The Simpsons’ Grilled Crayon Sandwich ft. Binging With Babish

The Simpsons’ Grilled Crayon Sandwich ft. Binging With Babish

Sorry, Ralphie, the bake-off
rejected your recipe.
I think your grilled crayon
sandwich was delicious.
You only had
a pretend bite.
No, I’m eating it. Look.Mmm. Uhm…( grunts )Can you taste
the thumb tacks?
Ah, crap.Andrew:
Hey, what’s up, guys?
Welcome back to
“Binging With Babish,”
and also, Rhett and Link.Today I’m in the “Good
Mythical Morning” kitchen
and these guys are gonna
give me a hand or an arm–
specifically two arms.Yeah, this is not
gonna go well.
Today, we’re gonna be cooking
with an irresponsible amount
of children’s art supplies,and testing the limits
of the term “non-toxic”
with Ralph Wiggum’s
grilled crayon sandwich
from season 15
of “The Simpsons.”
Just like any grilled sandwich,
our crayon version
is going to be built
from the bread up.
What a big bread. Andrew:
Care– careful now. – Rhett: Give me the knife?
– Link: There you go. – Andrew: Oh.
– Link: Here’s the knife. Andrew:We’ve opted for
a rustic sturdy country loaf
from a local bakery
that’s really going to stand up
to all this melted wax.
It looks like Ralph
uses a store-bought
white pullman loaf
in the episode.
– Link:
I’m trying to hold it tight.
– Andrew: Use your strength. Oh, God.
Watch your fingers.But he was also laughed out
of the oven fresh bake-off,
and I think we can do better.We’re going to spread
a good amount
of quality mayonnaise
on each side of the bread.
The biggest problem with
eating melted crayons
is that all the wax gets stuck
in the back of your throat.
Okay, that’s excessive.So the mayo is just there
to help everything
go down smoothly.
Link: When in doubt,
spread it out.Then we’re gonna hit the bread
with a little bit of Dijon,
use some really excellent
horseradish-y stuff.
Crayons have a relatively
neutral flavor
and they tend to coat
the palette
in a similar way to fat.So any acid or spice you addis really going to carry
the dish.
You guys are working
so good together. Link: Oh, yeah. You don’t
want too much mustard. Rhett: Yeah, a little mustard
goes a long way. Link: You don’t want it
to overpower the mayo. Crayons.Now, and I can’t
stress to you
how uncharted
this territory is to me,
we need to pick out
a few good ripe crayons.
Color isn’t really important,
just follow your heart
and you use whatever combo
speaks to you in the moment.
Work as a team.We’re going to follow
the scheme from the episode,
which looks to be
bright yellow,
orange, red,
light blue, lavender,
and what’s that last one?
Fuchsia? Coral?
Can you guys tell?– Link: No.
– Rhett: Green. – ( snorts )
– Colors.We’ll just call it pink.When it comes to crayons,
you have two options–
skinless or skin on.Purists are gonna say
skin on,
and that’s how it appears
in the episode,
but for taste purposes,
we’re gonna go ahead
and peel the crayons.It’s really weird
to hear your voice-over while this is clearly
in your mouth. Yeah, yeah.Once you have 20 or so
crayons peeled,
place those as evenly
as you can
on top of your bread
smeared with mayonnaise.
– That fits beautifully.
– Link: Mm-hmm. – It looks great.
– It looks delicious. Link:
It looks like a rainbow.We’re gonna give it
a light sprinkle
of coarse-ground sea salt…Link:
Double salt, bae?…because, I mean,
who knows
why we do anything
anymore, right?
Just put the other slice
of bread on top.
Heat an ungodly amount
of salted butter
in a heavy bottomed skillet
over medium heat
for about a minute
until the solids
start to separate.Link: Ooh!
You just burnt my arm.The brown butter
is an attempt
to make you forget
that you’re eating
a bunch of crayons.It will not work.
Like, at all.
– Watch your hand.
– Do we want some mayo? No, God.Put the sandwich on the pan.You want to really press
your spatula
on top of the sandwich
to drive it
into the direct heatand make sure
the entire surface area
of the bread
gets nice and toasty.
Don’t worry about melting
your crayons
all the way through.You can leave
a few undercooked
to add textural contrast.We need to flip.
We need to flip. – Rhett: Okay.
– Link: Okay. Oh, boy, here we go.Flip the sandwich
after about five minutes
and continue cooking
for an additional five.
– Link: One.
– Andrew: Oh, you guys
are geniuses. – Or I’m a genius,
I guess, because–
– Link: Oh, no! – Rhett:
No, no, no, no.
– Link: Oh! Oh! Andrew:
Most of them–Pull the sandwich
off the heat
and let it rest
for a few minutes
before you eat it.
Now, there is one more element
to Ralph’s grilled
crayon sandwich
and that is thumb tacks.Yeah, no,
I didn’t think so.
Well, let’s eat this thing,
and may the food Gods
have mercy on our souls.Mm-mmm. – Yeah.
– You guys earned this. Mm. Mm. Really tasting
that color. It said non-toxic on ’em.
I think that means edible. Are you guys
swallowing this? – Are you?
– I don’t think so. Link:Put a hat on it.A GMM hat to be exact.Get one at

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  1. I guess they really wanted to taste the rainbow lol I've watched a few of your videos and was interested in the channel so I suppose subscribed to it

  2. I have the same non-stick pan they used and it hurt to watch them use a metal spatula on it… i NEVER use metal on a non-stick pan because thats how to absolutely destroy it.

  3. I love that years of conditioning have made R&L immune to the strangeness of the sandwich and they eat it unflinchingly, but Babish, untrained in culinary dark arts, gags the moment he bites

  4. When I was a kid I was stoked for the crossover on Disney and Nickelodeon. Now all I watch I YouTube and two of my favorite channels merged.

  5. The problem is there were no marines judging the sandwich. If Marines had it they would rate it a solid Chesty Puller put of Gagglefuck.

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