Thora Sa Haq Episode 4 | 13th Nov 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

Thora Sa Haq Episode 4 | 13th Nov 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

do you know, we are in Karachi I’ve got admission in Karachi University so, me & mother wanted to meet you in this regard since your phone was switched off, so …
we came to brother Zamin’s office because we thought, this is the only way to reach you what! you people are in Zamin’s office? yes … look, brother Zamin has just appeared in front of us *greetings*, brother Zamin *greetings* brother Zamin, I’m Zubia …
Seher’s friend we are here from Hyderabad Uh … sorry, I am unable to recognize you son,you have not recognized me?
I’m Shamsa … Shamsa aunty…. your Aijaz uncle’s neighbor don’t you remember your uncle’s death? son, I was there during your & Seher’s nikkah (marriage) Zamin, before these crazy women, shout & announce about your marriage you have to get them out of here, as soon as possible I’m sorry to say, I was unable to recognize you…
I’m sorry, please don’t mind how are you? I’m perfectly fine … she is my daughter Zubia son, we came directly to your office from Hyderabad because, we didn’t have your residential address why did you take the trouble, to come here, from so far away… I mean to say, is everything alright? that you are here from Hyderabad son, I have come to meet you and Seher …. I wanted to see Seher’s house make me meet her … how is she? oh God! what have you done? are you handicapped? just now, those spoons slipped from your hands… and now you have broken the plate from an expensive set Um … I … what!… stop stammering now… just clean it quickly then after this, be ready to be present before elder madam you people wait here for some time, let me get Seher please sit … *phone ringing* Hello! why your aunty Shamsa, and her daughter have come to my office? Zamin I don’t know … do you know, they are here to meet you and to see your house please don’t bring them here please send them back to Hyderabad they won’t go, without meeting you and to bring them home, means …
that, everyone will get to know everything then… what shall I do? at the moment, I’ve make them sit in a hotel I am coming to pick you from home, but I won’t come inside… you come quickly what will I say to Rabiya aunty & Munazzah aunty? whatever lie or truth you want to say them… don’t waste my time, I’m coming outside to pick you how weird is this … Seher’s husband, didn’t took us to his home
he made us sit in this hotel, and went to pick up Seher where do such things happen?
this is weird though but mother, do talk with Seher about, what we are here for, from Hyderabad have you gone mad … we couldn’t go to Seher’s house to meet her
and you are thinking about staying in her house just forget about this … and don’t talk about this with Seher you know that, in what circumstances we got married that’s why, we both have not told anything to my family we are waiting for the right time … by god’s will … after some time I mean, within some days we will tell everything to my family this is mine, and Seher’s mutual decision am I right, Seher? yes … son, If you don’t mind … can I speak to Seher in private for a while? aunty, whatever you want to say… you can speak in front of Zamin No, no … it’s ok I will go … you can talk tell me the truth, Seher … what is all this? why you both are hiding your marriage? aunty, whatever Zamin has told you… is the truth you are not saying this, under any pressure? no, aunty … you, don’t have to get worried for me how I cannot get worried? I had promised your late Father I will take care of you, like my daughter that’s why I came here to meet you… and to see you only that was not a marriage … you also know this my marriage was fixed with someone else which couldn’t happen then Zamin came there and our marriage was done, accidentally aunty, we don’t even know each other at all father, forcefully entered me into Zamin’s life is his attitude, bad with you? does he irritate you? or annoy you? aunty, Zamin is very nice …. very nice … but this guilt feeling, is eating me from inside that I have entered into someone’s life, forcefully Zamin has never thought of getting married to me nor I had thought aunty, may be you cannot feel the intensity of this pain from which I’m going through I’m being asked to enter into his life, forcefully I wish, I had some other option
I would have stopped uncle Waqar we both shouldn’t have got married don’t say like this, child … how many days have barely passed, since you have got married? give some time to each other I feel Zamin is very obedient & great boy aunty, Zamin is good … but I guess you are unable to understand, what I’m saying child, I’m understanding everything you never even came to my house uninvited I know, your ego is hurt because of this marriage but daughter, now, the marriage is already done no one can bring back times, bygone I will say this again to you you should give some time to Zamin … if someone will ask you at home, that where did you go?
then what you’ll answer them? don’t know …
you tell me … what shall I tell you? what is in that bag? aunty Shamsa, has given some gifts for both of us for god’s sake, let this bag stay in the car… don’t take it along with you if somebody sees this in your hand, they will start asking questions I’ll give it to you later do you know that the biggest drawback of lying is … if it is said in the morning, then it is forgotten in the evening… and if it is said in the evening, then it gets changed in the morning but, I’ve not lied to you Munazzah … your husband was praising her niece, a lot in front of Iftikhar now you stay witness… I have done nothing now this girl, is determined to destroy all those praises why did you lied to sister-in-law, that you don’t have a mobile? no, no … I haven’t said this to her I had told her, that my phone is broken you had lied about this as well … your phone rings you also talk with someone… and that too keeping it secret from us tell us, whose that… to whom do you talk? and to whom you have gone to meet? say it … who is that boy? aunty… please don’t say such things one minute … first of all, remember… I’m not your aunty
she is your aunty her husband brought you here and because of him, you are staying in my house till now Seher, what is all this?
your phone was broken, right? then how did it get repaired? and when you left the house, why didn’t you inform anyone? why you didn’t seek permission from someone? Umm … uncle Waqar, got my phone repaired Uh… where did you go? and to meet whom? to Shamsa aunty … she came here along with her daughter she wanted to come to the house, to meet me but, to call her here, I don’t feel alright …
that’s why … in order to say no to her, I had to go out of the house, helplessly I don’t accept … you are lying till yesterday, on this planet earth, you have got no one and today, at once… from where your this aunty appeared? yes? along with her daughter … she lives in Hyderabad is she your real aunty? she use to live in our neighborhood neighbors … and she loves you that much, that in order to meet you, and to see you.. she came to Karachi? if you are so dear to your that aunty, then what are you doing here? why you didn’t stayed with her? me… uncle Waqar has brought me here along with him Munzaah, this is all Waqar’s doing …. Zamin … you …. when did you come? just now … then why are you standing ?
sit sit Munazzah …. we were just talking like that you go from here I’ll come back aunty, after changing oh God! in which difficulty you have placed me in how can someone place such a bad allegation on me? If I tell the truth then I will become bad, in front of Zamin & uncle Waqar and if I stay quiet then aunty Rabia’s hatred *door knocks* Hareem … Hareem please tell your mother, that I went to meet aunty Shamsa I didn’t go to meet someone else … I’m not lying
Shh …. I am here …
you don’t worry I will talk to her… alright? don’t get worried what are you thinking? I have never seen this face of aunty, ever before because Seher is here, so all the buried matters are raised again, which were untouched since past many years but mother, this is extreme it is … but what can be done? your aunty is like this I become worried, after seeing all this yes, I’m also worried after seeing all this
but … there is no solution of this problem what do you mean, mother, that there is no solution? you go and make her understand …talk to her I had tried a lot to make her understand but in return, she put allegation on me allegation! which allegation? leave it… it is my suggestion to you
you stay out of Seher’s matter mother, I never say anything in any of the house matters aunty, is treating her like a servant she is making her do, all house chores but … by making her criminal, and asking strict questions from her, and to do her character assassination all this, is not right what happened? why are looking at me like this? I’m seeing, that you are thinking a lot about Seher why are you speaking a lot, in her favor I was just talking in general look son, you have talked about this in front of me … but never talk about such thing, in front of your aunty Rabia why? because you are her, only to be son-in-law if she get any doubt for you… then it will not be better for anyone either not yours… not mine … or for your father’s are you getting, what I’m saying? mother, Seher is not that kind of a girl do you know she is educated?
she has done B.A (Bachelors in Arts) I’m thinking… to make that girl sit, and decorate her like a showpiece on the rack, in the drawing room and then I restrict you all, to greet her while roaming around I wasn’t saying that, mother neither, I’m saying anything… I’m just glad … that a girl who came from another city, who doesn’t even know about the roads of this city, nor she knows anything about his city..but … but still, she goes from the house without informing anyone, or seeking permission from anyone and she come back home, without facing any difficulty of routes there is no achievement of the girl, in this it can be only a miracle of God she had informed me, mother in fact, I arranged the car for her that’s why I’m saying … you shouldn’t have done all this to her she should have told me at that time when me & Munazzah, was asking from her mother, I had told her not to take my name… in front of you and that poor girl in order to save me… she keep on listening to you, quietly alright, stop defending her.. and go from here go … *phone ringing* Hello! Rafay … yes, my love
how are you? yes, yes …
I’m fine when are you coming? alright… good *door knocks* the door is open … come inside Hmm … you … yes … these are your things, which your aunty Shamsa brought from Hyderabad keep them if possible, hide them somewhere and if you don’t have a place to hide, then give them to someone.. or waste them please … you are understanding, why I’m saying all this? sorry … whatever happened today, shouldn’t have happened I’m sorry again Rafay … Oh my God… aunty you are becoming beautiful day by day you are becoming a girl from an aunty
what do you eat? keep quiet, … you were about to come after 4 days, then how come you came today? aunty, I’m one who does everything before time so, I thought to surprise my gorgeous & dashing aunty how do you find the surprise? your nature is just like your father’s
try to get serious some time ok, meet Munazzah *Greetings* how are you, child? I’m good .. I’m good what about parents, and sisters? they were very suppressed when I was there, but now I am here so they must be feeling relaxed Aww… Rafay, you are here…
How are you? what’s up? the shadow of a witch like you, attracts me to come here 2 to 3 times in a year what is this aunty
such a dry welcome tea or refreshment should be asked from the guest oh…you come like an earthquake that I don’t remember anything
Farzana … Oh… Munazzah do one thing, ask Farzana to bring water first and then, a hot coffee for my prince ok … come sit, child come … so, how is uncle, aunty & other? don’t ask… they are becoming very old & annoying look, how he is using his tongue what is this aunty? aunty you have become younger than before
but your Farzana’s face has completely changed No, Rafay …she… she is Seher, our cousin
mine & Zamin’s *greetings* *greetings* I’m also cousin … Hareem’s where is Farzana? I had called her take Rafay’s bag to guestroom clean that room… change the bed sheet and switch on the AC OK … so, tell me aunty Seher … is this what Hareem told, about your name yes … by the way, I visit here twice or thrice in a year but I had never seen you here before nor had heard about you I came here for the first time oh ok so before, you use to live here? I mean, do you live in Karachi? no … then which cousin you are… at least introduce yourself uncle Waqar & uncle Iftikhar are my elder uncles by the way, when you had already placed word (TAYA) Uncle in front of these two names, then you don’t need to say word (TAYA) Uncle again so, you are Aijaz Ahmed’s daughter the culprit of the family your father was one of the famous person, between our families in every time of happiness and sorrows he was always mentioned unfortunately, not in good words I’m sorry that you are a daughter of such kind of person my father, was a very nice human whatever you have heard about him, is wrong and the matter on which you are being sorry I’m proud of that this boy, at least visits here twice or thrice in a year why he do this? Oh… he is our sister-in-law’s only one brother’s, only son and you already know that, sister-in-law… lays her life on him it’s OK about sister-in-law But I don’t understand about Hareem why?
what has she done now? she meets very freely with Rafay …. that my blood boils … Rafay is her maternal brother and, you know about Hareem’s nature very well she is a very nice girl
she meets with everyone like this he is her maternal brother
not real brother your memory, has become so weak yes, my memory is totally wasted whatever you want to remind me, just do it quickly no need to create any suspense for your sister-in-law, this boy, Rafay was first choice to get married with Hareem she wanted to make Hareem, Rafay’s bride but Hareem, said herself… that she likes Zamin and she got engaged to Zamin Munazzah what are you talking about? why are you doing such talks? I can’t understand anything sister-in-law has her word’s importance in her in-laws family as well in her parent’s family her decision is only obeyed everywhere alright then … it means that, in front of her family, she starts ignoring all of us I’ve never felt this Oh God! it is totally useless, to talk to you what! Wonderful … you people have played engagement, engagement a lot
why don’t you guys get married? how many years has passed of your engagement? years ??
have you gone crazy? it’s been few months only I’m ready …. he keeps on running why? don’t you have plans to ditch my cousin? you are talking useless
focus on the game then why are you delaying the marriage
do it ok, and why aren’t you getting married? whenever I ask you, you reply I don’t want to get married at all you are getting me caught in these issues without any reason Oh my God! you are saying Hareem, an issue you said, swing in my head…. you said headache to her why are you embarrassing her? ok guys, enough…
don’t fight I’m telling you cousin, your fiance is doing full planning to ditch you if you say so, I can start spying on him I just need 2 days, I will present the name, address, face cut etc of that girl in front of you for whom he is delaying the marriage stop it, Rafay …
joke seems to be good, just one time only don’t make me awkward, by repeating one thing again & again I’m so sorry…I’m just kidding… relax I know … I’m saying this because, at the time of engagement, we both decided that we’ll get married after 2 years Zamin has got some career goals, which he wants to achieve I also want that .. . marriage only happen… when Zamin also wants I don’t want to be become dominant on his head without any reason nor I want to keep him in any tension people do get married with their happiness and their own will not under any pressure that is deep … very deep actually oh! Thank you! whatever happened with me, has happened already but whatever happened with Hareem, is even worse she is a very nice girl she loves Zamin a lot when she’ll get to know… that I’m Zamin’s wife then she ..
*phone ringing* *greetings* Shamsa aunty how are you Seher? I’m fine … how are you? how is everyone at home? everything is alright … but I don’t know, I remain concerned & worried about you are you ok, child? yes aunty, I’m fine the dress that I brought for Zamin, have you given him? Um .. yes… I had given… tell me … did you find any chance to disclose about your marriage in the house? no, aunty … then where do you stay?
I mean, you and Zamin doesn’t stay in the same room? aunty, please … don’t ask me any such questions at present, I am myself a question for me I don’t understand, what shall I do to get away from Zamin’s life? God forbid, my child … why do you think such bad things? aunty, you can’t imagine
how guilty I’m feeling at the moment you don’t worry
everything will be alright *door knocks* Uh … aunty, I’ll talk to you later alright, daughter
Bye! yes? we are going to have an ice cream… you also come along no, Thanks… this is very bad etiquette, you are closing the door on my face? I’ve said to you, that I don’t want to have any ice cream I don’t want to go anywhere but, you have to come cousin … cousin … look, your cousin is refusing she is saying, that I won’t go anywhere with people like you why are you lying? come Seher … come… it will be fun no… you guys go…
please it’s fun to have an ice cream, on the sea shore… in the cold breeze you can’t even imagine Zamin… why don’t you try? may be she gets convinced by you everyone is forcing so much, then come Seher please come .. sit what happened? Seher … come sit Uh… Rafay… you come and sit in the front..
Hareem you go and sit with Seher come on … what difference does it make? that’s what I’m saying, what difference does it make?
are you OK? Hmm … how’s the ice cream?
its’ delicious, right? my favorite what? you guys are couple
I got you guys, out the house with much difficulty go, and enjoy… you both have become like mummy pappa Rafay, there is no need of this no need … why? there is a need couples should do romantic walk, by holding hands on the wet sand by the sea also, this is the universal romantic couple’s walk…go .. go both of you go now … let’s go Zamin … whenever we come alone, we do the same come…let’s go …
it’ll fun what is this, you are not eating ice cream?
it is melted I’m done by the way, if you want…we both can also go for a walk I also want, that marriage is only done when Zamin also wants I don’t want to be become dominant on his head without any reason nor I want to keep him in any tension people get married with their happiness and their own will let’s go … where? at night, you have gone to eat the cold ice cream… now come and chew the coal elder madam is calling you come, quickly an ant is very small it doesn’t have any worth it lives, mostly below the ground and if, it has to live above the ground & inside the house then quietly, secretly… it roams around the corners and drawers of the house you have started taking more place then the corners If I shall say in other words, then … you are getting very free I, did not wish to go with them there is no importance of your wish important is just, what I want yes why have you gone with my children? they took me forcefully with me then you should have said, NO to them I had refused I allowed you to stay in my house…. and I am providing you meal, thrice a day and in return. you are doing small house chores but it doesn’t mean that, you have got permission to go for outing with my children I didn’t wanted to go Hareem took me with her
oppression’s drama is one of the cheap trick of girls like you I know these tricks very well that’s why, you cannot deceive me… Ms. Seher nor you try to impress me you know yourself … and your status in this house and you also know, that what is your worth but this shall not happen again this shall NEVER happen again … it will not happen … never go … Seher … what happened? … you seem worried uncle, I want to talk to you tell me, daughter.. what is it? uncle … my father, use to love me a lot our house was small there wasn’t any luxuries or comforts, like your house have but, I was very happy there child… has anyone said anything to you? I don’t want to tell you anything about anyone nor I want to complain about anyone then, what is it? uncle … I feel very bad for Zamin he is very nice …. very nice this should have not happened with him child, this is called destiny the circumstances, take us to that place… where we don’t want to go whatever happened no one wanted that I was oppressed I was helpless I didn’t had a place to go nor I could have refused to my ailing father but, you could have refused him then uncle, why did you let this happen? he was my brother … my younger brother if I would have refused him at that time then how would I have faced him, on the doom’s day? uncle … I see Zamin …
I look upon his haplessness I feel angry on myself I have done so much mistreatment with him I don’t have any right… to enter into his life I don’t have any complain for myself, uncle but whatever is happening with Zamin …
Zamin doesn’t deserves all this we have done so much mistreatment with him so much mistreatment is done with Zamin

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