This is not WOOD! Learn How to Make Realistic Wooden Candle Holder frm CARDBOARD | Diwali Decoration

This is not WOOD! Learn How to Make Realistic Wooden Candle Holder frm CARDBOARD | Diwali Decoration

How to Make Realistic Wooden Candle Holder This is a beautiful and ethnic DIY Room Decor craft Ceramic powder and cardboard is used to give it a Royal ethnic look. You can also make this Candle holder DIY as a Diwali craft or Christmas Decoration Craft Before we start, please subscribe to our channel and hit the “BELL” icon to receive regular updates from us. Things You Need… Mount Board, Divider Tool, Fevibond & Adhesive, Cardboard Pipe, Hexa Blade, Pencil, Cutter, Iron Nail Brushes, Acrylic Colors, Fevicryl Acrylic Colors, Ceramic Powder Take a cardboard pipe and cut it by measuring 7 inches and 5 inches using hexa blade. Now draw multiple circles on the mount board similar to the base of the cardboard pipe. Cut it. Find the center of the circles and draw small circles on it as shown. Cut it. Cut the stripes of cardboard measuring 0.5 inches. Now wrap the strip around the cut out portion of the circle as shown. Now paste this arrangement at the center of the cut out cardboard as shown. Paste these circles to the cardboard pipe. Take ceramic powder in a container and add sufficient water to make a thick paste. Add adhesive to this mix and stir well. Apply the ceramic paste to the cardboard pipe. Now make some patterns using the cutter as shown. Let it dry completely. Now mix water and adhesive and apply it on the ceramic surface. Take the acrylic paints, mix it with water and paint it on the ceramic base. For more realistic look, apply shades of sienna and brown color on the pipes. Paint the upper surface with yellow paint as shown. Now apply some shades of brown to get a wood like look. Paint the center of the pipe using brown color as shown. Now make some patterns to represent the trunk of a tree. Repeat the same process with the other pipe as well. Your realistic wooden candle stand is now ready. You can keep the candles at the center of the stand. Hope you have enjoyed watching this wonderful Candle holder video. Thanks and Happy Crafting!!

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  2. Wow great job. Very creative. So pretty. Thanks for sharing. I just found your channel today and subscribed. The bell is not showing so I can't click it.

  3. Can I make the hole longer to use with Votive candles. I’m in the candle making business and plus other various 100% Natural Body Products, my candles and Melts are the safest in Australia as they don’t burn if accidentally tipped over

  4. Awesome skill. This looks great, it's so nice when those who have great knowledge choose to share with others free of charge. Thank you so much.

  5. Realizar lindas!! Muchas gracias por tu respuesta! Tienes una suscriptora de? Saludos cordiales desde la ciudad de MΓ©xico! Un abrazo!

  6. What can I spray on them the make them be weather proof as I want to put these in my fairy garden
    TIP: Mica Powder Can Be Used – if you don’t have any then eye shadow will do)
    Tip: Air Drying Polymer Clay or Air Drying Terracotta Clay can be used (comes in orangy colour, white and brown)

  7. Nice creativity. Best part ..u mention all d little things that are required. I going to try this for sure. I have subscribed. Keep going :-;

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