stamp
here hmm a wreath from this lovely new pink means that this is their holiday
read set so I’m gonna pick this one out here now if you use regular distress ink
on dark cardstock you’re never gonna see it because it’s a dye ink dye inks soak
into card stocks and you’re just you’re not gonna see that and if you want to
learn about these different things we do have it essentials of card-making cause
we go deep into all of these things like when you can use different inks how you
use them on different card stocks all of those amazing things you can check that
out in at the description and if calls in the blog post as well but you know
I’m gonna show you if I just touch that up there in the corner you don’t see it
I mean I can see a slightly wet mark but that’s going to go away as it dries
whereas with distress exercise you can use them on black cardstock so this is
my twisted Citroen and you’ll see even they look different should I have to
crack Sasha’s so this is cracked pistachio in the black here is it on
regular distress and the silver is the oxide you can see they just look
different already and that is that pigment dye fusion so there’s some
really cool chemistry going on inside of there and they give you some really
awesome effects and things but one thing I really love them for is stamping on
black cardstock because you don’t have to heat emboss now I’ve had a few people
say well they don’t work I tried it on black cardstock and it didn’t look like
anything so I’m going to show you my top tips so I’m just
stamping out my image here and right now it looks great but we’re going to give
it a few seconds and what you’re going to notice is that dyeing element of it
soaks into your cardstock and it starts to go less bit fibrin so it’s not going
to look as vibrant as twisted Citroen should but what happens is the pigment
layer stays on top and this is why using a Sun platform is essential to this
technique because you want your cardstock in the same place you see how
it’s already fading in makeup here where it’s still wet it looks great but where
it’s getting dry down here it’s already going in and I’m just gonna take my heat
tool and no this is not recommended to use in your Misti and I’m kind of doing
it very carefully but I just want to dry this off quickly and I don’t want my
cardstock to move if you’re wondering why I don’t use magnets it’s because I
have sticky sheets in the background I have a whole tutorial on how to install
those and why they’re so amazing all those kinds of things
don’t move cardstock we want you right there so you can now see it looks far
more dull than when we first started where as what you need to do is build up
the layers so because that pigment has stayed on top of your cardstock that’s
gonna create a barrier for that next dye pigment layer to sit on top of so if I
do the same you see it suddenly comes out really vibrant more you’re gonna
notice is that does not go as dull as the first one and what you can do is you
can keep building up new layers I find it 3 it’s kind of a really good number
so I’ll do this one more time but doing this is amazing and you will
find that whatever sudden all of your distress oxides are gonna pop on top of
your car on your dark card stocks or whether it’s Navy whether it’s black
just like this and this is the hero hues black and it works really well we could
stamp for instance a bow in the middle so we could do something a bit more
solid this is thinking about soaking in which we’ll do one more layer just like
this I’m gonna stamp and that is going to stay really vibrant on them some of
the tip it’s stress oxides if you’re doing them on
dark cardstock is to do a couple of layers and that’s just because you need
to create that barrier for the ink to sit on top of but we could put this in
the middle here or even you just down here there’s gonna pick up some of that
ink just because it wasn’t dry but I’m going to use my peacock feathers and you
could of course add the red like a festive berries or something you know
you can add anything you want in here or you could add some heat embossing if you
wanted to – you see how that’s really dull for my first layer I’ve got to wait
for the glossiness to go off of that so that I can stamp down again I can ink up
ready pretty much soaked in cut stocks do see
it like see and you’ll see now how that’s getting brighter and brighter on
there but because it has pigment in it you could also heat emboss on top of
that as well so you know you can create all of these cool techniques and because
if the pigment in there if you work quickly enough you see how that colors
really building up now in vibrancy so you could build up to really as vibrant
as you want to be I mean that’s how vibrant you could get it onto the dark so now I have a really nice poppy bow on
my wreath so another top tip for you so if you’re enjoying these top tips come
back again tomorrow don’t forget hit subscribe ring the bell all of those fun
things and I will be sharing with you more of my top tips tricks and ideas
with different types of ink I’ll see you then for the rest of inktober fest bye

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  1. How do you keep the pigment part of the ink from smearing? I end up feeling the need to heat emboss to keep it in place. Help?

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