Top 10 Super Mario Maker Designs of 2017.

Top 10 Super Mario Maker Designs of 2017.

2017 is coming to an end, and it was an amazing
year for gaming. The nintendo switch was released alongside
with breath of the wild. 3D platformer made a comeback with yooka laylee,
a hat in time, the crash remake and of course Super Mario Odyssey. And then there were fantastic indie games,
like hollow knight, and that’s just scratching the surface of what was going on in gaming
in 2017. A really wonderful year for gamers, but the
year is coming to an end now, and because of this it is time to hold our annual idea
of the year election. Continuing with our long and proud, one year
old tradition, i picked 10 of my favorite mario maker ideas of this year. And now it is time for you to decide which
ideas should get explored a little bit more, should win an additional video, and of course
the idea of the year title. So are you ready? Let’s do this! Okay so the first idea that is nominated for
the idea of the year award is the first one in the video about counters. This idea is representative for all the crazy
shenanigans that are possible because of counters. Let’s take a look back at it. Here our plumber finds himself in a hub room
with four different exit pipes. Each one of these pipes leads to a small minigame. The whole hub room is set up in such a way
that a pow-block is triggered once mario survived two different minigames. So our plumber has to choose and to survive
two out of the four mini-challenges which are hidden on the other sides of these pipes. The first challenge is a small minigame where
mario has to hit his head against three question blocks without jumping into the deadly sawblades. Once all three question blocks feel triggered
a path for the koopa at the top is created and a pow-block gets triggered. We are able to convert the position of the
koopa into a triggered pow-block because of this small koopa-bullet-bill-shelmet contraption. Once Mario leaves the first mini challenge
he finds himself in the hub room again. Now he needs to survive one more of the four
minigames in order for the counter to reach the end. This time he took the minigame to the left. In this challenge our plumber has to avoid
ouching cannonballs which cannons shoot towards him. At the top is a shelmet timer which expires
after about 12 seconds of cannonball dodging. Once this pow block was triggered the exit
opens up and mario enters the hub area once again, but this time the counter reached zero
and the exit path is open. Hooray! Hm.., counters are really really useful and
there is defnietly still a lot of unexplored potential here but I’m not sure if this
idea was cinematic enough in order to win this years title. Well the next idea I want to take a look back
at is defnietly cinematic enough, it’s my favorite designs from the bowser jr boss-encounter
video. So there is only one last bossfight left for
Mario to survive, and he’s done for this week. But bowser jr learned from his previous encounters
with mario. he analyzed why he was defeated over and over again, and came to a conclusion. His weakness is his head. If bowser jr made somehow sure that mario
isn’t able to hit his head, bowser jr would probably become invincible. And so bowser jr planned and planned until
he came up with an answer to his problem. all that he needs to do is to enclose himself
inside a wall and mario can’t jump on top of him. Wow Mario can’t hurt bowser jr here all
that he can, do is to wall jump towards him, but this can’t hit him. But wait a moment, did this wall jump just
activate a shelmet. Is this a boss fight where wall-jumps are
attacks. It looks as if mario needs to wall jump five
times towards bowser jr in order to defeat him. But there is another wall-jump wall to his
left. What happens if he jumps towards this area. He is rewarded with a yum yum mushroom! So it looks like bowser jr built a fair boss
fight once again. Why? Bowser jr found a way to be sure to defeat
Mario once and for all, but he decided to built a fair fight once again. We can only guess why he decided to do so,
maybe he secretly likes mario, maybe he realized that he isn’t able to upload his levels
if there is no way for mario to win, or maybe he just made a mistake by accident. We don’t know, but what we do know is that
mario manages to win even this fight. So we were actually pretty mean to mario this
year, we forbade him to turn around, we forbade him to walk, we forbade him to run, we forbade
him to leave a corridor and so on. But one of my favorite things we forbade mario
this year, was jumping, and my favorite design where jumping is forbidden is this one. And now let’s take a look on our final jumpless
boss design. Here toad fights against a gigantic dragon
statue. This statue constantly shoots fireballs into
our brave mushrooms path. Toad can’t jump here, but he is able to
use the springs to his advantage. While jumping kills him, toad is still able
to move vertically here because of the springs. The anti jump thwomps are set in such a way
that they allow toad to gain the height of the spring bounce without destroying the floor. But as soon a toad gets a little bit more
height, he dies. Now all that’s left for toad is to make
strategic use of the springs in order to dodge the fireballs which constantly move towards
him. After a while the hidden shelmet timer expires
and toad is able to leave this idea. The next idea features not only a really interesting
puzzle mechanic, but also one of the most majestic creatures mario has ever encountered. Hooray mario survived even this fight. Luckily mario doesn’t need to fight against
the next creature he faces. As the next creature can’t be defeated by
combat, but by solving it’s riddle Mario faces the sphinx. The sphinx talks to him, she says: Brave Plumber who stands before on the floor
I know you are seeking the exit door. But be careful as I only let pass those which,
show me an incredibly complicated way to trigger a p-switch. It looks like there are three items in front
of the sphinx. A pow-block a p-switch and a spring. But mario can’t reach this p-switch, what
does the sphinx want him to do? He needs more hints. Luckily the sphinx is willing to give them
to him. The first to trigger if you want to keep your
skin is the one you encountered first with your
twin The second to trigger if you want to live
is the oldest of the options which I give. Hm… it looks like mario has to activate
the three items in a specific order. The first he should trigger is the one he
encountered first with his twin. What does the sphinx mean? Oh of course, how obvious. It’s the pow-block as mario’s first encounter
with a pow-block was in mario bros. together with luigi back in 1983. Alright but what does the sphinx mean with
her second hint? The oldest of the three options. Hm… oh – of course, it’s the spring as
the spring appeared in mario’s first game ever. Donkey Kong. So if this is right That means that the last
option has to be the p-switch. Let’s hope mario solved the riddle right
and that the sphinx disappears. Wow, how cinematic. Looks like mario nailed it! Our next design is one of my favorites from
the which cloud is the best cloud 2017 since it allows it to almost perfectly recreate
a missing feature of the new super mario bros games in mario maker. Let’s see what the lakitu clouds prepared
for us. Hm, this is strange mario is in an empty castle
there isn’t much going on here. Oh, it’s raining fireballs! There are three lakitu clouds hidden out of
sight containing bowsers. These bowsers constantly spit burning magma
balls into their own castle. Wow that’s really dangerous. It’s no easy task for mario to make it through
this area once, but sadly for him he has to make his way back as well! But not only this, it looks like there are
now more fireballs raining from the sky than in the beginning. This is because the further he entered the
castle, the more bowsers got loaded. That’s definitely the most dangerous situation
more has been in today, and he already flew a cloud through a dangerous area filled with
sawblades and defeated a magikoopa on top of an moving arena. But it looks as if mario is able to survive
even this idea! Hooray. The next idea is representative for trying
to create games and game modes in mario maker, which mario maker clearly wasn’t designed
for. Let’s take a look back at our turn based
combat system featuring experience points. And now let’s take a look on a fighting
system featuring experience points. Here Mario has to fight against a horrible
chain chomp. The chain chomp attacks first and his attack
is pretty easy to avoid for mario. Actually it may be a little bit too easy to
avoid. So here’s the thing I uploaded this course
as well and I tried to make the fights really easy so that everyone can take a look at the
system without dying over and over, though I have to admit this might be little bit too
easy. Anyway, once Mario survived the dangerous
chain chomp attack he is transported into this loading area. Here a counter counts how many turns it takes
our plumber to defeat this incredibly dangerous chain chomp. Afterwards it’s Mario’s turn. Mario attacks by jumping towards these question
blocks. If he jumps at the right moment the shellmet
attacks the chain chomp and deals one damage to him. It takes three hits to kill the chain chomp
so it’s possible to kill it in only one turn, but mario only got one hit in. To Mario’s left are two exit pipes but one
of them is currently blocked. The pipe which mario took, took him back to
the horrific chain chomp attack mini-game. After surviving this really dangerous attack
mario enters the counting screen once again before he is able to attack the chain chomp. Now mario gets the last two hits in which
kills the chain chomp, triggers a pow-block and opens up the other exit pipe. Now it’s time for Mario to get his reward! This time he ends up on the other side of
the counting screen. Okay so there are three keys, keys are the
currency in this level, but sadly for mario he is only able to collect two of them as
one of the keys is blocked by a muncher. This is because it took mario two turns to
defeat the dangerous chain chomp. If Mario defeated the creature in only one
turn he would have been rewarded with all three keys, but if it took him even more turns
he would only be rewarded with a single key. This is the shop and mario is now allowed
to spent all his keys for delicious power ups. If mario wants to get the shelmet or the mushroom
he has to spend one key on each of them, if he wants to eat the fire flower he has pay
two keys in order to get it Okay so the next idea I want to revisit is
probably the idea which has the most potential to allow for insanely crazy shenanigans when
further explored, the the floor is lava contraption. At the top is the “the floor is lava”
timer displayed. It is safe for mario to touch the ground while
there are ice blocks, or block blocks in the middle of the question block square. As soon as there are lava bubbles mario has
to be somewhere where he doesn’t touch the floor or the floor collapses. If he is above the floor however nothing happens
and it becomes safe again for our plumber to touch the floor until the lava-bubbles
are shown at the display again. So here mario has to survive until a timer
runs out. Bowser jrs spits fireballs towards him, but
the real challenge is to keep an eye up for the the floor is lava timer. Okay so how does this beautiful contraption
work? It’s actually ridiculously simple. So this was our design for the floor is lava,
but we not only took a look at the floor is lava contraptions his year, but also at the
lava is floor contraptions. I’m really interested in finding out which
one of these two ideas is more popular, among the voters at home. Mario finds himself in the middle of a castle
which bowser built. To his right are bullet blaster which seem
to float inside the lava and create a pathway for our not a plumber. And then things become really weird. Once Mario enters the next room these thwomps
are pushed into the lethal lava floor and disappear. But how is Mario now supposed to reach the
end. well the answer is really simple he just needs
to walk on top of the lava. Hooray! We are going to do something even more crazy
with this concept in a second but first let’s take a look at how this actually works. It’s actually surprisingly … well to be
honest actually I’m not entirely sure why this works but I do have a theory. These fire bars push the thwomps down. Usually a thwomp is unloaded once he is outside
of the screen but I believe what happens here is that the fire-bar is unloaded before the
thwomp is so low that the game removes him. Because of this the thwomp and everything
which is on top of him floats in the air. Here the bullet blasters are at exactly the
same position as the lava which creates an almost invisible pathway for mario over the
really hot liquid. The reason why I believe that it has something
to do with the lower loading boarder of the camera is because this happens if the camera
is higher. Here the camera is two blocks higher than
before, which makes the bullet blasters float two blocks higher in the air than before. The reason why I want to point out that this
is probably a loading issue is because if it is, this should mean that this trick does
not only work with lava, but with every lower game boarder in every style. And as it turns out. Yup. Here Mario is allowed to stand on top of cannons
which are invisible, here Mario is able to use springs which really shouldn’t be there,
here he ground pounds into his doom but still survives because he is still above the loosealive
boarder and here are bullet blasters only half on screen. that’s kinda interesting isn’t it? This is what the setup for this trick looks
like in case anyone of you wants to toy around with it, I’m quite sure there is something
completely crazy possible with it. The next design, is probably the most dangerous
train ride mario had to do this year! The next design is bowser jr’s, boss express. And now it’s time to take a look on our
last train design, bowser j. Boss express. This train moves on tracks and functions as
a horrible and dangerous arena for a bowser jr. boss fight. The wagon in the middle constantly shoots
cannonballs into the air which mario has to dodge. Meanwhile bowser jr spits fireballs towards
our brave train riding plumber. The wagon to the right has firebars at its
center which try to burn mario while he fights against bowser’s son. The wagon to the left is filled with springs
and contains two bullet bills which shoot items towards these springs. One bullet blaster shoots horrible goombas,
while the other shoots yum yum mushrooms. Defeating bowser jr on top of this train is
definitely no easy task but mario defeated bowser jr thousands of times before and he
is able to defeat him here as well. So there is only one last nominated idea left
before it is finally time for you to vote, which idea should be allowed to call itself
idea of the year. This idea is the oldest one, and from january,
and it is probably the saddest idea of 2017 as well. And now let’s find out how the mushroom kingdom
championship changed the life of the monty mole. So what happened to the small little mole
who trained so hard to win the mushroom championship? After he tied for the first place with the
chain chomps he probably was the happiest mole alive. The press praised his inspiring performance. The other moles stopped making fun of him,
they were actually impressed that such a young mole was already so famous. The small mole learned that his hard training
was worth it, it paid off. But this realisation cursed him. Driven by his desire to replicate his great
succsess he went back to the only thing he knew. He went back into his training room. Day and night he stood their lifting munchers
and bullet blasters at first, then thwomps and even hole cannons. Soon he was able to carry ten items on his
shoulder, then eleven. As our small mole grew up, he became the strongest
mole in the universe. But no-one was taking him serious anymore,
the press started to make fun about him, the other moles went back to their old behavior
towards him and everything collapsed. The stronger he became the less the people
liked him and the less the people liked him the more he trained. Today he is an abnormity of a mole. Able to carry an entire mario stage on his
shoulders, but unsatisfied. While the small moles fate isn’t pleasant,
it’s still possible to create really cool mario maker stages with his help. Here the powerful mole carries tons of bullet-blasters
on his back. This gives our plumber a huge platform which
he can use to beat this little stage. Wherever mario goes the powerful mole follows
him, creating a chasing platform. While it appears as if mario does most of
the work in this level, the really hard part is done by our mole. While the mole carries hundred times his own
weight on his shoulders mario only needs to dodge some sharp sawblades. So those are the ten idea of the year nominees,
and now ladies and gentlemen, it is time for you to vote. The link to the voting strawpoll is currently
on screen, you can find the link in the description as well. Remember that the three ideas with the most
votes will get an additional video, exploring the idea behind the idea a little bit more. If you want to see more counter shenanigans
your hashtag is hashtag one, if you want to vote for the wall jump boss encounter hashtag
two is the hashtag of your choice. hashtag 3 for the toad don t jump boss fight
and hashtag four for the sphinx. Hashtag five if you loved the raining fireballs,
and hashtag 6 if you want to see more turn based combat concepts. Hashtag 7 for the floor is lava and hashtag
8 for the lava is floor. If your favorite idea is the bowser jr boss
encounter on top of the train your hastag is hashtag nine and hashtag 10 for moles and
moving stages. Don’t forget each toad has only one vote! And that’s it for 2017, the next video will
take a little bit longer than usual and will probably be the first revisiting of the winning
ideas if everything goes as planned. I hope that you have a wonderful 2018 and
to see you soon. Goodbye!

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  1. I design and program games and I havnt actually played mario maker but i have some ideas to make silly difficult maps..

    Start a few timers when the game starts; start in a room of pipes, and u have to enter a specific pipe at an exact time which takes u into another room of pipes or doors, which has a timer also, repeat this a few times. example. pipe 7 taken at xxx time, else it takes u to a death screen/room -repeat this 10+ times and u have a really really really difficult lock that
    also only works at specific times based on the timers.

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  3. can someone please explain how to make the mole tank with small muchers?!? I cant get it because of the grid

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