Top 3 Distress Oxide Ink Spray Tips – INKTOBERFEST Day 5

Top 3 Distress Oxide Ink Spray Tips – INKTOBERFEST Day 5

hi everyone welcome back to inktoberfest day 5 well today I have to stress oxides for you and we don’t shown you
how to use the sprayers in a little bit of a different way so we’re not gonna be
spraying directly onto our surface and we’re showing you a different way to use
them and of course some of my top tips now Ranger have of course got a giveaway
for you and a coupon for everyone as part of inktober fest because we have
giveaways and coupons every single day so let’s dive in if you want to check
out those details you can check out the blog post those linked in the video
description below as to how you can win some cool distressed goodies and of
course take advantage of that amazing coupon that they are giving everyone we
have giveaways every single day and we also have coupons every day for the
different inks we’re showing you now I love to stress oxide sprays Tim launched
these at creative ation last year but the year before or was it this year
nothing I see here before Greg yes because we had alcohol pearls this year
so it was the year before and I’m even doubting myself now so just try so I was
high spray they have the oxide in the bottom and it was this year because we
had them in the class I’m kind of thinking through this out loud anyway
whenever he launched them they’re fairly new we only have a certain amount of
colors and they have the oxide in the bottom so when you shake them you want
to shake around and around Tim says to make sure you keep the lid on or
something over the top of the lid and we’re just gonna give them a nice good
shake as we go so you want to make sure they mix because they are the pigment
diffusion they are not a hybrid their fusion and I’m gonna give them a good
shake and you can spray them onto your projects of course but you could also
use in some different ways they also react like an oxide so they also give
you that really cool oxidization on your projects but the other cool thing about
oxides is you can ignore color theory as long as you’re layering so you don’t
have to do you know like we have to think about paints and blues going
together cuz otherwise you know if we put like blue and orange together we’ll
get mud well you can perfectly an orange together but you’ll need to layer so
you’ll need to make sure you dry between layers but you can still get those
really cool effects so we can do those kinds of things but rather than spraying
directly onto our tag you can actually do smooshing but what you do is you get
a different effect by using the sprays as opposed to using the pads because the
sprays have a different chemical formulation so let’s try out that theory
so you could spray it some of the pink down this is the picked raspberry this
spray is actually brand new so I’m just gonna grab some of my scissors here I’m
gonna spray some of my blue down they also have a new lightness spray just
ready to go and then of course we can start picking up some of our colors so
you can see how you start picking some of that up
you could also spray down a little bit of cracked pistachio maybe and back in
the middle and then you could dry so maybe we’ll start drying and I have a
flower cloth like Tim does but I do have a little bit of a face cloth here so I’m
gonna just clean that off but maybe we want to add on a little bit of orange
because we want a pop of color now normally if we were to use regular
distress inks if we added the orange in of course everything reactivates and
we’d worry about the mud but we don’t have to do that with oxides we can layer
between colors and as long as we dry and doesn’t happy bone-dry either we can
just go in with our next color so I could either smush which would give me
these really cool techniques that I just got
or of course I could go with the traditional way of a spray and I could
just spritz so there you go I could just spritz on like this and this is why I
really love the distress outside sprays and I was super excited when Tim was
like hey we have distressed oxide sprays I was like this is super cool because we
have a different way to use our oxides and just the sprays give you something a
little bit different so now I’ve managed to add that on and now I could go and I
could say okay but maybe I want to brighten up down here like so and that’s
all fine and dandy but really I’ve lost that picked raspberry layer that I had
in the first place so what do I do about that well I could either peel back or I
could add on some more so again this is my glass mat this is Tim’s glass mat
here I’m just cleaning down on the Tibet so I can go in I can spritz some on and
I could pick up some in my corner and you can see how I can put that on or of
course I can do the really fun part and add a big splash and then they’re going
to react in the same way that I described of regular oxide so you’re
gonna get that oxidization so the great thing about the sprays is now I’ve got
all of my layers on here now I can start playing around with the oxide pops so
let’s just make sure this is reasonably dry that looks pretty good to talk about
the chalkiness on there so now I can take my spreads bottle and I can spray
so you see how I’ve got some really nice kind of patina going on with my water so
now I can just dry I could take my cloth and pick some up like this and you see how I can kind
URIs start revealing those layers underneath but I think the sprays just
give you a different effect something that you don’t get by using the ink pads
and I love my ink pad I could also go in now and add in my ink pads directly to I
could go in with my stencils I also have my Tim Holtz so I have my big selection
of stencils here so I have something like my boo and my wicked if I wanted to
I could take here some of this orange and I could spray in some boo and we
could lift this up I mean how cool is that adding that boo layer over the top
so you can see here how you can kind of add and you can get a little bit carried
away anyway I’m gonna stop it there but you can see there how you can get one of
those cool fun things over the top but I’m gonna leave that one cause Greg
needs to wash that one it’s like how did I get that job he always gets the clear
down job while I do the table but there you know you’ve got that super core boo
on there you can Mike Craig laser afterwards too so it’s gonna work with
all of those things but I just wanted to showcase the distressed oxide sprays
they just released six more colors in the selection so I think we’re up to
maybe four or five releases and so we’re getting a long way down we’ve got lots
of the colors on there but this is not just super cool I love how we can layer
the color with distress oxides and so just remember that if you want to do
colors that would typically make mud you can absolutely do it with your oxides
just remember to layer those and I have lots more tips coming up with Ranger
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Facebook too lots and lots of fun things coming on I
cannot wait to be part of all of that I’ve got so many top tips can’t wait to
share them all with you so join me again real soon happy toka fest
everyone join me tomorrow for more tips and tricks see you soon bye

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  1. Love the Distress Oxide Sprays using the smooshing technique and just as a spray. They are so much fun with colorful results.

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