In 2007 a sinkhole formed in Guatemala deep
enough to hold two Statue’s of Liberty. And the Kimberly Diamond Mine took more than
40 years to make, and is the deepest hole ever dug by hand. But, are these the biggest and best holes
of all time? To find out more, all aboard the BOAT. Drainage holes like these help evacuate water
when it gets dangerously close to the top of a dam or a road. Now, normally, they look
like this, but when the water level rises, they become giant holes in the earth. When the ground around a drilling rig in Darvaza
Turkmenistan collapsed, geologists lit the earth’s leaking gas on fire so it wouldn’t
spread to villages. They thought it would run out of fuel in a few hours, but, today,
40 years later, this fiery hole now known as “The Door to Hell” continues to burn. But we’ve been closer to Hell. The Kola Superdeep
Borehole in Russia is the deepest hole mankind has ever drilled. It reaches down 7.6 miles
and was abandoned when scientists found that temperatures that far down are nearly twice
as hot as expected, almost 400 degrees fahrenheit. Abandoned boreholes are pretty freaky, especially
when people can just go right up to them and throw rocks down them for a very, very long
fall. Devil’s Kettle was fictionalized in “Jennifer’s
Body,” but its bizarreness is very real. In Minnesota, a river is split in two, and half of
the river disappears down a sinkhole. What’s nuts is that, to this day, no one knows where
the water goes, or where the Devil’s Kettle leads. Colorful dyes and other objects dropped
into it have never been found again. But let’s talk about pretty holes. Blue Holes: These underwater sinkholes go
down nearly vertically and the largest, Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahamas, is great for diving
and plunges more than two Football field lengths, straight down. I leave you with Trypophobia: The fear of
holes. It’s a natural human instinct that make things like Lotus Seed Pods look icky,
and photoshops like this terrifying. Be sure to subscribe to Vsauce2 for more,
click on any of these to view other episodes of BOAT, and, as always, thanks for watching.

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  1. 1:46 this is my phobia. Im friggin terrified of holes underwater like this. Its like something monstrous might come out of it any second, or i might fall into it and descend into pitch darkness…

  2. Find the z
    Did you find it? Like if you agree

  3. As soon as I saw the word "trypophobia", I killed the video because there is no way that I am going to watch whatever you stick on the screen after that word.

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