THE RUBY PLAYBUTTON / YouTube 50 Mil Sub Reward Unbox

THE RUBY PLAYBUTTON / YouTube 50 Mil Sub Reward Unbox

I’m very excited today. Oh boy am I excited! Why am I excited, Danny DeVito?
[Tell Us King pewds] Oh I’ll tell you [whispers] *throws Danny DeVito* That’s right. YouTube sent me *Felix tries to teleport object but in the process thinks about his life choices* A Shit 50 Million Play Button Let’s- it’s too big to fit the office so I’m just gonna take you with me Look how big that box is [Wow thats huge] I cant even fit it through God damn it. There’s 2 boxes! I wonder what’s inside? [Maybe some cats o_O] Ohhhh, Im nervous A guy flew in from New York, just with this package, delivering it to me You know what it is cause, you read the title I DON’T KNOW WHAT IT IS I’M SO NERVOUS Im SHAKING! I don’t know what it is with packages, that is so f*cking exciting I really wish I could just be an unboxing channel, that would just be so much fun Okay. Should we start with the small one? It’s so late. I usually don’t record this late, but I’m- I can’t wait any longer okay The small one, has a bunch of garbage in it What the hell is this? Is this the 50 golden playbuttons I asked for? OH You see THAT? Thats – The Brofist It’s a little smaller than expected, i guess Wait… what’s in the other one? What the- What the fuck? Is this… It’s this tiny little brofist This is not what I- I don’t mean to sound ungrateful – but… What the hell is this? Surely one of them is different WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS? IT’S ALL BROFISTS AHHH *I’m cursed in brofists hell* LET’S OPEN THE BIG ONE, JESUS CHRIST IT’S HEAVY Okay, alright Here we go, here we go We got… Foam [Useless] WHOAAAA *whispers* Oh my god its so cool Woah *music starts* Its in wood Its in wood guys Oh it feels amazing. This is like different texture than this. OH – I would rub my body all over this Are you guys- are you guys ready? I’M NERVOUS, I’M SHAKING I don’t usually get excited But when you get a package this size You know when I was a small channel, I dreamt of Youtube, doing something like this This is a weird, weird dream come true okay Oh my god how deep is this? argh God Damnit. ARHHH HOLY SHIT GUYS, OH MY GOD HOLY SHIT OH MY GOD YOU WON´T BELIEVE THIS [ruffles] Look how much bubblewrap! [LE CRUNCH OF BUBBLE WRAP] OH [More crushing bubble wraps from pewdiepie] AH! Hours of entertainment. [MOAR NOISE] Let´s open the box. OH MY GOD -IT´S- FUCK AH JESUS [Moaning] IT´S- OOH! It´s so fucking heavy. [Swedish warrior groan] I CAN BARELY HOLD IT LIKE THAT I mean, I have the muscles, ok. First of all *Awkward silence* [burps] I mean -sorry- First of all we did this. That´s right. I´m talking to you right now. We did this together. Me and my bros Starting off, In my tiny, shitty, fucking flat in Sweden Just falling in love… with making videos. And falling in love with… with you bros And it sounds a lil´ cheesy but… [silence] [Said something] I was excited when we hit 30 subs… And I loved it ever since Thank you for subscribing to my channel. THANK YOU! We did this. Now let´s open it together. By me doing all the work. AHHHH We still got nothing, okay… Here we go… I´M NERVOUS WHOAH! OOOH SHIT! Okay… I see now about the first part… [groans from excitement] ¨Congratulations PewDiePie 50 Million Subscribers!¨ Holy shit… It looks like a giant- it´s supposed to be a ruby… but it looks like those popsicles that you suck on. I will suck you on you- I mean this. Ah that’s cool! Look at this! It’s got the brofist! It´s a custom That’s really fucking cool… AN EXCLUSIVE, ULTRA RARE! It smells- It smells lovely. Now, YouTube has a way where you can see who’s your long- longest lasting subscribers that is still active. You know. I’m gonna reach out to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6- I’m so glad they did this. -seven. Seven of you bros, I’m gonna send-out to my oldest, and most active subscribers Because you guys made this possible, just as much as I did. That really means a lot to me… and I wanna honor that. So I’m really happy that they send these out. That’s really sweet! I’ve got one more… That I’ll give away, if you leave a comment. And, a message. That I´ll appreciate. And like, idk. Why not? Why not beg for likes. I know i shit alot on youtube. And I don’t want it to seem like just cause they did this for me *uhm* *processing* Like all the problems has gone away Just taking all that aside for a minute, YouTube really has given me everything It’s given me so many opportunities Uh It’s… made my life from being in a very, terrible place… …to an amazing life that I could never have even dreamed of having. Um, it’s thanks to you bros, but without YouTube none of this would have happened and I don’t want to take that for granted I don’t want to seem ungrateful in that way YouTube really has given me… so much And it’s just been an incredible journey that I’ll never, ever forget I am incredibly proud of reaching 50 million subscribers I’m proud of so many people, um, it’s not just me, this is not just me I don’t want it to seem like that way I want, I just, I, I owe a big thanks, to YouTube, thank you. “Congratulations PewDiePie 50 million subscribers.” So it has my YouTube logo. And the brofist is coming out of it. It looks fucking awesome. What if I drop it and break it? That’d be, *laugh* Let’s not do that Oooh my God There it is Ooooh yeah Oooh, uhh, it’s, it’s so heavy I’m so scared of dropping it. I would suck it, I would suck it if I could It looks like one of those popsicles y’know Is that weird? Okay. Remember, you get a chance to win one of these, they’re really cool There’s only 8 of them. I’ll si-, I’ll sign the, I’ll sign the bottom of it I’m gonna give out to you bros who supported me from the beginning. And just finally, from the bottom of my heart Thank you

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  1. I'm so happy to be here to witness this unboxing (I'm not great with words so sorry if I sound odd) I remember back at 60 or 70 million when me and my friend would be saying this is the person to reach 100m your at 99 million but I know you'll make it so keep going and if youll stop making videos illl stop watching YouTube YouTube just wouldntbbe the same without you. From a girl who lives in Ireland (I sound so cringe but I meant all of it I'm not saying this to get the ruby thing I'm saying this because i mean it i just hope you'll see this)❤❤❤



  3. 100k:Silver Play Button
    1M:Gold Play Button
    10M:Diamond Play Button
    50M:Ruby Play Button
    100M:Marzia Play Button

  4. 100k:sliver play button

    1mil:gold play button

    10mil: diamond play button

    50mil: ruby play button

    100mil: an emerald statute of joergen (gone but never forgotten)

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