Top 10 Modeling Tools – for Polymer Clay

Top 10 Modeling Tools – for Polymer Clay

I was asked, which modeling tools I’m using. I’m counting down my picks for the top 10 modelling tools of all times! Hey, guys and welcome to this top 10 of my favourite modelling tools of all times! Number 10 is this tool! Let’s call it the pricking tool! And you use it for for tiny details, for example for nose holes or well each tiny hole you can’t do with your finger. Get this tool in metal, plastics or wood. This brings us to modelling tool number 9. Number 9 is this tool with the sharp edge and you can use it for cutting nearly everything. I use it a lot for details, but also for some basic work, before getting very detailed. And you can get it in wooden version or as you can see in plastics. Number 8.. this tool! It has a curved edge. And this is a pretty nice tool for making some details. For eyelids for example or for forming the mouth. There’s also a wooden version of this tool, but I haven’t used it a lot. Number 7 is.. ..the rolling pin! If you don’t want to buy a rolling pin, you can also take just a cup. It does nearly the same. I use it most of the time for nice gradients, colour gradients. But also just to get thin layers of clay. Now it’s getting sharp. Number 6! This is just a normal knife, that represents any kind of sharp blades. And I’m talking about big blades, which you can also bend. And I used it a lot for Stephen Hawking, for example for his wheelchair and for getting really nice, straight cutting edges. So this is just great. Are you ready for place number 5? This tool isn’t really a tool, it’s the aluminum wire, but it really deserves a place on our list, as the aluminum wire, as you know has made it in all of my creations and it’s so useful. Be sure also to take some pincers, so that you can cut the wire. Normally I take those 2mm thick. Place number 4! Oh, now it’s getting exciting. It’s my scalpel! This is one of few tools I use in every creation and you know that. I use the scalpel for detailed work for example for this angry bird, little Chuck, or I use it for modelling, when you want to get rid of some tiny pieces of clay and for very, very tiny details, Judy Hopps and her tiny star. But be very careful, I cut myself few times. OK, ready for number 3! This is the Ball Stylus but I just call it the eye making tool. Because I use it most of the time for the eyes. It’s great to prepare the iris and to form everything. It has a tiny ball at one side and the bigger one at the other side and I love that tool! Almost there! Place number 2 is the shaper! I love that tool. The shaper is used for nearly every creation. No, it is used for every creation! Especially when preparing the faces getting every detail right into position. The clay doesn’t stick to it. I thinks it’s made of silicon and it’s very flexible and you will love that tool. So, you won’t regret buying it. I’ll include links in the description. Are you ready for place number 1? Number one.. drum roll.. are.. your hands! Really!? Yes, your hands are on place number 1. As they deserve a lot of attention. Without your hands you wouldn’t be able to use any of your tools. You can use your fingers as a tool themselves, for forming the clay you can use your nails, for some tiny details. And well without your hands, you wouldn’t be able to feel your creations. This proves your hands are absolutely a tool! Please let me know what you think of my top 10 modelling tools. I’ll include links for all of these tools in the description. See you next time. Bye!

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  1. Ти си уникален. Знам че няма да ме разбереш защото пиша на български но искам да ти го кажа

  2. Your artworks are so amazing. But, I have a problem. Is, What tool I use as a boll stylish and shaper tool? Because, You didn't tell me , What tool I use , As boll stylish and shaper. Please, tell me this. What tool I, as this two tools.

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