Toddler Screws Up Monk’s Painstaking Sand Art

Toddler Screws Up Monk’s Painstaking Sand Art

a jersey top there are screws up are a very very beautiful buddhist
display arm so the there’s a Buddhist monks obese or to work on the
sand displays they’re called arm manthe soon manson’s man dollars excuse me rough day all a calm and dollars I column army and
soon like a month Richard your life on their
man dollars and basically they’re colored say and
that there was a beautiful sculpture type of thing arm and they use a sort of talk about life and you know the fleeting nature of life and basically they created this home and
Allah and prematurely a toddler bottle with
the fam box into the jumped into the saint Armin Jersey tolley that is matter that
explains everything but my arm North you’ll screw them at
the edges up arm and the demand Allah got sorta
ruined likely they were able to save it was two
hours before they were you know sort have died fixing it on three-year-old jumped over this play in
sort of messed around before you know it was said to be destroyed for naturalization
event the you for US citizenship so it’s gonna
be destroyed on citizen sort of got their new life in America America and these things are always are
always destroyed so after the thing in Scopus created
they destroyed we talked about life how beautiful life is in the nature
about how beautiful it comes in just who goes away likely they’re able to sort of make some
recoveries up with the to be with the three-year-old messed up and they ended
up destroying in throwing in the Hudson River anyway were better I get a couple more the
story mall number one is that you know the innocence of a child more number two the horror like the whole parenting of
the parents like you know the spot like why would
you ever let your three-year-old jump over a fence and
jump into a sandpit that is clearly a work of art lesson
number three you know life is beautiful million and so enjoy every
minute of it well home

8 thoughts on “Toddler Screws Up Monk’s Painstaking Sand Art

  1. I get that it's symbolic and the destruction is ritualistic and all… but I don't think that a Buddhist monk's day is going to be ruined when his ode no the way nothing lasts for ever is destroyed by a child. What gets more symbolic that some little shit running amok all over his elder's painstaking beautiful work?

  2. I've seen a monk doing this inside Jokhang Temple… 
    Although I'd bet that the monk had a laugh or two over it after
    I would say that the painting actually illustrated its portrayal quite well!


  3. How the fuck does this guy get a show? Horrible delivery, and he doesn't know how to pronounce most words he tries to say. Ever heard of researching, and rehearsing?

  4. Just because you can sit in front of a camera and deliver a half-assed news story doesn't mean you should do it.

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