100 thoughts on “The Weirdest Children’s Channel On YouTube

  1. So I got Danny’s slime song stuck in my head (cause it’s dope) and I came here hoping the source would help me get rid of it somehow.

  2. Why does Collins make no sense and just spits out random nonsense. The unicorn horn cringed me out too much, sorry Keepersquad!

  3. I watched Collins key when I was little and I haven’t fucking grown since you were right… I fucken 4ft 11 I’m screwed

  4. At first , i was upset but after watching the video, i realize that it doesn't make sense Thank you for making this video ☺ but im a little bit sad😞.

  5. I think u have too much ALLERGY in your mind …..like roasting someone isn't good …so you may guess that who am I and why did I wrote those thing's .this vid has made me like dyeing from 😡😠 and 😢😢

  6. Me and my friend used to make fun of this girl at our church for watching Collins Key on her Flip phone with cheap minion headphones

  7. I used to watch this channel up until I was 8. I’m 13 now, and I’m 4’9. Only if I got to Danny’s videos sooner, maybe I wouldn’t have shrunk. 🌝

  8. I used to watch him when I had no idea what I was doing with my life, and his content used to be not bad for the most part.

    Aaaaaaand now it's on drugs.

  9. I feel really bad for Devin in these videos lol
    The clips we saw, he’s just sorta casually reacting to the shit Collins does

  10. I used to watch collins key when i was you and he used to be pretty annoying but jesus to the fucking christ I can't watch one video without giving him a death threat

  11. Danny you could know Collins cause you know Thomas sanders and Thomas knows gabbie Hanna and she knows joey graceffa and he knows Brent Rivera and he knows Collins

  12. dude. my brother watches this dude ALL THE FUCKING TIME. i’ll be just having a good day and i hear this dude just start screaming like hes fucking dying coming from my brothers phone. i hate this guy. WHY. WHY are you screaming why are you screaming shut the fuck up collin s.

  13. Collins: puts on unicorn horn
    Me: no you will not insult unicorns unicorns are way better than you Collins!

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