The world’s one and only black sand massage [Battle Trip / 2017.01.15]

The world’s one and only black sand massage [Battle Trip / 2017.01.15]

You don’t need to do anything. Just lie there. (They head to the seaside for a hot sand bath) What is the white smoke? It’s coming from the boiling underground water. Underground water boils up like that? It’s steam. – Look at that. It looks so cool. / – I know. It looks like a pressure cooker. You always talk about food. Rice please! – There’s the sea. / – It’s beautiful. Let’s run to the sea. (They both run towards the sea) – It’s the sea. / – I was so excited running. – It was really exciting. / – They are drunk. – It was so nice. / – I’m seeing something. Look at that. People are taking a hot sand bath down there. I see. They do it under the parasols. They look like No-Face. Only their faces are showing. Is that No-Face? – I was so warm. / – I really want to go there. – You will love it. / – I’ll go there. The place is great. – Is it real sand? / – Yes, it is. – Is it artificial sand? / – Not at all. – It’s all natural. / – It’s natural sand. – The sand is rough. / – You can feel it, right? Right? As the sand is coarse and it doesn’t stick to your body, you don’t need to worry about burning yourself. Really? (They politely greet the man first) They don’t dig the ground. We just lie down and they cover our bodies with sand. It’s very warm. – Is it warm? / – Yes! Really? This is very warm. Wait. Hang on. He’s already shoveling. Bye. What’s going on? It’s quite heavy. – Is it? / – Yes. Now I know how it feels to be buried. You should be careful. You should have listened to me. – I will pay you back. / – By when? – Tell me now. / – That really suits you. (Minkyoung is ready to be buried) – This is heavy. / – He’s really fast. Hang on. Isn’t it too high? – It’s not his fault. / – Is it a mountain or what? – Why is he piling so much on me? / – It’s a tomb. It looks like your grave. I’m warming my back. As the sand presses heavily against me, it feels like I’m in my own space. And the sky spreads wide before my eyes. We don’t get to spend much time looking up at the sky. – I know. / – When would we do this again? I can see the sun setting. – The sky is turning red. / – I want to hear Noel’s song. (“Proposal” by Noel) It’s hot. It’s too hot. My buttocks are burning. I’ll stand up. – Let’s stand up. / – I’ll go first. I’m getting up. Ready, go. – I can’t get up. / – Really? – Are you serious? / – Yes. I’m getting up. It looks like a scene from a movie. A mountain is moving. I think I saw this in a movie. Why did they… Wow. You look like a baby being born. – I was covered with a lot of sand. / – Terminator. I want to experience that. It turns out the baby was very big. Didn’t you say the sand wouldn’t stick to the skin? – My body is covered with sand. / – Raise your head. You got a beard on your chin. How did you get up so quick? The sand didn’t stick to my skin. How did you get up so quick? You can easily shake off the sand. Let me lie down on the sand for a moment. It looks like a picture on a calendar. Like at a soju bar. Let’s hang this one at the sweet potato soju place. – She’s digging up sweet potatoes. / – Like this. I’m digging up sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes. She’s looking for sweet potatoes. – She dug up a lot of sweet potatoes. / – July. I like hot springs. We should do something here. – Could it be? / – Could it? I love them. – It’s a boiled egg. / – Fish cake. That must be so delicious. – Sweet potato. / – The famous sweet potatoes. I felt so hot earlier, but now I’ve cooled down. I must say, I feel so energized. You can move your arms now. – My shoulders were stiff. / – Really? Yes. But it’s seriously… You look so pure and refreshed now. – Really? / – Please… Put those sparkly computer graphics around her along with the song that goes, “Starlight…” She really looks refreshed. – We’re workaholics. / – I know. Now with this… How amazing… Is that how this should be done? It’s easier to peel it this way. – How can the color be like this? / – My gosh. I know, right? It looks like it was grilled. Oh, my. It looks so shiny and soft. – It’s bouncy. / – It smells amazing. (Did she just swallow the whole thing?) Is it different from the stone-plate eggs? Did you eat the whole egg? – Of course. / – It’s finger food. Did you finish it already? It disappeared. It’s magic. – How is it? / – It doesn’t make me choke. – You ate a whole egg, though. / – I know. – Eat one more. / – It doesn’t make me choke at all. Is it because you swallowed the whole thing? (She might lay eggs soon at this rate) You’re eating them like quail eggs. I’m so happy. What should I do? – Isn’t it so delicious? / – It’s driving me crazy. Alright. Let’s wrap up the day… Wait, not yet. There’s one more thing left to do. – Really? Is there a grand finale? / – Yes. I’m loving this right now. There’s more? – Is it something even better? / – That’s right. Here’s to our dinner. – Cheers. / – Cheers. (Where’s the last destination of their drinking tour?) (A full course kaiseki) – It’s really high quality. / – It’s haute cuisine. – It’s a ryokan. / – Kaiseki is classy and expensive. – Yes. / – Right? It was my first time. – Welcome. / – Welcome. – This is so warm. / – You can probably tell… But this ryokan’s kaiseki dinner has been on the top spot for the last 32 years… – Among all kaiseki restaurants. / – In all of Japan? (They only use Kagoshima’s local delicacies) – Kagoshima has great places. / – From pork to fish… – It has everything. / – Everything is like a work of art. – It’s been the top for 32 years? / – Yes. (A full course dinner is about $130 per person) Am I supposed to dip it in soy sauce? Soup. – Soup? / – Yes. – I want rice. / – No, it’s soup. – Soup is served first. / – I see. Rice, please. – Is that rice? / – She kept asking for rice. – Rice? / – That means rice. She’s about to cry. Like, “Please stop.” – Black pork. / – It’s Kagoshima’s local specialty. – I see. / – It’s the local specialty. – It looks amazing. / – Oh, my. – Black. / – At this point… We should open the liquor… We brought. – The one we bought earlier? / – Yes. – It’ll be quite strong. / – Also… You remember the street we visited yesterday, right? I have the thing we bought there. The shot glass. – Are you confident? / – It’s so much fun. Look at this, Minkyoung. – What’s that? / – It’s a shot glass. Look. – You can’t put it down since it’s round. / – What? I’ll show you what happens. This is what happens. If this gets wet, you’ll have to drink two shots. Oh, my. This is… – Looks like a spinning top. / – How did they think of it? Yes. Just in case… – I’ll do this. / – What are you doing? – Just in case, you know. / – Gosh. I can tell that you’ve done it many times. Hold on. Let’s dilute it a bit. – Yes, mix it. / – It has to be diluted. I’ll mix the liquor with water. We’re at a classy restaurant, but… – What are you doing right now? / – I have to mix it. – My gosh. / – It’s so cool. I can’t take my finger off the hole. I’m in trouble. – You can’t put it down. / – Alright. Let’s put it down when it’s empty. See? It’s so strong. It’s delicious. – I’m really enjoying this. / – My gosh. It’s so flavorful. It’s a Chinese white shrimp. This is the Chinese white shrimp? This must be the main dish. (She consumes the drink’s accompaniments too) – That was good. / – It’s shrimp. – Oh, really? / – She rolled up her sleeve. – Oh, my. / – My gosh. (The alcohol keeps going in) You guys are drunk. They’ve finally gotten close. It’d be amazing to go there with co-workers… – To get drunk and have fun. / – Definitely. – No, no. / – It’s the best. (The only thing that can stop them…) (It’s rice!) (Rice is finally served) Thank you. This is the first time you thanked her. (Rice is finally served after the long wait) This dish completes the whole meal. The steamed egg dish from earlier. (Rice is the best food to sober up) For our drinking tour today… – Japan is famous for liquors. / – Yes. So I wanted to show you many things. I’m glad that we were able to restore our strength… – And boost circulation too. / – Yes, you’re right. I wanted you to experience things like that. Today was so dynamic. – You think so? / – Yes. Let’s do many variety shows. I get too nervous. – Before we wrap up. / – Yes? Let’s chant the slogan we came up with. Sure. I like that slogan. I’ll go first. Kagoshima… Kagoshipjiminkyoung. They’re totally drunk. I had so much fun. – I’m so happy. / – That was nice. Gosh, I was so happy during the trip. – But… / – I admit, that was great. I’m sorry, but our viewers who can’t drink… – Yeah! / – Not everyone likes to drink. You remember the sweet potato beer, right? That really tasted like a refreshing beverage. It was like a sparkling beverage. That’s how you get drunk. Then, you can just drink soda. Do you really want to be all serious and no fun when you’re abroad? You don’t need to be like that. – You should let yourself have fun… / – Yeah. Don’t be afraid to show a different side of you. – The hot black sand bath. / – Yes. – The hot sand bath. / – The hot sand bath. The scenery was amazing. – Oh, my. Seriously. / – The scenery was… Just being there seemed like a healing experience. – Admiring the scenery was soothing. / – That’s right. As soon as we got off the car, I went, “What is this?” – I was surprised because… / – Yes? I felt like someone was spraying mist on my face. – Steam. / – What? – Because of the hot spring. / – The steam… – Was blowing on my face. / – Oh, my goodness. Even though the hot spring was quite far away. – We did this as we walked. / – For real. I’m worried that your trip might be too expensive. – So… / – Right. This is the most important part. What is it? Now, they have to reveal their expenses. They did eat a lot of expensive food. Also, Minkyoung ate too much. – I’m sorry. / – Not counting the airline tickets… How much did you spend over the 3 days? For 3 days in total… – We… / – I ate a lot, everyone. The total amount we spent in Kagoshima is… How much was it per person? $438! Isn’t it amazing? – That’s way too much. / – We were there for 3 days. – For 2 nights? / – Together, they spent $1,000. – Hold on a second. / – Do you think that’s a lot? – But… / – We ate that much. Wait. Your average worker can’t afford this trip! From November this year to January 31st of next year, Kagoshima is providing transportation support to visitors. – You have to go during that time. / – Exactly. You can rent a car or take a taxi. If you stay in Kagoshima for even just one night… – You can get support up to $50. / – $50? The city will give you $50. – They give $50 to visitors? / – Yes, exactly. There’s one last thing I want to say. It’s okay even if we don’t get that many votes. But please make sure to visit. It’s awesome. I appreciate comments like that. – Alright. Shall we vote now? / – Let’s do it. Would you go to Kagoshima following Kagoshipjiminkyoung tour? Please vote. (Jimin and Minkyoung designed a trip to Kagoshima) (What will be the judges’ vote?) – Black pork and sweet potato soju. / – 75? You can cure your hangover with the hot sand bath. – It’s such a healing destination. / – It’s the best. – How many judges have packed… / – I’m curious. Their bags for this trip? What’s the result? – They’re very objective. / – Really? – Out of the 100 judges… / – Are they that cold? – I think they’ll get 75 votes. / – Show us the last digit. – Kagoshipjiminkyoung. / – Last digit. – It’ll be 50 something. / – It’s 6. – 76. / – The last digit is 6. – 86. / – Please, let it be 86. – I think it’ll be 56. / – 86. – No! / – Will it be 6 or 7… – Seven. / – That’s it. – Please, let it be 86. / – 8! 8! – No! / – 6, 7! – Seven. / – That’s it. – We got 76 votes. / – I didn’t expect this. – It was money. / – It was too expensive. You got 76 votes. Please raise your hand. – That’s a lot of votes. / – Kagoshipjiminkyoung… Got 76 votes in total. – I thought we’d get more. / – Me too. This result means that you 2 will probably get 40 something… – You’re in trouble. / – 40 something votes. People in their 40s would love it. Older people would like this. – Everyone, next week… / – We’re going to Guilin. Please look forward to our trip!

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  1. for those wondering the sand baths can be done in the ibusuki area of Kagoshima prefecture japan 🙂 (currently calling this area home, and the sand baths are awesome– suggest doing when the air is cool; night or autumn time)

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