My name is Tim Bengel Since I was a little boy, I was curious about art. I didn’t understand it because I couldn’t find its rules. But for arts there are no rules like there are for math or grammar. It’s a field without conventions, and that’s what makes it so exiting for me! For me art means To do things different! So while everyone made sculptures or oil-paintings, I wanted to make things differently, and so I invented my own technique with remarkable materials and a unique recognition value. Of course, the beginnings weren’t easy. A lot of people didn’t take my idea serious, ignored me or said: „Tim, you are just a normal guy from a little town in Germany. You can’t become an artist. Do better something decent.” But the will to achieve my vision was stronger than all the people doubting me. And here I am. Two and a half years after finishing the first artwork with my sand and gold technique, I’ve reached every young artists goal! I’m going to host my own solo show in New York City! My advice to all dreamers out there is: Follow your vision and if you have a dream DREAM IT BIG!


  1. This is so stunning and beautiful! Damn, you're so talented! You will achieve all of your dreams and goals because of your hard work and dedication. You're my inspiration, the one I look up to, and I hope you gain so much more success and recognition because you truly deserve it! 🙂

  2. Hello, Can I make a short story using your video ? it will be published on a newspaper facebook page and of course I will mention your youtube channel. Have a good day !

  3. Das sieht meeeega aus. Ich folge dir schon ein Weilchen und frage mich immer noch wie du das machst.
    Wie bleibt der Sand da wo du willst. Kleber?

  4. Hello! I saw some artworks in your page, watched a few videos and still cannot understand what do you use instead of paper. Is it a glass or something like that? And glues… How do they call? I would be so happy if you would answer me an sooo exated to try to something like that… Have a nice day, Tim!

  5. It doesn't matter what some internet trolls say about your work. You're making people start thinking and talking about art. You don't accept rules in art and that's what they don't understand. But propably they don't understand most of the things going on in modern art. I see the great idea behind your sand and gold works and I adore it. Stay focused on your vision and don't take your haters and imitators too serious. Or like Oscar Wild would say: “The Number our envious persons, confirms our capability.”.

  6. Dude this is called art, you are a real artist man, 😊 loved this idea and creativity and your passion for your work that is why this is happening. #dreamitbig

  7. I'm only 15 years old, and I'm busy in school .However ,art is my hoppy and I'll never stop dreaming until I achieve my vision such as you , my best artist ever!!! , you're the youngest artist who reached this position , you planted the seeds of hope in our hearts ❤❤❤

  8. Wow, du bist eine richtige Inspiration. Es wäre eine Ehre mal mit dir zusammenzuarbeiten, sich auszutauschen.
    Ich bin Musikerin/Tänzerin Nähe Stuttgart. Dank Inspirationen wie dir beginne ich damit in meine ersten Projekte zu investieren & zu veröffentlichen.
    Ich hoffe unsere Wege kreuzen sich mal, weiter so Tim!
    LG Karo💜

  9. sau stark tim! liebe grüße von einem ehemaligen schulkollegen aus der Albert-Schäffle Schul zeit^^
    weiterhin viel erfolg dir 💪💪💪

  10. It's awesome if i am a multimillonary person y Will buy your art without matther the price, it's so beautiful, it's great And fantastic my best wish for U i love it

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