The truth about Chris Hemsworth’s Thor fat suit 😂| The Graham Norton Show – BBC

The truth about Chris Hemsworth’s Thor fat suit 😂| The Graham Norton Show – BBC

we weren’t able to talk about it then
but now we can talk about poor old Thor yeah in that film he sort of he did eat
his feelings definitely ate his way through his emotions but that you
didn’t do that oh no that was my full Raging Bull Oscar attempt I mean it’s a
fat suit lose it now as much remarkable thing
it’s a yeah oh good it’s a prosthetic like takes kind of thing which literally
I would slip into it weighed about 60 70 pounds was that 30 40 kilograms with a
zip up the back and they’re taking photos of my body and then every littles
proved the hair or freckle or whatever the hell that was on that thing it was
that’s my body in in like six months time like Thor was depressed but we was
it depressing walk for you walk here mind like that I was so much fun treat
you differently a sitting down yeah every time I step toward the catering
truck they were like no no no no we were we were doing an interview yesterday and
the journal it for Good Omens and the journalist said ask me were you wearing
a fat suit for it this doesn’t zipper Bucci she did him afraid she didn’t
really recover from that moment did you get the pregnant lady thing where people
want to touch your stomach got a lot of cuddles I’ve had she’s had three kids
and often you know they’re pregnant like the belly rub this would market and
Robert Downey got me a fair share everyone wanted to cuddle me I felt like
Santa Claus you know yeah you sort of Avengers on my lap from time to time

100 thoughts on “The truth about Chris Hemsworth’s Thor fat suit 😂| The Graham Norton Show – BBC

  1. the movie and marvel fkd the character of hulk and thor. talking toon hulk and fat farty thor. marvel is a kindergarden joke.

  2. WHAT! holy crap, watch from 0:00 to 0:19 and put captions on/subtitles and at the end of the sentences it says pussy XD! The BBC been hacked!

  3. Three of the best looking men on a couch together, oh my lord <3 <3 I must say too, I love how cute Michael Sheen has gotten, he looked gorgeous in Masters of Sex but now that he's turned into soft boy Aziraphale ™ he looks positively adorable, also, I loved the hair and makeup that Chris had in endgame, very Viking and fancy 🙂

  4. Michael 😥 god he is lovely and deserves everything. All the sushi and crepes he could love, dear Azriaphale

  5. When Rocket and Hulk stepped into that cottage it gave me the scare of my life to see Thor, I honestly gave a full-body flinch at the cinema

  6. I always thought that he had a fat suit underneath his clothes and armor, and that him shirtless was his head being cgi-ed onto an actual obese extra. The technical aspects for this practical effect is completely flawless!!!

  7. My wife was so disappointed . I force her to see the movie then she sees him and he looks just like me with my shirt off . Well at least it give me motivation to lose weight maybe i look like him underneath?

  8. Has anybody not talked about that interviewer? Like….we get it. Aziraphale is soft, that's why we love him. He is a unique angel, he is himself, but why on God's green earth, did someone ask Michael Sheen, if he wore a fat suit?! To me, just in my view, that seems quite rude to ask that. Am I the only one who thinks this?

  9. How can such a great guy land on such shitty movies like the new Ghostbusters, the new MIB and Thor: Love and Thunder?

  10. Thor looks like the king/god of hot buff hunky man meat huge strong muscular handsome cute daddy beef muscle bears. I just wanna suck that D and then lick his @$$ and then k*ss his neck and shoulders and then put my head between them fat thighs. 💦🔥😍

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