Three Point Perspective Ruler – Manga Studio EX5

Three Point Perspective Ruler – Manga Studio EX5

In this video we are going to learn how to set up the perspective rulers of Manga Studio to Three Point Perspective, drawing once again the table example this time with three Vanishing Points. After choosing the Three Point Perspective ruler, the resulting ruler will be almost identical to the Two Point, with a +120 degree separation between vanishing points. But if we zoom out, we will see that there is now a Third Point on the top. This point will be the third Vanishing Point, that will represent the foreshortened height. As a default, the third vanishing point of the ruler will be up, giving us what is called a “Worm View”, or a view where we are looking from the ground up. To change this to a view where we are looking down from above or “Bird View”, we can use the Operation tool. If for some reason we cannot see the ruler when we are in another layer, we must select the ruler layer and check that is set to “Show in All Layers”. We can always change these setting to better suit our needs. When we start our drawing, the lines will now snap to any of the three vanishing points. We will use the third point to set the inclination of the vertical lines into perspective. Learning perspective is very important to be able to make good, professional drawings. Although it seems very complicated, it is actually very easy to learn, and with the help of the perspective rulers from Manga Studio the task becomes even easier! If you are interested in learning how to draw perspective correctly, don’t miss our next tutorials of Perspective Drawing that will be published from October 2015.

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  1. Watched all three videos. Very disappointed that she doesn't tell us how to use the symbols (squares, diamonds, and circles) that appear with the lines or how to manipulate the lines.

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