This craft will have you singing Ho Ho Ho all Holiday long

This craft will have you singing Ho Ho Ho all Holiday long

hi everyone welcome to hedgehog hollow
today I have a super cute hack for you and also a way to use up some other
things we may just throw away at Christmas so these are the holiday time
bows very good company of mine that I work with you oughta make confetti box
they make these and he wants me to show you some ways to use them that’s already
in the traditional way that we’re used to so grab yourself a shadow box this
one here you can see it’s just a 20 by 9 inch one and we’re gonna first of all
take the back out of this and we’re gonna take the glass out because that’s
the part that we need so I’m just going to our spacer here so the first thing
you want to do and as you to be careful because it is a piece of everything else
to the side and now I’ve already pre-cut this hohoho using a font from makers
gonna learn my good friend in Tanner there and we have a coupon code in the
description below so you can go to his makers gonna learn site and you can get
40% off at annual tea structure we also have a really cute tutorial coming up
with Tanner and some giveaway so stay tuned for that and you can use his files
there’s thousands of them thousand different fonts and you can use them
with your Cricut your scan and cut your silhouette machine whatever electronic
cutting machine you like to use so I pre cut this out with just black
permanent vinyl and I’m gonna put it on the outside of my glass if you want on
the inside you need to mirror but just like the finish you’re putting it on the
outside more i already have my transfer tape ready to go as well so i’m gonna
just grab my favorite tool if i need it a nice edge on it i’m going to start
just at one inch you notice I’ve taped my vinyl down so it’s gonna stay in the
right position particularly you’re working with a larger piece you’ll find
that this is a much much way to go give you some tips for working
with large projects I’m just going to put my transfer tape down on here big
ripple small ripples are okay in your transfer tape but I don’t want a big
ripple because that will transfer to my final project so I’m just sliding my
hand over big ripples and then we’re just gonna again you see how I’m I have
my scrap underneath and then I’d like full and pushing down with my hand
smooth as I can just say small little ripples like this one doesn’t matter but
if you have a big fold in it it’s not that’s gonna come out in your final
project so I’m going to take my original pieces of tape off the transfer tape
we’ll do that part but you want to save your tape or otherwise you’ll be using a
new piece of tape whichever works best to use now we’re going to turn over our
transfer tape and this is where I’m gonna tape down I transfer tape and
there is method to this madness I mean I’m going to manipulate it a little bit
but you do want to keep it down on here and you can see I’m just pulling out the
release paper on the back here and everything’s going to slip down and if
you need to if you’ve been your trends are your release paper and you have any
little pieces that stick you’ll find that them they don’t stick anymore so
this is my top look how easy this is going this is not strong transfer tape
this is just regular transfer tape that’s that piece don’t – okay
now how do we get this on our glass so rather than now picking this up and
rotating it over which for me just never ever works I like this method I like to
take my piece of glass and if you hover your glass over the top you can kind of
just pop it on at one end and line it up with your vinyl and then
you can just lay it down now I know it’s straight on my vine I mean how easy is
that super super easy compared to can you imagine trying to pick that up you
need two people to try and get it flatten things and that’s why I take my
transfer tape down you don’t need to take down any more but you’ll find that
that will really help you get the application right then we can turn it
over to the right way around and now we’re gonna stick down our vinyl I’m
gonna grab my little scraper out here and I’m gonna start in one corner just
like this and work my way outwards and the idea is we get rid of any little
bubbles you might have one or two and we can deal with those we want to get rid
of as many as possible okay so there’s one word so I’m gonna pull this word up
work out any kinks and I’m just going to quickly work my way along all of them
but look how easy this is now to just heal up I’m just going a little bit at a
time see so you want to want to now do this over the hole of your piece we’re
gonna speed this bit up because you really don’t want to just see me
flattening out the whole thing and you see how as I’m going and getting rid of
any kinks here nails are great for this kind of thing if you have anything major
and you can then just use like a wet cloth and stuff and that will get those
out or if it’s something like an air bubble quite often I’ll just take my
craft pick just pop it in the middle there and smooth it out and that whole
just you know disappears all on its own so that’s what I’m gonna do and so that’s it’s super simple
I’ve got a couple little bubbles in there but by the time I finish you’re
not gonna see them and the reason I like it on the front is it gives you much
nicer finished piece whereas on the reverse you get kind of these like
sticky areas and that and it just doesn’t look as clean so I like having
it this way up so we’re gonna put it back into our frame slide it back in
break a glass make sure so now we’re gonna fill up our frame and you have a
couple of different options so they do in the holiday shop you can see there’s
you know the really the funky modern Christmas colors which is what I’m going
to use you can do a more traditional color scheme oh there’s a kind of in the
between so you’ve got Chevron’s in here this one here that has lime green in it
so you’ve really choose whatever color scheme of course you could do this for
any occasion but we’re doing it for Christmas so this is what you want to
look for in your craft store and then you’re gonna grab your bows put them the
way up you want them to be and we’re just going to fill up so I’m gonna kind
of go pretty random with my colors if you get the mini mini bows they work too
and I’m even using the big ones because we’ll just squish them down and make
sure that they fit if you use say the mini mini ones you could have it that
they move around a bit more or you could buy a deeper shadow box and we just kind
of have got what our local craft store had so I’m gonna make sure that I’m
really filling that area with bows because we want everything to be pretty
touching I’m just spreading out my big ones and then I’m taking I swear I’ve
got turquoise purple blue red I mean a really nice selection of colors and this
year one of my trees is going to be multicolored they always have a theme
for each of my trees and of course this is going to go in perfectly and he’ll
see all of these decorations hanging around our home around the office when
you see all of our Christmas tours later on in December so I’m just piling
these in and if I have kind of two of the same color clothes together just making sure I’ve got a nice spread
of color and then we’re gonna take our frame and you’re – and you want to of
course make sure that your hanger is the right way up so I’m gonna put this in
whoops we did our engine I know this just keeps your glass in place so your
glass doesn’t move it’s will just gently move our bows in ideally want to do this
beforehand craft fails happen and we show you the good the bad and the ugly
so I just want to take out one bow just and you’ll notice all my bows are pretty
side down and now we’re going to put our board on top so now we’re going to make
sure everything stays in I’m gonna do one side at a time I’m just pressing
this down my finger you can also just use a coin they work really well to push
those at all teeth down just pushing in do the same on this side and now of course we can turn it over
now and now you can see all of those bright colors in the background there
stuff looks super cool I’ve got a little bit for my lights but you can see there
the hohoho would include some pictures so you can see it there’s also a short
versus this tutorial available over on Instagram check out the links in the
description below we love this project of course you can
use any color vinyl if you want you to use a bright color or you know any of
those fun things you can try that as well so thanks for joining me here at
headshot Colo click like subscribe thumbs up all those fun things and check
out the links in the description below I’ll see you tomorrow for the tip trick
tutorial or maybe something a little bit different see you then bye

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  1. So so pretty, I think Iโ€™m gonna do one. I put up four trees. Not sure this year may only do 3. Canโ€™t wait to see your tour.

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