TOP 10 EMOJIS missing in Clash Royale – Stop Motion / Claymation / Polymer Clay

TOP 10 EMOJIS missing in Clash Royale – Stop Motion / Claymation / Polymer Clay

We all laugh the Emojis from Clash Royale, but do you also feel that some emotions are missing? Today we will fill the blanks. Number 1: Very very angry! A team mate leaving the game during fight. Losing a super close clash, well angry face is just not enough! Number 2: Evil Laugh! Winning a super close clash with your last surviving skeleton? Smashing your enemy’s King’s tower to the ground? Hahaha, you need not just any laugh, you need an evil laugh! Number 3: Give the finger. Admit it. This is the one Emoji you want. The one Emoji you need! The one Emoji you feel! Number 4: Scream! When there are no words for the action on the battlefield. They are just no words. Number 5: Break! Waiting for the elixir to reload, waiting for the gold to arrive, time for a break. Number 6: Leaving. Almost winning until this deadly counter pushes hitting you in the face Okay, just, just leave the battleground. Number 7: Killer style. Turning an almost lost match around is the most satisfying feeling we have, even more than taking a *peeeep* on the loo where we are playing Clash Royale anyway for these moments of joy we need this. Number 8: ehm… No words are sometimes the best answer. Number 9: Just cool. Winning with your lunar miner deck under 12 seconds. In your face! Respect! Number 10: Sorry. Yes, it is not always your teammate’s fault and sometimes it is not even a Wi-Fi signal problem. Sometimes it is our own fault, and be a bigger man and say sorry. There is a bonus number 11, but before I ask you which emotion is missing maybe for a part 2. Leave it in the comments. Please help me! Like and share the video. This is the way you can support me that I’m able to create more content like that on YouTube. Number 11 bonus! You are looking for this Emoji which fits all the moments of happiness joy and victory. Well…

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  1. Not sure how this got 1K dislikes even if you dont like clash Royale this guy is talented and the video is sick

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  3. What are all these Russian people doing watching this vid not like I’m saying they can’t it’s just that this vid is in English.

  4. We ned the emoth end his name is the what the fu## are you doing bro 😃 this is want to be cool(sorry im not from America or Englant ergo im not great in english i so sorry about mi grammar.)

  5. I can’t tell you how many times I wish there was a middle finger emoji like when you are being crush and the say good game. I just want to be behind them and say “we’ll go f*ck yourself you *********************”

  6. I know which one do we need I know! THE KING HITTING MINI PEKKA THAT COULD OF WON THE MATCH BUT WENT AFTER A GIANT OR a king that lost in the first couple of seconds that then had the other king give him mustard and then the king would put it in his mouth😂

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