100 thoughts on “The whole of EDEXCEL Chemistry Paper 2 or C2 in only 47 minutes. 9-1 GCSE Science Revision

  1. I know it's good to have a theme on your channel but do u not think its a bit weird calling your year 11 viewers kittens?

  2. back here after watching the chemistry video on monday night for revision and almost all of the video had the answers!

  3. I wish everyone all the best for the gcse today 😀 i hope it is worth revising úp to this point (02:30 am )

  4. I have watched rhis video all night. I can basocally recite it. Please God let it go well and ve worth the lack of sleep

  5. so i'm trying to cram in some last revision before this exam, and all i get is un-skippable 5 minute long ads? wtf

  6. thanks so much for this video. I just had my chemistry exam, and if it wasn't for this video then I would have found it really difficult, but I actually found it good, so thank you!

  7. Is this information is correct? at 2:26 minutes, you said as we will go up in the group it will be more reactive and least reactive if we will go down in the group. I think it is wrong. Will you check this? Please.

  8. When it says that the rest is 'Chemistry only' is this still combined science or is it triple? And is it suitable for foundation students? sorry, just a bit confused x

  9. For the bond energy calculations (21:50) are they going to give us the balanced equation and the stick diagram?

  10. You are just amazing, so kind and calm and it is easy to follow along, there is no long sections, it’s all bullet point information. You have helped me so much – especially in chemistry and physics!!! Thank you.

  11. long live the 2019 GCSE students who were assaulted and died somewhat bravely in the face of these awful exams 😢😢

  12. I cringed at one of your first displays. NOBEL, please, is a prestigious scientific award. NOBLE describes group 8 gases. Well, at least you didn't call them inert….

  13. i didnt get the whatsapp glue thing… was it supposed to be a joke cuz if she being serious then i honestly feel sorry for her… great video though, i have hope for chem now!

  14. I have mocks in about a week it doesn’t say what paper just says chemistry combined science higher so do you think the paper is going to be on paper 2

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