The Time I Almost Killed My Dog

The Time I Almost Killed My Dog

– So, I have a Pomeranian. His name is Jax. 14 years ago, I thought I was
going to lose him forever. So, he was a puppy, I was a little kid, and we were taking a road trip. My parents were driving. I was staying in the backseat. His head was out the window. The wind was blowing through his hair, and then suddenly, the wind
just carried him out the window. Oh my god, Jax! I thought my dog was gone. And I don’t know if you’ve ever, if you ever seen that movie White Chicks, it was pretty much like literally like that scene in that movie. At this point, I’m crying. My mom is screaming. My dad’s trying not to crash the car. But it turned out he
was still on his leash, and I look outside, Jax is just loving it. I’m holding onto his leash, and he’s just smiling the whole time as the wind is blowing
against the side of the car. If I wasn’t holding onto
him, he would’ve been gone. I managed to reel him back in. He made it back safely. He didn’t even realize that
he was in so much danger. Even though he’s a lot bigger
now, super protective of him. If your dog is one pound and
he’s staring out the window, hold onto him, please. (giggles) (cheerful music) (swooshing)

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  1. This is my last YouTube comment I'm taking a break for a while to improve my communication strategies. YouTube comments are toxic environment their tiresome

  2. Omg I relate to this. I have two Yorkies and one of them is a teacup yorkie(she's about 2 lbs). They always trying to jump out car window when they see flashing traffic lights or other dogs. I have to crack the window halfway so they don't jump out 😅

  3. Dogs LOVE to hang out the window and a similar fate can befall then regardless of size, keep your windows rolled mostly UP (you can always wash the window later), or just keep your hands on the leash and stay vigilant the entire time! My sister was an emergency medical tech and she had some awful stories to tell about pets who jumped out of those windows or out the beds of trucks.

  4. When my friend was three she fed her dog rocks, and then her dog died, so basically my friend "accidentally" killed her dog XD

  5. My dog got so caught up in BBQ air she fell out the window rolled and skitted across like 5 ft then stopped my mom screaming my dad trying not to run over the dog and my brothers in shock and my mom was trying to jump out the moving car but it was locked and my dad was gonna leave her. She survived and this was 2 months ago

  6. Ironic thing is, my dog almost fell off the car from looking out the window but I caught him from his sides. Hos name is Jax too.

  7. And this is why I like big dogs more. I mean, they sure have an equal chance of dying if they're out of the car, but a bigger dog isn't going to be carried away by the frikken' wind! No hate, I've always been a big dog person. Little dogs are okay and a lot of people like them, but they're not my thing.

  8. I have 3 dogs but here one of my stories so I have a shitzu and she was small baby’s like 2 pounds and I was walking her and I dropped my phone so I picked it up and forgot to hold the leash and she starts booking it and then some guy had his garage open so she just ran in and I couldn’t find her and the guy came it like “WHY ARE YOU IN MY GARAGE” and I go “MY DOGS I. HERE She Ran herhksbsjs” and then she just pops out and walks to me and SITS

  9. This happened to my cocker spaniel when I was about 7. I always told my dad I would tell him if my dog fell out the window. He always said it would never happen, but one day it did! Also, is it bad that I was dying laughing at this?

  10. I almost killed my dog once , he was tied to the back of a van thing you sleep in or something and we forgot to take him off and we started driving,it was very very slow though ,thank god this lady came up to us and told us ,we did not put him there again.
    He is safe and he has not been hurt again 😁

  11. My dog didn't jump out of a moving car but he did jump out a window not being aware that he could have broken a leg. But he was just smiling the whole time….. dogs have crazy minds.
    My profile picture is him.

  12. Good thing the dog flying out the window in White Chicks wasn't real.
    Was it.

  13. One time I found a dog on a road where people drive really fast and so we took him to our car and he got really excited and was looking around everywhere and tried to jump out a closed window

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