Toilet Paper holder: Folded sheet metal Industrial Design process start to finish

Toilet Paper holder: Folded sheet metal Industrial Design process start to finish

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things you might like recently I’ve been working on a very interesting toilet
paper holder it’s a stamped sheet metal product that I designed for Holden arts
out of Colorado and it uses some very interesting magnetic technology let me
explain cleverly hidden inside of the store the paper holder are a series of D
tented magnets and this allows you to precisely remove exactly the amount of
toilet paper sheets that you want one-handed no less currently the
projects on Kickstarter until the end of January 2019 link below go check it out
and support the project in those two discs are a series of magnets you can
see on that image right there we’re gonna place the magnets so that they
repel each other and those magnets are alternating and that’s what gives us the
detents we can set the strength of the detents by changing the spacing this is
how that’s done on the actual toilet paper holder that’s what the knob is for
to set how strong it is to pull depending upon single ply or double ply
sheets that you have I start this project just like any other although I
did go to Ikea and spend a ton of time just researching how to mount things
onto walls and things like that ultimately this project
ended up being self-adhesive mounted so that it can be easily mounted anywhere
but I do a ton of sketches in the very beginning this is probably the first
sketch that actually looks close to what the final product is simple clean and
elegant these are the sketches that were phase one design concepts that were
presented to hold an art at the very beginning of the project
sometimes when you’re designing a product you don’t know what the final
production process is going to be sometimes you’re designing for a
specific production method and sometimes you figure that out as you’re moving
along in your project I knew from the get-go because it had been stated by the
client that they wanted the final product to be metal so I designed for
that metal process either stamped or some sort of a tubing that was
manipulated but it had to be a sheet metal in the end and the product was
designed to be a sheet metal product from the get-go everybody knows I’m a
pretty hands-on kind of guy so after those initial ideation sketches that you
saw in the beginning those concepts that were presented to the client I really
wanted to see what those folded and twisted sheet metal forms would look
like and I built a series of cardboard mock-ups so that I could visualize also
for the scale and to see what that would look like in the actual form when those
forms were twisted and so here you can see me building and mocking up some of
those concepts out of some matboard and if you
watch some of my other videos about cardboard mock-ups you’ll get to see
some of these processes so here’s the final mock-ups that were then presented
to Holden art so that we could take a look at these concepts and we like the
the fact that they were sheet metal and had some wonderful surfaces but we
wanted to simplify those concepts even more so a lot of these nice twisted
surfaces went by the wayside and things were dramatically simplified so they
were much more easily manufacturable and here you can really start to see what
the final product is starting to look like get into some early CAD mock-ups
here where we take that space in the top that would have been wasted and we turn
that into an additional functional item in this case it’s a phone holder so
you’re getting additional functionality at no additional cost and that’s only
going to help you sell the product by having more features here it is in
fusion 360 mocked up or modeled I’ll model this up I mainly worked on the
folded sheet metal look and feel my client handled some of the mechanical
stuff on the inside with the magnets and the wire bending stuff wasn’t super
concerned about that is that that’s not seen a lot I’m more concerned with the
exterior and the cosmetics of the final fit and finish of the
it here’s also a quick sketch of how originally I thought the detents could
be adjusted inside the unit ultimately we didn’t go that route here’s some
final cat renderings right out of fusion 360 and we’re going to build a mock-up
here so we can kind of see what this thing it’s going to look like now in the
beginning the magnets were adjusted in a different kind of way you can see
there’s kind of a stepped little shelf here that you rotate the outside knob to
change the distance between the magnets to set the tension and this was fine in
the very beginning but ultimately we ditched this concept for the final way
it is right now one of something visually a little bit cleaner than what
you see right here this is how this worked and you could see the magnets
move closer and farther away but it just wasn’t clean enough for what we did and
then ultimately I did this sketch here where we internalize this adjustment
through a series of steps that are all hidden and we used some bearings as well
for that here you can see an early version of the exploded view where we
step up and step down and all that stuff is internal and so you don’t see that
stepping on the outside of the product this is the second 3d printed prototype
and you can see the phone holder here easily holds the phone look is much
cleaner since we don’t have that step on the outside of the knob there and then
the prototypes start rolling in this is the very first aluminum base part that
was handled by my client he took care of all the prototyping and this is with
some machined parts looks super jet-age here I’m a big fan of this look and so
this is the first working prototype that we made of toilet paper holder and here
it is wall-mounted with some uvh be so VHB for those of you guys don’t know is
very high bond it’s an adhesive that’s made by 3m it’s
basically a super super strong sticky sticker and this is how you would mount
this in your wall and there’s no worries about this thing coming off it’s pretty
strong this is a little parts breakout so you can see the bearings for the
adjustability it’s all built right in to the sheet metal part simplifying the
manufacturability and construction of the unit and this is a little demo of
how things work you saw that in the very beginning you can hold the phone
horizontal or vertical pulling those sheets one-handed to whatever length you
want super easy to change the roll of course as well just like on any other
toilet paper holder at this point we’re into the cmf process so the color
materials and finished process probably went through a good dozen different
physical mock-ups with different finishes on them ultimately the client
shows a powder-coated finish over the anodized finish it did soften the edges
a little bit and I think that that’s a nice thing
adds a little bit more of a human touch so there’s no chance of
the raw sheetmetal edge cutting you or anything like that itself safely hidden
underneath the powder coating and provides a wonderful bright color finish
for most modern bathrooms this project was pretty standard in length probably
took about five or six months from initial sketch all the way to production
or pre-production prototypes again currently on Kickstarter feel free to go
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19 thoughts on “Toilet Paper holder: Folded sheet metal Industrial Design process start to finish

  1. Really enjoying these videos – love watching the process. Makes me regret choosing IT over ID as a career path in university. Should have gone with my heart.

  2. Its a shame the client didn't like the concepts with the curved metal portions, I think those would have suited the design a little better and meshed well with the cylindrical mechanism

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  6. You really amazed me with the magnets mechanism! ahahah By the way, I'm an industrial designer too and I really like how you show the process and explain why you choose this or that. Talking about the product: imho the overall shape could be improved but I understand the limits given in the brief, instead the functionality is really perfect! This is the way to innovate, not just putting "smart" name on everything! Good job, keep going! ๐Ÿ˜€

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