Time Lapse Drawing | 🧙 Witch | 🎃 Drawlloween | Wicca | Witchcraft | Eclectic Witches | Spell Craft

Time Lapse Drawing | 🧙 Witch | 🎃 Drawlloween | Wicca | Witchcraft | Eclectic Witches | Spell Craft

Greetings I hope you’re all having a
wonderful week welcome back to MyfanwyNia’s studio here in Leitrims Iron
mountains my name is Harriet and today I am sharing another short drawlloween
time-lapse in my sketchbook the drawlloween prompt list I’m working from
is Mab’s drawlloween Club hosted by pop surrealist Mab Graves this prompt was
day 10 WITCH if you wish you can view all of my completed drawlloween artworks
on my Instagram @myfanwynia I’ll add the link in the description box below
the video, for this drawing working again in my mid-tone sketchbook I begin to
figure out the sketch with a white coloring pencil I’m then building up and
defining the sketch bit by bit, focusing on filling out one area at a time,
continuously reshaping the sketches line work internal values with an eraser I’m
using predominantly the Derwent black and white tonal coloring pencil set for
the main bulk of this drawing blending in brighter colors with Faber Castell
classic coloring pencils, I will also link my tools and materials below the
video. As I mentioned today’s prompt is witch surely one of the most iconic
Halloween characters with her pointy hat black cat and trusty broom, images of
witches have appeared in various forms throughout history stereotypically
portrayed as wicked old women with green wrinkled skin evil wart nosed women
huddling over cauldrons of boiling liquid sometimes with longclaw like
fingernails, hag faced cackling beings riding through the skies on brooms. In
pop culture the witch has been portrayed as a benevolent nose-twitching suburban housewife and awkward teenager learning to control her powers a trio of charmed
sisters battling the forces of evil. The real history of witches however is dark
and often for the witches a deadly one. The concept of witchcraft and the belief in
its existence has persisted throughout recorded history, they have been present
or central at various times in many diverse forms across cultures and
religions worldwide, witches have often been seen outside of accepted cultures
and faiths and as a consequence people historically often made witches feel
unwanted in their societies. Most witches were fought to be pagans doing the
devil’s work, many however were simply natural healers or so-called wise women
whose choice of profession was misunderstood. Early witches were people
who practice witchcraft using magic spells calling upon spirits or energies
to help bring about change witch hysteria took hold in Europe during the
mid 1400s when many accused witches confessed often under torture to a
variety of wicked behaviors, within a century witch hunts were commonplace and
most of the accused were executed by burning at the stake or hanging. Single
women widows and other women on the margins of society were especially
targeted. Between the years 1500 and 1660 up to 80,000 suspected witches were put
to death Europe alone. Germany had the highest witchcraft execution rate while
Ireland had the lowest. The publication of “Malleus Maleficarum” (if I pronounce that
right) it was written by two respected German Dominicans in 1486 and translated as
“The Hammer of the Witches” it was essentially a guide on how to identify
hunt and interrogate the witches Malleus Maleficarum labelled witchcraft as
heresy and it quickly became the authority for Christian faiths to flush
out witches living amongst them, for more than a hundred years the book sold
more copies than any other book in Europe aside from the Bible. Modern-day
witches of the Western world still struggle to shake these historical
stereotypes, most practice Wicca their motto being “harm none” Wiccan strive
to live a peaceful tolerant and balanced life in harmony with nature and humanity.
There are many different types of Wicca and witchcraft the most
perhaps is Gardenarian Wicca a religion founded in the late 1940s by Gerald
Gardner who was born in Lancashire in the UK, he was an anthropologist who
wrote a lot of works about the ancient Celts but he was also a fiction writer.
Gerald Gardner coined the term Wicca originally spelling it with one ‘c’ from
the old word for wise, he revamped a lot of the old rituals from historical
witchcraft and older faiths to make them more accessible to his contemporary
audience. Witchcraft women Wicca is seen as a tool
for creating positive change to better oneself and one’s environment. Witch is
an interchangeable term for men or women where the misconception of warlock being
a male witch is incorrect a warlock is actually a term meaning
Oathbreaker, the witches oath being the Wiccan rede.
“Bide the Wiccan law ye must, in perfect love and perfect trust, eight words the
Wiccan rede fulfil, and it harm none do as you will, least in self-defense it
be, ever mind the rule of three, follow this in mind and heart, merry meet and
merry part” . By the Wiccan law you must the first line of the Wiccan rede
meaning: if you don’t do this we will not consider you are kin, in perfect love
and perfect trust is the statement of trust to fulfill the eight words “and it
harm none us you will” basically stating if you don’t believe it’s harming anyone
do as you feel. Ever mind the rule of three, the rule of three is about karma
the “Three Fold Law” meaning any energy we send out to the universe returns to us
three-fold whether it’s good or bad a belief in witchcraft is that we exist in
four levels, one in the physical world, two in the emotional, three in the
spiritual, emotional meaning you’re ever radiating energy and spiritual: your
connection to the divine. The fourth is magical and magic being the interaction
between the other three. Wiccans worship nature and believe this
grants them greater power of magic. Part of this nature worship includes
celebrating the eight sabbath of the celtic year referred to as
the turning of the wheel. A lot of Wiccan faith is about cycles, including
the idea that when spells come into fruition, it is believed that you should
pass good deeds along to another to close the circle and seal the spell. On
the Tarot, a divination practice closely associated with witchcraft the card of
the wheel shows: a wheel with a Sphinx at the top where it says “I rule” and around
the wheel the serpent “I have ruled” and then a dog “I will rule again” closing the
circle on a spell seals in the level of goodness the spells obtained before the
wheel can turn again to the serpent “I have ruled” A new circle is cast for a new
spell, circle casting is a ritual preparing the space for spell work,
cultivating energy for your new intention. The witches Broom in Wicca is
referred to as a besom, it is used to sweep away negative energies or astral
dirt especially before cultivating new energies of intent for spellcraft
used in magic and ritual. In Wicca the besom is considered sacred to the
goddess of God and promotes fertility of persons lands and new ideas, through
cleansing away negative energy influences, making it protective. Those
accused of witchcraft in Europe were thought to be riding on brooms, but there
were just likely towns folk that were spotted jumping around on brooms to
promote fertility. The traditional witches besom is made with an ash handle,
birch twigs and Willow binding, the practice is to thank the spirits of the
land, the plants and the ground where you got the materials from. Many modern pagan
weddings or hand fastenings include jumping of a broom,
traditionally brooms were waved over the heads of the marrying couples to ward off
spirits, the couple would jump over the broom at the end of the ceremony, jumping
over the broom symbolized overcoming their first obstacle together. As a
protective tool laid across the threshold the besom can prevent spells and
negative energies sent to the house and to those residing within it. A broom
placed under pillow is said to bring pleasant dream and guard you while you
sleep. Today witchcraft is widely accepted as a personal spiritual path
its also about being crafty, creativity, by
creating what you need for your spell’s gathering materials and putting the
energy into making these things is cultivating the energy for the spell
along with the act to going out to nature to gather herbs, plant or other
natural materials for spell craft. Where Wiccan practice has an established
structure it holds the spirit of creativity. A more modern term in
witchcraft is eclectic witch where the spiritual path of the witch is a more
personal fusion of whatever beliefs feel right for you as the individual and
including them in your practice, an ever-evolving set of ideas that resonate
with you, ideas that find harmony together, make sense and feel right on a
personal level, be them as it may from various contrasting faiths and teachings.
Like any form of spirituality or religion witchcraft is about faith, faith
that your spell will work, it would be pointless to cast a spell with the
intention being “oh you have to prove something to me” rather go into the spell
believing that you are actually harnessing the energies to make magic
happen, witchcraft is a practice plates practice. Here on where art work I have
drawn this to witch with nods of a contemporary alternative gothic witchy
style, with her bright shiny magenta and black hair. I drew a classic little black
familiar on the brim of her hat, the folklore surrounding black cats varies
from culture to culture, in Scottish folklore it is said that a strange black
cat’s arrival to the home signifies prosperity. In Celtic mythology a fairy
known as the Cat sìth takes the form of a black cat sometimes with a single
white patch on its chest. On Halloween or the Celtic New Year of Samhain it is
believed that the Cat sìth would bless any house that left a saucer of milk out
for it to drink, the houses that did not would be cursed of having all their cows
milk dry up. Legend has it that this spectral cat wants Scottish Highlands
the Cat sìth also occurs in Irish stories some common folklore suggests
that the Cat sìth was not a fairy but a witch that could transform into a cat
nine times. Black cats are also considered good luck in Britain, it is
believed that lady who owns a black cat will have many suitors. In the UK
Ireland there’s a superstition that if a black cat walks towards someone or if it
crosses your path it will bring you good fortune,
but if it walks away it will take the good luck with it and if a black cat
walks onto a ship and then walks off again the ship is doomed to sink on its
next trip. I like the simplicity of this illustration and the subtle transition
in color in her hair I think is pretty, I added a white glow around the edges of
the witch with a white pencil, I feel it animates her character somehow and lifts
her off the tanned page without adding too much to a background. This was a quick
little drawing which took me about an hour in real time to finish. I hope
you’ve enjoyed it we are coming to the end of my timelapse
now, so if you’ve made it this far thank you so much for watching! and I hope to
see you again soon for another video bye bye

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