Thermostat Housing Blows –  DIY Boat Engine Repair Ep 17

Thermostat Housing Blows – DIY Boat Engine Repair Ep 17

Right well I’ve been back in Stalham now for a couple of days and the the weather is spot-on on the way up here we have a lot
of mechanical issues unfortunately about 20 miles out the thermostat housing kept leaking gasket kept blowing and I must have taken it off about
half a dozen times(x12) and put more gasket gasket paper on over and over and over again
and it just kept on blowing down one side so I examined the housing and I
found that it was actually slightly warped and this is this is a first for
me I’ve never come across anything quite like this but fortunately I had a spare
one and it was almost identical but it meant having to route the pipe a different
way and because of that it had a kink in it so it was non-stop problems so back
in Stalham we ordered a brand-new one and some good quality cork gaskets and we’re
in the process of repairing this now that came from ASAP supplies which
ironically was in Beccles as well which is quite crazy continue just come down
from there that was only 20 pounds and on the old
one this surface here where it’s mating it just warped enough to keep letting
the air out so that was a real pain in the arse and I kept having to stop
before the engine overheated and then put more water in and obviously air was getting in
and it wasn’t circulating so it’s been a nightmare really what we got here in the
end though in the process now put it all together and hopefully sometime today
will be able to move on okay well we’re up and running the thermostat housing I got was a patent
part just didn’t seem to fit at all so let’s make do the old one for the time
being and I’ve tried my best to flatten it out We are just coming back into coming into
Sutton now and this is probably the calmest I’ve ever seen the water
absolutely exceptional the engine is running a little bit hotter than I would like it to be but I have flushed the
whole system out so we probably gotta some air in there we’re working our way out now I
just had a look at the diesel tank because we came up at four miles per hour all
the way from the Beccles which is the best part of 50 miles it looks like I’ve only gone through
about 20 liters of diesel with is quite remarkable really considering the first time I did it I
came up about six or seven miles per hour and I went through basically the best part of
50 liters so it certainly has proven now to travel along at a slower speed and
get the best economy. Right its going to be nice to come back into Sutton it’s one of
my favorite stops and just going to keep my eye on the engine for a couple of
days and try and find another thermostat housing that actually fits properly so
that’s over and out for the time being one job after another i noticed i was
only a little bit of a leak slight leak and there’s an old Bush here which is
obviously corroded luckily enough I was able to find something with the same
threat so I’m now cutting it off and hopefully that will fix the problem and
bites you gotta love me they’re always keep you busy right
here’s a job drive been waiting about three months to do and i had to be an
electric . to do it the bilges after three months of living on a boat with
breadcrumbs dust dog hair it all gone into the building and all turn into this
most revolting lacks lunch now I’ve got the floor floor boards up and I’ve got a
homer wetback and I’ve gotten like managed to get it all out and even
though it looks pretty unsightly now I’m quite chuffed because it means when it’s
a hot sunny day I can repeat the process again and this will dry and I can paint
it and I want to get these bilges so clean I can eat my food of it and i
think one of the ways you can judge about is helping the builders are and
i’m quite shuffle now that this is obviously going to be something which is
achievable yeah yeah doing the rounds we’ve got some read
issues here today which is causing absolute nightmare except he’s trying to
get past them as they do then it was nice to see these reed islands take care
of I got caught on the store the other
night coming out of salamanders come back the wind is whether I’ve ever tried i
finally decided to make my camping and gas charcoal burner the reason why I’m
gone for a campaign guess option is because the calor gas bubbles or the
full-size gas bottles if they’re just going to be too intense because this is
going on a boat so what I’ve done is I’ve gone for the camping gas and also
it doesn’t have the handle on the top like this one so you don’t have to worry
about taking that off now first thing i did put the regulator on turn it upside
down and left it for good old while obvious which john to get everything out
now this rate this part of the win here I thought it would be reversed read but
looking at it now I’m not a hundred percent sure whether it is i got that
out by drilling it out now before I did that the first thing I did is I drilled
a hole in the bottom here once i was sure that every gas was out and I used a
cordless drill rather than the main hook up I thought little bit nervous doing it
obviously but I just took my time once that was done I then put a funnel on
there and I slowly filled it with water you’ll still get us one of gas when you
do that but they believe into the fragrance set foot on gas also i’ve been
told but don’t quote me on that so filled up with water then that drain
out once i was happy with that is a drill this out now you will come across
the stainless steel ball bearing in there you can get a bit tricky at that
stage just give it a whack if you haven’t been able to unscrew that
is and as you draw around the stops to get your way around you can actually
start to break off the grass bits at the end he does tend to fall apart now what
i’m doing here is I’ve marked where I’m going to have the door i may have to
have something at the bottom here as well and I may have gone a little bit
too high up here but we’re really not to find out until it’s done the reason why I’m doing this drill
holes here now is because i tried to use it takes over the metal blade and he
wouldn’t budge at all so I thought if I lineup where I want the whole I can come
across with a grinder with the cutting disc and easy for me to follow so that’s
the stage where the moment and i will update you recording right what we’re
doing is we’re burning the paint off the gas cylinder wanted to be made into
charcoal burner be using this one because it was so crowded they wouldn’t accept his return and here
is the pipe which is going to be the initial chimney on here like say just
burning that off now have another Pro sister yesterday we let the gas cylinder
which were turning into a charcoal burner we’ve got all the paint off now so now
that stone will grind that down and we’ll start making the hole for the
chimney the door and also the small event here for cleaning out the
chocolate what have you and hopefully that’ll turn into a good product but so
fast this gave me a bit of a chuckle coming
suddenly this morning I’ve made a previous video about all the islands
three diners come down to the sunway in global action whatever you now
there was fourteen states which I thought was a lot then when you look up
there there’s 12345 better six of seven so there’s about twenty stakes it’s right by the entrance coming into
something for all the weeds to be held in place of all this one’s i’ve seen on
the Broads this is the first one I’ve seen actually in its own nest look at the size of its amazing i just
turn the engine off and cruising by this is right on the entrance into something
so this is getting both going past all the time but that is the first to me amazing right well the size out shorter
on flip-flops on and it’s time to start doing all the jobs that we couldn’t do
in the wintertime right now I’ve decided to start working on the lockers seems to
be suffering the liquid in rest and I want to build a new top for these
because these are some kind of composite and quite frankly I think they’re bloody
ugly so start with the jobs now and whether it’s going well its the Easter
weekend now and I’d have to say the weather today is probably being the best
so far this year starting to feel a bit more like someone right when I was just
about to head off from Stalham go get some lunch at Sutton and it appears i’m
stuck on the bottom i normally do touch here but over the winter months with the
lack of boat traffic seems the stilted right up what’s also contributed to it is the
fact that the the bankers collapse saw the votes will go soon so all that marked down there now
prevented me from going so we have to sit for awhile and why we got a couple
of pieces that we’re going to put on the boat and this is gonna go on the oil
cooler and that’s an extra nipple just in case you can’t get it to work also the bilge pumps arrived so we saw
that this is the old bilge pump cartridge and you can see it’s actually
physically burnt out my reckoning is it was actually probably running dry which
you’re not supposed to see that holder that was where the bills which was so it
was getting put on i think by my feet in the nighttime which is one of those
crazy design flaws you come across the second home boat anyway I got anyone
actually in the cartridge I want because i want to keep the rest for another
project this one the pumps are 600 gallons per hour but
I’ve seen one that is 4,000 gallon sprayer which works out it’s just I was
66 gallons a minute which is about 66 of those small petrol cans for your lawn
mowers and stuff and outboards so that’s quite impressive so I think basically in
the event or something quite serious happening like maybe the whole being
breached or maybe a stopcock failing drastically then it might be nice to
know there was a bilge pump on border could do 4,000 gallons per hour because
I would have thought with that amount of water discharge you’ve got a very good
chance of making it back to port so I’m starting investing one of those so I’m
gonna bang this on now and get the peace of mind that comes with the electric
bill alright we gotta build from working here
and decided to relocate the switch from there over to here so it can’t be
accidentally activated during the night and find quite amusing somebody actually
thought it was good i do putting it there in the first place but there you
go and we had a bit of paddling now we’re going to get rest of this paneling
down then once that’s all finished we can start putting some nice comfortable
something like some soup record that stuff they doing there when i first
got the boats and started exploring around the boat i discovered that there
was a huge storage locker right behind here and it was all covered up this
white paneling and I thought I’d better reincorporate that because there’s
enough room and they’ll put an outboard a dinky little not one of the other
things i found in there was this huge 12 volt fan and it was not on the white up
to anything but i decided to use it so what I did is I put it behind this panel
here and it can seem very handy especially if it’s really content about
colonization of other and you know you do some cooking or something but it
might also be handing the winter it’s got some power to that I was really
quite justified right well I’ve started on a job now which i’ll be waiting
literally months to do and the winter it was just two down call to do it really
what we have here is the steering gear for the rudder tiller assembly etc etc
as is all house in this box here now what I have here is I have three of
these bearing houses which I think are known as a pillar boxes or or plumber
boxes and there’s a third one down here now these contain bearings barrington that
one of fine these two here over the years which is
probably about three decades of this boat the waters got in or they haven’t
been greased and the bearings that are inside have actually disintegrated to a
point where they actually look like that and one each and there’s the other one there now is
quite baffled at first because when i took these apart these were also on the
bearings as well and after a bit of grease they came off turns out these are
sleeve adapters and the purpose of this is so that you can take a bearing which is a self-aligning once
it is tapered and by putting this sleeve in you can then adjust the nuts at the
level you wanted to be at on a shaft and hold it there which is what is the case
we have here because also got the vertical shaft here and the bearings
were basically they got a grip onto that somehow so it’s through the use of these
sleeve adapter sleeve nuts that you were able to do that was quite i’m quite
mechanically interested in things i found particularly interesting so those
bearings are always in a terrible state they’ve got to be replaced in there
about maybe 15 pounds of law that sort of things it’s not really a hugely
expensive fix bearing houses are okay they just need some grease and what have
you and that we should then bring this whole steering mechanism into its most
efficient stage now think i’m getting excited about with that is once that’s
all handled and running properly then I can start looking out onto reassembling
the autohelm which one . we have gone from here so basically that all be floating on
bearings and that she will be very very nice and the mangroves he’s pretty stiff
because i’m going to in there so there’s a sense of urgency now this section here
is the actual writing posts and I can use that as an emergency tiller in the
event that the steering mechanism here breaks this is a 19 teeth 19-2 throck
‘it I seen that must be some sort of motorcycle chain or something so if that
did snap i could use this now you think it’d be easy enough to find another till
ahead to go on there but i was looking online probably what seemed like five
hours i cannot find a manufacturer of these what I what I know is either
rather heads or tell her heads the only ones I can find off a westerly yacht and
I don’t think the same so if anybody anywhere No those where you can buy these tiller
heads especially the square face ones will fit onto a post like that I would
be very interested to hear from me because i would like to have an
emergency tiller for the things do go wrong because as we know with boats
things do go wrong on a boat so that’s what we’re working on at the moment and
we’re in the process of getting all this sorted now

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  1. I love ur channel mate u and ktl r the best. I have gone from boat to inflatable to kayak and now i am going back to boat i hope to do some films in the summer

  2. We are really enjoying your videos. I especially like your attention to showing us details. This preperation, maintenance, and learning is so essential. Thank you for posting. You can see my sailing dreams and plans by clicking. I am still looking for the affordable boat. I am here on the Chesapeake Bay (northern part) in the states. There are alot of boats for sail but I am looking for an afordable used one which is capable of the ocean rigors. Thanks for your channel – yours 'sailing nervous'

  3. Hi its great to see that there are like minded boaters out there, who are grateful for the scenic content that the Broads hold. your vlogs have been very interesting. like the comments about hire craft and the damage they cause. Have a few stories of my own on that subject…..
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    Watch out for my boat called "Franic" I will chip you a wave or if moored a chat.

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    Best wishes. From Richard on board Fair Ambassador

  6. For a leaking coolant thermostat housing, I recommend getting a tube of Red Hermatite; applied thinly on both mating surfaces with a new gasket between them it has never been known to fail. Keep the tube in your toolbox and it will last for years.

  7. Hi, if the thermostat issue is still current you can try using a sheet of say 120 grit wet and dry on a flat surface such as a glass pane and rubbing the housing over it.It may take a little while but should be worth it. Also with patience its quite easy to make a suitable gasket from a cereal box. Simply smear some grease over the mating surface and press onto the card to leave a shape to cut around. The stud holes can be formed by using a small hammer and a 8mm drift or old stud against a solid surface. ( i've picked up a few tips after 40 years as a mechanic and 10 years as a yacht owner!) Good Luck, I've enjoyed watching your vids. I may get up to the Broads once I've got another 20 fenders!

  8. Hi if part is warped, take a piece of sand paper on glass, take part and do figure 8's with even pressure until its sanded flat, reinstall.

  9. Two years ago I bought a Westerly Tiger on Ebay and sailed it around Lands End to Falmouth and then on to Calais. At Calais I dropped the mast and entered the French canals and made a slow journey down through France to the Med. I can only say that France is beautiful with canals linking  rivers to the Rhone, you pass through unspoilt France. Take a bicycle and panniers to do shopping. It's not only cheap (120 Euro for the canals) but its so easy, interesting and stress free. Can't wait to do it again. The boat is now in Toulon. Sailing the Med is something else though.

  10. My brothers would fill the propane tank with water to the top, then drain it. This is how they would remove any gas from the tank. I picked up a couple 55 gallon drums to make a tove but it turns out the were used for vehicle truck bed coating. The have this super hard yellow transparent part B residue coating about 15 mm thick. I was upset at first but then it dawned on me to use them for rain catch barrels. I mean they are coated to resist rust, so it works out very good then.

    I noticed when I drive with my trucks RPM at or above 2000 RPM, I get only about 10 miles per gallon. Yes 10 miles per gallon. That would be driving 65 to 75 miles per hour. If however, I stay at 50 to 55 mph, that would be about 1700 RPM, I get almost 17 miles per gallon. Sometimes i have driven right at 50 mph and got upwards of 19 mpg.

    I am glad I found your channel.. subscribed. You have a Florida family now watching your channel.

  11. When I was an auto mechanic it was not too uncommon to get a warped thermostat housing. It is usually caused by overtorquing them by the previous installation. Sometimes you can file and level it on a piece of sandpaper on a flat surface while rotating it every few strokes to keep your hand pressure from sanding it more on one side than the other. Sometimes they can corrode through too, so it might be handy to fix the old part for a spare.

  12. Thank you very much for loading up these informative and interesting videos I have spent a day and evening watching them all and hope to follow your yourney in the future when you upload more :} I am studying for my rya cevni course so i can also cruise thru the french canals and rivers to the med Cheers Miles and happy sailing..

  13. You judge a boat by how clean the bilge is? Isn't that like judging a house by how clean the sump pump hole is?

  14. try looking at the water pipeline valve handles for an emergency tiller ?, looks to be a similar size, and they are square headed, if you see a Murphy van about, or any of that type of contractors, or even a thames / Anglican water van have a cracking with them, and maybe buy the lads a pint they will either give you a spare one, or let you know where you can get them from

  15. Next time this happens get a sheet of glass and valve grinding paste. Put the paste on the glass and rub the housing on the paste till its flat.

  16. It's a great life. I've lived aboard for almost 30 years and 20,000 ocean miles. Emily has a land tiny house background.

    We have a lot in common.

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