The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.93 (2015.09.06)

The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.93 (2015.09.06)

48 hours have begun again. – Seoeon, Seojun. / – Yes? Come over here. Yes, yes! (The twins run to their dad) Come here. Puppies are coming. – Should I ask them to come? / – Yes. You’re going to take a good care of them? – This way. / – Huh? This way. – You want to go out? / – Yes. Aren’t we going out? – Are you asking if we are going out? / – Yes. We’re going out. – Are we? / – Yes, we are. With our shoes on… What? Are we really going out? With our shoes on… What? Are we really going out? Yes, we’re really going out. Your speaking skills have improved a lot. (It all began as just babbling) What? What’s this? That? That’s no. 3. No! No! Seoeon, over there! Over there, go! Seoeon, do you see the ant over there? Do you see the ant? No. Bad boy! Bad boy! Bad boy? With our shoes on… What? Are we really going out? Seojun, what does your mom call me? Honey! Yes, another one. Darling! (So cute!) Isn’t Seojun like a daughter? Seojun, are you our son or daughter? I’m a daughter. Are you? See? I told you. – Seosun. / – Huh? Who’s Seosun? You are Seojun, right? Lee Seojun! Yes! What’s your brother’s name? Lee Seoeon! – Seojun. / – Seojun. I don’t know. You don’t know? Say darling. Darling! He’s like a girl. Say darling. Darling! Stop asking him to say that! Let’s just have another daughter. Mom! (Seoeon is naked!) (Showing off his body) Seoeon, what did you do? – Mom! / – Yes? (I want to be naked too) – Help him get his shirt off. / – Okay. – Help him. / – Yes. – Help me. / – Help him. Good. (Seoeon helps Seojun with this shirt) Good. Get his head out. Good. You’re so good. Help him from the back. – Here? / – Yes. (Seoeon helps him step by step) No, no. All done. – Say thank you. / -Thank you. (Even the arm) (Done undressing!) Good job. (The twins are totally naked now) (So cute!) Put it through his legs, Seoeon. Put his feet in. Put the diaper on him.. Yes, put it on Seojun. Done. Seoeon, hold Seojun. Seojun, go get Seoeon. Come here, Lee Seoeon! Come here. Get over here. Hey! (I’m a wildman) Hey! (Seoeon’s good at escaping daddy’s grasp) Come here! Hey! Lee Seojun! No, stop it now! Hey, stop! Stop it! (So cute) Thunder power! Thunder power! Thunder power! Thunder power! (Hwijae manages to catch him) Come here. – Where is he going? / – Why are you running away? Lee Seoeon, no! (Hwijae’s getting tired at this endless hide-and-seek) (Catch me!) (Seoeon is like a marathon runner) (He’s tummy makes him handsome) (He waits for his tired dad) (So close to getting caught) (Seoeon knows how to play hard-to-get) (You’re doing good, Seoeon!) (Seoeon finally got caught) (Taking it off again?) Hey! Geez… Honey, hold one. – Honey! / – Just let them run. No… – What? / – Let them run. – Just let them run? / – They’ll listen after they run. – Seojun, how many more laps? / – Huh? – How many more laps before getting dressed? / – 7. 7 laps? Okay, go ahead. – How about you Seoeon? / – 2. – 2? / – Yes. The Return of Superman. Chapter 93. “The Fancy Outing.” Let’s go. Wow! Hurry up. Seojun, come here. Seojun, you look like an athlete. How cool. This must be it. Let’s go in. Seojun, come! There are so many dogs! The twins have dressed up to come to this place. It’s a pet cafe where cute animals run around. Will the twins befriend the dogs here? – What’s that? / – What? What’s that? What does it seem like? A dog? No. Then what does it seem like? – Oh, a gorilla? / – Yes. It’s also a dog. What about this guy? Is it a dog? Roar! – A lion? / – Yes. It looks like a lion? – Roar. / – A lion? – Yes. / – A lion! Take the lion out. Let’s go outside! (Stomping) Doggy. (Come!) Doggy! Doggy! Doggy! Eat a lot. Doggy! (Why doesn’t it come here?) (Don’t go!) Look at Seoeon. He must really love dogs. Doggy! Doggy! Huh? Doggy… (Rubbing) – Hello. / – What? (The doggy is back) Doggy! (Seoeon loves dogs just like his dad) (Meanwhile, Seojun…) (Getting lots of love from a dog) (Do you like me that much?) (Running away) (Play with me!) (You’re a little too much!) (This dog loves Seojun) (Seojun says no!) Cello! Balshwe! Cello! Balshwe! – Should we give them a bath? / – Yes. Let’s wash them here. You try, Seoeon. Good. Rub and wipe them. (How refreshing) Be careful. (You need to be washed more!) (This is enough) (Lastly, drying the hair) You’re almost done. Good. The triplets are taking on a special challenge. – ‘The baby bus…’ / – ‘Hey!’ – ‘Is heading out…’ / – ‘Hey!’ ‘Vroom vroom its racing along’ ‘All over the neighborhood’ ‘It goes vroom every day’ ‘Hey!’ ‘There’s a fire, call the fire truck’ ‘The car is flying…’ (This is hopeless) Daehan! You’re bad at singing just like your old man. I can sing well! (I can sing well!) (So cute) Daehan, will you get on the police boat? No, I’m getting on the big boat. The pirate ship is bigger. No, the prince boat is bigger. The pirate ship is bigger! No, the prince boat is bigger… The pirate ship is bigger… Daehan can ride the prince boat, I’ll ride the police boat and Manse can ride the pirate ship. Daehan can ride the prince boat, I’ll ride the police boat and Manse can ride the pirate ship. Oh, that sounds good. We’re going to ride a special boat today. It’s a boat that I made. I’m going to make a boat with paper. It’s the boat I stayed up many nights to make. Do you see this? I’m going to make a life size version of this. Daehan, Manse, dad and Minguk will ride it. Let’s go, dad! That’s the way! Dad’s stepped up for the triplets who love boats. It’s called the Box 1 Race. You make a boat from recycled boxes and sail them across the Hangang. Captain Song and the triplets always enjoy going on adventures. We’re really looking forward to this race. I’m totally excited and looking forward to it. I thought about so many things. I stayed up two nights just planning it. (What placing do you expect?) I can come 1st. I can come 1st. The triplet’s historical challenge begins. You boys can carry things for me now. – Slow down, slow down. / – Hurry! – Manse, slow down. / – Okay. Slowly, slowly. Come over here. Hello. Daehan, let’s put this on your wrist. There’s nothing to look out for… Dad, I want this. Don’t take that off. – Children, let’s move on. / – Come here. (Where did he learn that?) Let’s say hello. Come here. Okay now. That’s not right. Come here and say hello. Stand up straight. Stand up straight. Hands together… Thank you for this race. That’s the way. Good boys. We’re going to construct the boat. Come here. Come here. Come here. This way. Come here. Is there a time limit? You have around 3 to 4 hours. – 3 to 4? / – Yes. Thank you. The other teams are busily constructing their boats. Ilkook had better hurry. (Puts up the blue prints first) Dad, here you go. – Here. / – Thanks. He puts up the blue prints he spent all night on. They look so detailed. (You’re amazing, dad) (Can he do this all by himself?) He imagines the wonderful boat he’ll be riding with Daehan, Minguk and Manse as he constructs his paper boat. What are the triplets up to? They’ve thrown off their shoes and have become the princes of this box kingdom. It’s too small. (Sad) Manse is the most excited. Ilkook is worried and begins to look at the boats by the other contenders. It’s a lonely fight doing the work of many… Will he complete the boat in time? (Speedily gets to work) (He completes the simple base) (Ilkook is already tired) Do you want water? (Just then) (Crash) (30 minutes of work falls apart) (We wondered when this would happen) Hey! It ripped! Hey, I’m really struggling for time here. Manse, where are your shoes? Where are your shoes, Manse? – Where are your shoes? / – Over there. Minguk, what am I doing? Huh? – I’m making a boat, right? / – Yes. – Dad, I want to pee. / – Pee? Pee, pee, pee… Let’s hurry. (Hangang Park is so big) He’ll be running all day long thanks to his 3 boys. You are amazing for being a father of triplets. You can do it! Sit down here. I’ll give you juice. Okay… Manse, have some juice and get energized. Open up. Here you go, Daehan. Get energized with some juice, okay? (So nice and cool!) Daehan, look. There are dinosaurs. Look here. (He takes something out of the ice box) – What’s this? / – Spinosaurus. Dinosaurs are all in here. Help them get out! – Hurry and help them! / – They’re stuck. They’re stuck in ice. It’s cold. Melt it and let them out. Save the dinosaurs from the ice. I’ll quickly build your prince boat, pirate ship and police boat. (Resumes work after that 30-minute delay) (Daehan tries with his bare hands) (It’s too deep inside) (Tries blowing but it’s not enough) (Thinking hard) (Starts kissing) (So cold) (The dilemma caused by Ilkook) This isn’t coming out. (How will the triplets solve this problem?) (The solution is the fan!) (The ice melts faster in the wind) (Lots of water after just a short time) (Dinosaurs, hang on a bit) – Dad! I saved the diplodocus! / – Huh? – Wow, you did it! / – I saved it! – We saved the diplodocus! / – I did it! Wow, amazing, How did you do it? (Manse made new friends) Manse, here. Manse, sit here. Manse, want to get out? Have this. They even feed him. Hurry up. Manse’s here. Manse? Yeah, Manse. Who does Manse take after? He just becomes friends with anyone. Manse! (Ilkook is struggling alone) – Can one of you help me? / – Yes. Just hold this. No, both sides. Yes. Just hold it. Thanks. (Things get easier thanks to their help) Guys, aren’t you hungry? We’re hungry. I promised to buy you lunch so let’s order it. – Order everything if you want. / – Okay… Guys, let’s eat! Have a dumpling each. Daehan… (Ilkook pays for lunch) – Enjoy! / – Thank you! – Enjoy your meal. / – You too! Here, have a seat. Say ah… (A bite for Manse first) Open up. Good. The dinosaurs want some. The dinosaurs want some food? Daehan, Minguk, Manse… If we don’t work hard to build the boat now…. This could go in the water just as it is. Then it’ll just sink right away. You’ll help me, right? – There! / – Where? It’s a dragon! – Oh, like this. / – It’s a dragon. It’s a giraffe. (A dragon has appeared) (Daehan takes off his bib) (And puts on his crown) (Let’s get the beast) (Not again…) (Take Prince Daehan’s sword!) That won’t work. (Oh, geez) (Prince Daehan forces the beast into the corner) (Prince Manse also runs over) (Minguk leaves his food to attack as well) (When will I finish my boat) The other teams are completing their boats… But Ilkook continues his lonely fight. The other contestants came to help Ilkook who was working all alone. It’s great to see them all enjoy the festival. Ilkook’s boat is all ready thanks to their help. He names the boat along with this hopes. (The Daehan Minguk Manse Boat) He puts the finishing touches to make sure it’s safe for the triplets. The Daehan Minguk Manse Boat is complete. Will it float safely in the water? It’s the Daehan Minguk Manse Boat. Don’t you dare sink. The race is about to begin. The contestants get together with their boats. Boats of various designs and colors are gathered. Some of them look like actual boats. The Daehan Minguk Manse Boat will take them on. Which way do we go? Manse, we need your help. Thank you. Thank you. (They’re contestant no. 12) (This is the Daehan Minguk Manse Boat) The Daehan Minguk Manse Boat was completed through much trouble. He’s prepared comfortable seating as well. But the design is a little different due to time restraints. Will they complete the race okay? Meanwhile, the 5 siblings are in Jeonju. (30,000 people pack out the stadium) They’re here to cheer daddy on today. (It’s exciting to be out of the house) Here’s dad. Lee Donggook is here. (Heave-ho) (I want to play with the ball too) (The match is about to begin) (They’ve got handmade placards) (Dad, you can do this!) (He greets his children) It’s dad! He saw us! (Daebak, want to see him too?) (Very fascinated) (Seola and Sua are ready to cheer) (The match has started!) (They attack aggressively from the start) (But unfortunately the other team scores first) (Sad) (The match is getting intense) (Donggook is doing his best) (Then score a goal to tie the score!) (They score another one to take the lead) (This is getting interesting) (They won in the end 2:1) (Feeling triumphant because he did his best) (Doesn’t forget to greet us) (Good job, dad!) (They head to see their dad after the match) (Where’s dad?) (Donggook’s all smiles) – Dad! / – Hello. – Dad! / – Yes. – Say I love you. / – Thank you. – Give him a kiss. / – Kiss. – You too, Seola. / – Seola. I felt that I should try even harder today. I thought that. I wanted to do even better because of my kids. It’s the next morning. The sun shines brightly over Donggook’s Jeonju home. (Jaesi and Jaea are already up) (They have to go back to Songdo for tennis) You’re all swollen. What will you since you didn’t train, Jaea? Show me that Sharapova gaze. Show it to me. When you serve, give them that Sharapova gaze. And the cheer. – Jaea, say the cheer. / – I can do it. Yes, that’s the way. It’s time for you to go. Yes. – Do a good job. / – Yes. Mom’s waiting downstairs. Wow, you’re heavy now, Jaesi. (Daebak is awake too) (Dad, pay attention to me as well) Goodness, Daebak. (Stops crying as soon as he’s held) (Chu) Bye, dad! You can do it! I can do it! Daebak. Did you sleep well? Huh? Good morning! Did you sleep well, Seola? (Donggook is going to prepare breakfast) (Glance) Yes, Daebak. Hello. For Daebak… (He suddenly starts moving) (He goes towards the sofa) Goodness, Daebak stoop up by himself! (Succeeds in standing up alone) How unfortunate Donggook didn’t see this. Did you sleep well? Are you sick? (Seola Hospital) (The check up is over in 3 seconds) (Quick and accurate) (She even gives him a vaccine) (Wait!) (Seola brings scissors) (What style do you want?) (It suddenly became a salon) (Holding Daebak’s hair tight) (I trust you!) (Done cutting his hair after 5 seconds) (Show me the mirror at least) (Donggook runs over after hearing Daebak’s whines) You should eat first. It’s tough to eat, isn’t it? (Seola’s performance for Daebak) (Dancing) (Responding with his hand) Wow, Daebak’s excited. (The song changes to the alligator song) (Daebak’s very excited) (A perfect ensemble with his sister) ‘Here come the alligators! Alligators!’ (Meanwhile, Sua quietly woke up) (Wild warrior hair) (What’s today’s breakfast?) Oops, this is too much. Why does it… Geez… Why can’t I roll this? This should be easy… But it’s not working. (A mess) This is ruined. That was close though. (It may not look pretty) (But it’s full of good ingredients) Donggook’s heart egg roll with his love is complete! – It’s a heart! / – Yes, it’s a heart! – A heart! / – Yes! This is how I feel about you guys. – Thank you. / – Say thank you, Sua. – Spoon. / – Spoon? – Wow, very good. / – You’re so good! – Seola, leave your fork. / – I don’t use a fork. Try eating this with your chopsticks. Let’s see how you do it, Seola. Very good. Good job. Very good. It’s good, right? Yes, it’s good. (I want a bite, dad!) (It’s a new taste) They ask where I am when we’re on the phone. Then I always tell them I’m at the dorm. But they don’t know where that is. It’s the place I spend the most time at. I always wanted my kids to come and take a look. We introduce dad’s dorm. They were champions last year and are currently in 1st place. It’s Jeonbuk. Let’s check out the Jeonbuk clubhouse that boasts the finest in training facilities. Seola. Look. Find me here. – Find daddy? / – Find me here. Find daddy! – I’m right here. / – Huh? I’m right here. Dad’s right there. How do I run? How do my arms look? That’s what you do when you score. That’s how you run when you score. Seola, Sua. Let’s go now. Oh, hello! It’s the head coach! (The head of Jeonbuk Choi Ganghui) It’s the head coach. How do we greet him? – Say hello. / – Hello. How cute. Come here. Grandpa. How cute. So pretty. Were you doing a shoot? – They’re cute because they’re not shy. / – Hello. Hello. How old are you now? – They are 24 months old. / – 24 months… – Bye. / – No, that’s not it. – Good-bye. / – Yes. – Your greetings… / – Their greetings are cute. – I’m going to play with them downstairs. / – Okay. Yes, good-bye. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. (They head to daddy’s locker room) Where’s my locker? This is the locker room for the Jeonbuk players. Will the girls find Donggook’s locker? A ball! (She tries on some shoes first) (Grabs her dad’s shoe) You tie it… (Ready to play soccer) (Gentle Daebak has fallen asleep) – Seola, your shoes. / – There’s another one. No, wear yours. Not mine. Mine. – Take this off! / – No, keep them on! – Put shoes on. / – Yes, keep your shoes on. No, don’t take them off! It’s hard to put them back on. – Are you going to kick with those on? / – Yes. Try then. (Let me try) Kick, kick, kick! Ready, go! Soon… 21, 22, 23, 24. Seola and Sua’s training begins. (They drink in secret) I told you not to eat Daebak’s food! Who made the gentle Donggook angry? Who are we here to meet at the airport? It’s Sarang and her dad at Gimpo International Airport! Sarang has gotten prettier! (Coy) (Cute) In the past I would come to Korea for a month during the vacation period. I learned a lot of my Korean then. I made friends too. They were such great memories for me. So I hope to make those memories for Sarang. (Very excited) Get on. Sit at the back. What memories will Sarang make in Korea? (Curious eyes) Sarang, we’ll be arriving at our house soon. We’ll stay there while we’re in Korea. (I can’t wait to see it!) It’s been a long time since I lived in Korea. We’re here! We’re here at our house in Korea! (Big steps) Come in. Organize your shoes. Good. It’s our house, Sarang. Get your things. Sit down. Sit. Sit down. How’s this place, Sarang? Let’s have a look around the house. Over here… We’re going to cook here. The fridge… There’s nothing in the fridge. We have nothing so let’s go buy groceries at the Namdaemun Market. Sarang, hurry. It’s so hot. – This is Namdaemun Market. / – Namdaemun. Look, this is Namdaemun Market. Namdaemun Market. The representative market of Korea with 600 years of history. Sarang and Sunghoon are at Namdaemun Market. Sarang! Say hello. How pretty! – Hello. / – Hello. Hi. – It’s so hot. / – Goodness. The red one? – For who? / – Sarang! – What about the green one? / – Dad. – Let’s get 1, 2, 3. / – 3! – And… / – 1, 2, 3! We need this when we make instant noodles. Let’s get these and… – This one? Two? / – This one too. Say that we’ll take these. – We’ll take these. / – All of these? Yes. This is for rubbing your dead skin off. You don’t know, right? You rub your dead skin off like this. This is how you use it. Not to your face. Like this. Oh, you use it for your back. – We’ll take one. / – Two! – This. / – Two! – A freebie for Sarang! / – Thank you! Two! Two! – You just need one. / – One’s enough. Say thank you. – What? / – Dad, this one. – This? / – Yes. – This? / – This one! – This? / – Yes. – You like this one? / – Yes. – This? / – Yes. – Thank you. / – Yes. Come here. Wow, Sarang. Pig. Yes, pork hocks. Sarang’s dad. I enjoy watching you on TV. Thank you! It’s good! It reminded me of my elementary school days. I went there with my uncle and my parents. We bought things and shoes as well. It felt so good because I remembered that. Where did they come after shopping? – Hello. / – Hello. Hello. (Garlic, salted shrimp, sticky rice, red pepper powder) (And under this…) (Cabbage?) Sarang has never tried kimchi. I want to make sure she tried kimchi in Korea. I wanted her to see how it’s made. I want her to learn about Korean culture. We’re going to make kimchi now. What the parents have to do well is… The most difficult task today is to slice radishes. You have to slice them nicely for delicious kimchi. (Are you confident, dad?) (Extraordinary preparations) (Should I get started?) (A very soft start) (This lady starts to speed up) (Some kind of tension in the kitchen) (A true master never rushes) (Slowly speeding up) (Very rhythmical) (Wow, dad’s good!) (All even) (Perfect example of great slicing) (Glance) (Wow, he’s good) (All eyes focused) (Putting the ingredients in neatly) (It’s time to crush garlic) (He’s cool) (Sarang tries it herself) Power. I will do it first. (He shows her how it’s done) (Bang) (Bang) – Sarang, this is called a mortar. / – Mortar. Mortar. People have been using this for centuries. – Mortar. / – I learned this too. – Mortar. / – Mortar. You try, Sarang. Good. Crush it hard. Good. Done? Now we’ll make the seasoning to put in the cabbage. Three spoons. Good. No, no. That won’t do. That’s too much! This is enough. Alright. That’s good. Put it in here. – Two spoons. / – Good. – Put it in here. / – Put it in. Very good. – Let’s begin. Mix it all up. / – Not yet. – Ready… / – Not yet! Go! Good job. – Make it all nice and red. / – Mix it more. 1, 2. – Little by little. / – Little by little. Good. Wait. Push it all the way to the top. No, that’s too much. Sarang completes her first ever kimchi. Sarang, what am I holding? Pork. I’ve prepared pork. Let’s try it. With this… Put the meat in your mouth, then some kimchi. With kimchi. Open up. It’s good. – It’s delicious. / – Really? It’s your first time trying kimchi. – Is it okay? Really? / – It’s good. Is it good? You’ll want soju with it after 20 years. (It’s not the time yet) (Rip) (This is how a real macho eats) (It’s good) Now, let’s meet Jion. Mommy Haejin is busy in the kitchen as usual. She’s added big sausages to curry. It’s perfect for children. Mom has made curry. – It smells like curry. / – My baby! Today’s hotter than yesterday. – You’re doing a photo shoot today, right? / – Yes. – Heat wave. / – This is bad. (Heat wave warnings have been announced) (It’s so hot) Jion, mom’s shorter than you. Mom’s shorter than you. Jion’s taller. – Jion. / – Oh, my. She… Kiss me one more time. Jion, what did Dooly the Little Dino do? – He showed his face and did this, right? / – Yes. Dooly… Did he do that? – Yeah. / – Peek-a-boo! – Are you forcing your laugh? / – Smile. Are you coming to me? Dad needs to eat. You try it too, Jion. It’s not a shoot where I have to pose and stuff. This time you just pose… You can’t do poses with Jion. And so, in that situation… You need to make her laugh. – And she got really annoyed last time. / – Dad. Here. She says here. Look at Jion. Who’s crying here? Like this? Who’s crying here? – Who’s crying here? / – Who’s crying here? – A baby. / – A baby. Why did the baby cry? Mommy and Jion did a photo shoot recently to cherish these moments they have together. They really look like professional models. Please tell us how to take photos with babies. She won’t stay still. – She’ll walk around. / – It must’ve been tough. – It’s hard to stay together. / – I see. You get what I’m saying right? Don’t do that. You have to try to look cool. I gave up on looking cool. I’m looking forward to you looking cool. It’s been a long time. What do you mean? I’m always cool. Alright, you’re always cool. I don’t know when it started but… He’s obsessed with terribly baggy pants. And instead of wearing hats just once in a while, he wears them all the time. And he has this strange bag. He bought that from somewhere. His pants are too much, his hat is too much… He’s greedy? I’m in this club… Everyone has the freedom to choose what they wear. Unless they go around naked. It’s not like I’m a menace to society. How nice. Jion, this place looks cool. (Looking around the gallery) You can see outside. We’re going to be photographed here. Open. You want chocolate milk? (Jion has some milk before the photo shoot) – Let’s see if you peed. / – Hello. Jion, she’s your friend. Her name is also Sarang. Say hello. – Hello. / – Say hello. Hello, Sarang. She’s shy. How do we do this today? She had a photo shoot with her mom last time. My wife told me it was really tough. The only thing that’s decided is this… You guys are a father and daughter who love fashion. Depending on the situation… If Jion gets happy and runs around, we’ll go with that. Sarang is your friend. – Play with her. / – Give, give. (She wants the spray) – Spray it on my hair. / – Good. Jion, you’re good. Dad. How are you going to style my hair? (Taewoong’s hair is finished) (Total transformation thanks to the expert) Let’s do your hair. Sit with me. – Look at your hair. / – Look at your hair. – Look. / – Wow, your hair. Should I spray your hair? Miss. It’s cool. Okay. Jion, want me to comb your hair? Comb my eyebrows. (Combing dad’s eyebrows) Put this on dad’s face. You can do his makeup. – Put it on my face. / – Good. Put some over here. (Moist skin) (Jion carefully applies the makeup on his face) (Meanwhile, Jion’s hair is getting neat) – She’s busy looking for something. / – Yes. (Doing the final touch-up) How pretty. Look at me. No need to put some more makeup? No need to put more? (Running away) All done! (Lacing up his shoes) Transforming from Uhm Daddy to Uhm Force. He looks so cool in that suit. Don’t wear those baggy pants so often. But there’s a heat wave warning today. The photo shoot won’t be easy. (The gentleman is getting sweaty) Give it to me. (He needs to get Jion dressed!) (Jion starts leaving the place) Uhm Jion. Want to wear a black dress like me? No, no, no. No? – It has stars on it. / – Dad. This? That doesn’t have stars. Oh, it does. No, this one. – That? I think this will look better. / – No. – I think you’ll look prettier in this. / – No. No? You’ll look so much better in this. Jion, wait. Look. Look at this. – Wow, look. / – No! No? Come here. Jion, come here. What will Taewoong do? Now, it’s back to the twins’ house. (They head to the cameraman’s tent) Guys. Peek-a-boo. Hello, hello, hello. (Catch me!) (A sticker on his forehead) (Stop right there!) (Running) Guys. Seoeon, sit down. Have this cold water. (Drink water?) Have a seat, boys. Good. Do you remember Sarang? Say Sarang. – Sarang. / – Good. – Sarang. / – Good. She has grown a lot. She has really grown a lot. Look. Sarang lives in Japan. But she’s going to be in Korea for a while. So I asked her to come visit us. You should get along well, right? Let’s have fun so she’d want to visit us again. (I’m going to have fun with Sarang) It does feel different with him. We’re the veterans of the show. We’ve been on this the longest. I’ve prepared an unbelievable event for this time. There could be a mistake… It’ll be amazing in their eyes. – Let’s go! / – Let’s go! – Do you know where we’re going? / – Twins’ house. Yes, that’s right. When is the last time we met? – We met at Jeju-do. / – Jeju-do. We met everyone at Jeju-do. (All the Superman families were gathered at Jeju-do) (Seojun stole Seoeon’s doll) This? This? – Seojun. / – What happened outside? (Sarang got Seojun’s doll back) – What’s wrong? / – Dad! (Sorry) – What’s wrong? / – Dad. Come here. Sarang, do you want a younger brother like the twins? Mom wants a baby… – Mom wants a baby? / – Yes. – What about you, Sarang? / – No. That’s how I feel too. (They stop at the red light) Don’t honk! – Be more relaxed! / – Good. – They honked because it’s dangerous. / – They did? (Sarang knows the road manners very well) Sarang has become mature now. She’s on her way to meet her younger friends. Let’s go! We are here. This is the twins’ house. (They must be waiting) (Excited) – Hello. / – We’re here. – Hello. / – You’re here! Hello. – Hello. / – Yes. – Come in. / – Yes. Sarang’s here! What should we do? (Sarang is here!) They are here. – Get ready. / – Ready. Call her. – Sarang! / – Sarang! – Hello, Sarang. / – Sarang! Goodness. – Hello. / – Hello. – Hello, Sarang. / – Say hi. – Hello. / – You guys bow too. Hands together. Good. Good to see you. – Yes, come in. / – Go inside. Wow, you guys have grown a lot! It’s uncle. – Call Sarang. / – Sarang! – Call her. / – Sarang! – Hug each other. / – Good. – Good to see you. / – You too, Seojun. – Seojun, hug Sarang. / – Hug. Goodness. Wow, you’ve grown a lot. You get shy now. – Come in. / – Yes. Go straight in. – Good to see you. / – Goodness. Good to see you. Have a seat. – What’s this? / – Oh, this? Wait, I’ll give you one by one. Tell them we made kimchi. Sarang made kimchi? We made kimchi together. Wow, Sarang made kimchi. We made kimchi pizza that babies can eat. Sarang’s gift for the twins. Mashed sweet potatoes on pizza dough with tomatoes, mushroom and kimchi. That makes for a delicious kimchi pizza. Will the twins like it? Seoeon, you sit here. Sarang, you sit here. Dad, look! – Wow. / – Wow. It has kimchi in it. Can they eat kimchi? – Yes, they can eat kimchi. / – Really? – This. / – What is it? – It’s kimchi, right? / – Yes. Try it. Try it. – Is it good? / – Spicy! Is it spicy? It’s supposed to be spicy. Try this. You hold it and eat it. You too, Sarang. You made this Sarang? Wow, amazing. Open up. Good. Seojun, is it good? (Seojun is tasting the sweet and spicy flavors) Seojun, is it good? Say something. – Please answer. Is it good? / – Yes. Okay, alright… (Seoeon’s enjoying his pizza) It’s must’ve been tough. – Sarang, are you happy to be in Korea? / – Yes. – You like it? / – Yes. She likes it. You know, right? Only you and I are the bad guys. Taewoong and Ilkook are known as loving husbands. You and I are a little… – A little… / – Just a little… It drives me crazy. – Let’s play now. / – Play? Seoeon, Seojun, show Sarang around our house. – Sarang. / – Go with them. Check out the master bedroom. – Show her. / – Run, run. Yes, run to her. That’s the way. No, sit! Sit, sit. Sit, sit. – This. / – This? I don’t know how to read. I don’t know. – How do you read this? / – Yes. Huh? – I don’t know. / – This. I don’t know. Wait. Wait. – Seoeon, Seojun’s dad. / – Yes. Seoeon, Seojun want… (Go on, Sarang) – Keep trying. / – This, this… – They want a book read? / – Yes. – They want it read? / – They want a book read? Then, just explain the pictures. Seoeon and Seojun can’t read yet. Just tell them about the animals. “This is an elephant, this is a snake.” If you do that… I’ll use this then. You’ll use the see-saw? Go on then. Wait, wait. This! Sarang, you read it for him. – Read it. / – This, dad. – What? / – Dad, do this. – Want me to do it? / – Yes. (Thank you, Seoeon) (Sarang plays on the see-saw with Seoeon) (Push) (Bang) I’m strong. (Sarang and Seoeon look so sweet) You’ll fall over. – One more time? / – Do it for him. (This is fun) Don’t do that. – Seoeon, do you like, Sarang? / – Yes. Sarang! – Sarang. / – Sarang. Yes. (She’s popular with the twins) – Hurry! / – Oh, the presents? – Yes. / – Give them the gifts? – Yes! / – Okay, okay. Come here. Over here. I bought gifts for Seoeon and Seojun. Wow! Seoeon, Seojun, she brought gifts. (She grabs Seojun’s hand and sits him down) Seoeon, Seojun… Seoeon, Seojun… – Sit down please. / – Sit down over there. Come here. Come over here. – They left. / – Hey, come here. – Sit down! / – Yeah. – Sarang… / – Sarang, come here. – Give this to Seoeon and Seojun. / – Hey, Seojun! – Lee Seojun. / – Get him. No! (Catch me if you can) No! Seoeon, Seojun. No! Come. (Sarang gives up when they don’t listen) They won’t come. – Hurry up. / – Hurry up. – Hurry up, Lee Seoeon. / – Hurry up. – Lee Seoeon, Lee Seojun! / – Lee Seojun! – Hurry up. / – Hurry up. – Seojun. / – Seojun. Come while I’m being nice to you. – Come out. / – Come out. Come here. Don’t be shocked. Sit here and… – What’s this? / – Go, Sarang. – Ready, go. / – Ready, go. – What is this? / – Is this… – What’s going on here? / – What is this? – Wow! / – Sarang! – Sarang, you try. / – What is this? What is this? – What is this? / – What is this? This is massive. What is this? Wow, it’s a shark. – Shark! Hurry, hurry. / – Hurry, hurry. Hurry, hurry, hurry. (What’s going on out there?) – Hurry on out here! / – Hurry, hurry, hurry. Come here quickly. Sarang, sit here. Over here. What is this? Gifts, gifts! It’s a gift, a gift. Oh, thank you, thank you. – Hurry up and put them on. / – Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you. – Let’s try them on. / – Hurry up! – Put it on. / – Hurry, hurry. Let’s try them on! – Put your hands up. / – Come on Seoeon, Seojun. Hurry, hurry. Wow, come over here. (Adorable Seoeon) Sarang looks cute. (Cute Sarang) (Chic Seojun) – He did it. / – It really suits you. How cute. – Hey, let’s look. / – They’re all Mickey Mouse. And this… (Looking around) (What do I do?) Here. For Seoeon and Seojun’s dad. Seoeon and Seojun’s dad. We brought a gift. – You brought a gift for me? / – Yes. – Actually… / – Actually. – Your clothing… / – Your clothing. – You don’t dress well… / – You don’t dress well. You mean me? I don’t dress well? – So we bought you clothes. / – So we… – Bought you clothes. / – Bought you clothes. I understand. – You cut it too short. / – Oh, no. (Exposing his chest) (This hair salon will close down) Oh, my. I’m wearing the same shirt again. Oh, no… I’m not even a celebrity. Don’t you know you have those pants? Really? (Even when he dresses up, he looks bad) Sunghoon, you watching this? I can look cool too. Are you watching from Tokyo? (I look cool, right?) Honestly, he doesn’t look cool. But he’s tall and slim. If he dressed well, he’d look good. He doesn’t know how to pick clothes. (What’s the ranking among all the Superman dads?) I’m 1st no matter what. 2nd would be Jion’s dad. 3rd and 4th are Ilkook and Hwijae. They’re the same. (I don’t have time to dress up) You dress so strangely on TV. I bought a matching one too. I bought this to wear the same thing with you. You’ve got a figure that can handle this! Let’s wear it together. Seoeon, Seojun, we’ll go get dressed. Wait one sec. (They’re looking forward to this) (They’re getting changed) This is big trouble. This is trouble, Seoeon and Seojun. – Goodness. / – It’s dad… Hey, this… Oh, good… (They stand next to each other in the same top) It looks… Goodness. (Is it really the same top?) – What is it? / – What? – Off. / – Take this off? – Take this off? / – Why? It’s too strange? I accept it. I always wear the same clothes. And I acknowledge that I don’t go shopping. Also with Sarang… Her dad has the figure that suits those clothes. My body can’t look good in those clothes. (After they got changed) (Seoeon comes out with Sarang’s bag) Lee Seojun. It’s your first time eating pizza with kimchi, right? No, that’s Sarang’s bag. That’s her bag. You have to ask her if you can take a look. (Can I see?) (I’ll look at it later) (Going through Sarang’s bag) (Got a necklace) (What should I do with this bag?) (He only takes the necklace) (Then he goes to the living room) (Just then, Sarang goes to the kitchen) Is Sarang pretty? No! No! – No! / – Say give it back. Give it back! Say give it back. Seoeon, that’s Sarang’s! It’s mine! Sarang, you can catch him if you run faster. You can run faster? How will this chase end? Sua, Seola, come here. Let’s check out Donggook’s family at the gym. Sua, grab this. Ready. Go. 1, 2… Goodness. You have to grab it like this. Again. Ready. Go. 1… Sua was better. Sua, you used to be better. Seola, come here. Grab this. Ready. Go. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10… You’re going red. 12, 13, 14… – It hurts. / – 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20… 21, 22, 23, 24… – 25, 26, 27… / – No more! No more! 28, 29, 30! Wow! You did so well! You held on for 30 seconds. Sua, come here. Look at your fat tummy. Come here. You have a fat tummy. In order to lose weight and have fun… They’re going to run around now. Watch me header this ball. Watch, like this… Seola, here. Ready, go. Seola, here. Ready, go. Ready, go. Sua, come here. Want to try? (Sua attempts to header the ball) (Boink) (How will Sua react?) (Blank) (What kind of game is this?) Come here and do a header. (She runs forward) (Then runs away) Header. (Runs away like her sister) (Is soccer too hard for them?) (So noisy) I’m running after you. Faster, faster! When I say ready, go, you run to me. – Okay? / – Go over there. Okay, I’ll be over there. Ready… Ready… – Go. / – Go! Go! Sua, run! Sua! Wow! 1st place! (Sua does her best to catch up) Sua’s 2nd. Go back to over there. You have to run together. – Go back further. / – 1… – No, no, no, not yet. / – 1, 2, 4… – No, not yet. / – 1, 2, 3! Not yet! It’s not yet. Not yet… I didn’t say it yet. Go back further. That’s the way. No, I’ll count to three. 1. 2. 3. (Go!) (Screaming like dolphins) Run, Sua and Seola! Hurry, hurry. Hug me! Hug me! Wow, 1st place! Wow, 2nd place! Oops. You’ll sleep well today. Go again. Oh, your legs are worn out. – Go again? / – No… Go again then. Haha, peek-a-boo. – What? / – Haha. What did you say? What did you say? Haha! Goodness. (That was a hard fall this time) Get up. It’s okay, it’s okay. Stand up. Take my hand. Are you okay? Yeah, this is better than soccer. Looks like you’ll have to be runners. (Donggook warms up while the kids take a break) (Shaking) (What’s going on?) (Ta-da!) (Daebak, wake up now) (She takes something out) (Drop) (She discovers Daebak’s milk bottle) (She’s found something great) (Running away) (I can’t get caught) Oh, no. Seola, what will we do with you? Your brother’s milk tastes the best, right? She’s so cute. (Donggook has no idea what’s going on) (My milk) (Sua’s on the lookout) (Dad can’t see) (Smirk) (Dad’s too busy) Seola, why are you drinking Daebak’s milk? Huh? Come here, come here. Come here. This is Daebak’s. No, no. Put this down. Are you allowed to drink Daebak’s or not? Stop crying. Stop. Are you allowed to drink Daebak’s or not? Not allowed. You’re not allowed, right? Keep your arms raised. Raise them. Will you drink it again? Will you? Huh? I won’t. – You won’t, right? / – Right. – Say you’re sorry. / – I’m sorry. “Let me off just once.” I’m sorry. “Let me off just once.” Will you do it again or not? I won’t. – Okay, don’t do it again. / – Okay. Good. What about you, Sua? Will you drink Daebak’s milk? I won’t… You won’t, right? Go and get your shoes. My shoes. – I’ll bring my shoes. / – Go. Your shoes are over there. (She listens well after the scolding) Mine, mine. (I got it) (I found my shoes) Seola, bring that water as well. – Water? / – Water. That’s the way. Nice. Let’s go to bed at 8 tonight. – I’ll bring the water? / – Yes, get the water. Just wait. Just wait. Oh, my God. Good, Seola. Hurry up. (Carrying her shoes and water bottle) (Good girl) Water? Yeah. (She’s arrived) Goodness, you’re sweating. Give them to me. She can even run errands for her dad now. The triplets are taking part in the Box 1 Race. Does it look cool? (The best) – What’s this? / – A sheep. – Sheep! / – They’re all born in the year of the sheep. Oh, I see. Roy is going to carry a cow. Look. Roy is going to carry a cow. Look. Say hello to the cow girl. – Hello. / – Say hello. It’s Snow White. Look, it’s Snow White. Manse, look. It’s Snow White. Sailor Manse! Go and rescue Snow White. – No, I’m a pirate. / – You’re a pirate? – What type of dinosaur is it? / – I don’t know. There’s a boat that’s captured everyone’s attention. Boat no. 11 look very strong and swift. Will the Daehan Minguk Manse Boat defeat these contenders and become the winner? (Can they win with this boat?) – Daehan, Minguk, Manse! / – Go… – Daehan, Minguk, Manse! / – Manse! That’s it. They all head to Hangang with their boats. 1, 2, 3. That’s the way. Help out. Help out, Daehan, Minguk and Manse. (The student team helps out to the end) (Thank you) (Let’s do our best) (They line up at the starting line) Where’s the finish line? That red thing or yellow thing? Go around the yellow float. Can we all start out now? Yes, that’s good. You’ve waited so long. Make sure the boats don’t sink. (The first challenge is to float the boats) Rescue team no. 3. Don’t drag it or it’ll tear. From no. 1 to no. 12 Thank you. Should I get in first? (Ilkook enters the boat first) If the numbers are ready… Come on in. Minguk here. Thank you. Let’s sit next to dad. Good boy. Here you go, Minguk. Please put Manse in now. (This is fun) It doesn’t sink as much as I’d thought. You’ve made a good boat. – It’s good? / – Yes, it’s strong. (Relieved) (He’s right next to the predicted 1st place) No. 1, please get in your boat. (Just then) (No. 11 capsizes before the start) The most likely boat to win has sunk. I shouldn’t be too happy. Once no. 1 gets on, we’ll begin. – Are you all ready? / – Yes! (He’s full of confidence) No. 11, no. 10… Please get on quickly. (No. 11 wasn’t a good boat) Doesn’t look like no. 11 can make it. Okay, let’s begin the race. 5, 4, 3… I thought you were the most likely to win. What’s going on? Let’s go. Let’s go. We’re with Daehan, Minguk and Manse today. This is the Hangang Box 1 Race. They’ll head out towards the buoy. Let’s go, Daehan, Minguk and Manse. (Minguk tries to help his dad) (They head out with speed) It’s Daehan, Minguk, Manse! Daehan, Minguk, Manse! (He’s cooled thanks to dad) Daehan, Minguk… Manse! (The dragon head boat) (Another team follows close behind) (They race even though the boat has flipped) (But since he’s rowing alone) (He’s run out of energy quickly) (In the end) (A close race with boat no. 4) (He’s much slower now) (He makes it past the buoy) (Boat no. 4 takes the lead) (No…) (Ilkook does his best) (But the gap is widening) (I’ll catch up) Go, dad! Row! Daehan, Minguk, row! Manse, row! (The finish line is getting closer) (Boat no. 4 is rowing faster) (Ilkook’s exhausted) (You can do it, dad!) (No. 1 arrives 1st) No. 1 has finished in 1st place. Keep rowing, Daehan, Minguk and Manse. 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2. (Dad’s struggling by himself) (The other teams are speeding up) (Holding on for dear life) (But they defeat them all…) 2nd place! The Daehan Minguk Manse Boat has arrived. We came 2nd! (Feeling great joy) (Are we 2nd?) (You worked hard, dad) We came 2nd. Let’s go! Let’s go. Let’s go, Minguk. Let’s go! 2nd place… 2nd place in the speed race. Boat no. 12. The prize goes to Daehan, Minguk and Manse. – Come on out. / – Let’s go out. Take this. Thank you. – Attention! Salute! / – Salute! Thank you. They won 2nd place. 1, 2, 3. Let’s go! They arrive at a restaurant full of vegetables after the fun boat race. – Dad, it’s lettuce. / – Where’s the lettuce? – The lettuce looks good. / – Do you want some? Yes. No, we have to cook it first. Cook it? No, you don’t cook lettuce. – Hello. / – Hello. If you pick the leaves with your children, we’ll turn it into a salad for you. I picked some lettuce. Lettuce. Dad, a real fat lettuce. Wow, so many. – So many. / – So many. I could start a farm thanks to you boys. – We picked a lot. / – Sire, we’re finished. Oh, thank you. You picked a lot. – Thank you. / – Please make it tasty. A fresh salad made with the vegetables the kids picked along with fresh pork bibimbap. Look, you mix it like this. Manse, like this. Mix it like this. That’s the way, Manse. Dad, I’ve finished mixing it. (It’s still the same) (He tastes the meat first) (It’s good) – Me too, dad. / – I’ll mix it for you? (Minguk tastes the meat first too) (Minguk’s immersed in the taste of meat) (He ate all the meat) Dad, where’s the meat? You ate it all earlier. (I did?) Dad, I have meat. Eat the meat and the grass. This isn’t grass, it’s lettuce. – It’s what? / – Lettuce. Oh, right. I’m sorry. – Dad, what does Superman look like? / – What? – Superman. / – What does Superman look like? He has legs and hands. Superman has legs and hands? – He doesn’t have wings. / – No wings? And? Superman doesn’t have eyes. But then he can’t see. What will he do? Does he have long or short hair? Hmm… It’s not long. It’s not? Then I must be Superman. – Yeah. / – Really? – Yeah. / – I’m Superman. – Yeah. / – Kiss. No. Mister Superman is at the supermarket. Mister Superman is at the supermarket? (I lose) Manse, you really crack me up. Jion and Taewoong are doing a photo shoot in the scorching heat. – Jion, I think this looks prettier on you. / – No. No? No? Come here. (How do I make her change her clothes?) Jion. It’s a present! (You still don’t want to get changed?) – Do you want to eat this? / – Yes. You can have it if you get changed into this dress. Come over here. Come here. How pretty. Stick your arm in. (I should’ve done this earlier) (The lid won’t open) – Dad. / – I’ll open it for you. (Heavenly sweet) (Let’s put on your stockings) (A bite for dad) (Thanks Jion) – This looks great. / – Okay. It looks very natural. Sarang, you come here. Just sit across from them. Sit across from them. Talk to Jion. – Jion, Sarang. / – Okay. Taewoong, look at the camera. Look at uncle. Who’s he? – Jion. / – Jion. Who’s there? – Jion, over here. / – Jion, over there. (Captured the perfect moment!) Jion. (Doing another pose) (It looks very natural!) (Sarang is slowly approaching again) Sarang, I’ll give you a piggyback ride. (It’s hard to work with your kid around, right?) Jion. Goodness… This is exactly what my wife was worried about. We’re both in the same situation. You must be sleepy. – Jion, look at me. / – Hold Jion up. (This is it!) – 1, 2, 3! / – Good. (A big smile) (Jion and Taewoong’s lovely photo) (Next, it’s autumn clothes shoot) (Going into the heat in a turtleneck) (So hot) If Jion doesn’t want to wear it just put it over her. (He even puts his coat on) Taewoong. If Jion walks, you can just walk along with her. (Jion’s wearing thick clothes too) One more time. (Once more!) (Will they get a successful photo this time?) Good. (Trying to be chic) Let’s try one more time. (Goes back, holding Jion) Good. Good. How cool. (Dad, follow me) Very good. (And this time?) Okay. Good. Let’s move to the next location. (Amazing photo of a father and daughter) Can Jion sit on the ground? Jion, sit down here. Jion, sit. Jion, sit. Jion. Wow, Jion! (Bubbles!) Slowly. (How embarrassing) Sit down over here. Sit down. Good. (Jion is immersed in bubbles) (The floor is wet) (A dad that doesn’t want to clean?) (A lot of bubbles!) (Oh Joongseok knows what children like) (How will the photos turn out?) It was hard to do a fall shoot in summer. But the photos turned out great. It seems like their fancy outing was successful. Jion’s mom said the photo shoots are really tough. She said it’d be really tough so I was scared. But she had fun and she enjoyed getting changed. She’s grown since she did the photo shoot with mom. Jion, we’re going to a really cold place. They’re in a cold ice country after battling the heat wave all day long. Let’s wash away the summer heat. Wow, this place is amazing. – Your hands will get cold. / – Bang, bang. – Who are you? / – Who are you? – Who? / – Who are you? Who? (What’s that?) (It’s an ice slide!) – Was it fun? / – Again. Again? No, I’ll get hemorrhoids. (For Jion, I will do anything) (Red bean sherbet in an ice bowl!) (How does it taste?) How is it? It’s good, right? (I want some too…) Give him a bite. Who’s going to eat that? Who’s going to eat that? Me? (Is it that good?) Give him a bite. Next chapter… Daehan, Minguk, Manse visit a ranch. It’s drinking milk! See? I told you. Who’s the new friend of friendly Manse? Seola and Sua’s cuteness melts Donggook. Look at his mouth. Hwijae’s always a little lacking but he puts on a magic show. Seoeon, Seojun’s dad. He pooped. (Sarang takes good care of the twins) Do you like dad or mom? Mom. This moment with your child is absolutely priceless. The Return of Superman. Chapter 94. “The Value of Being Together.”

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  17. I think for sua and seola, he should make them some milk if they like it so much so they won’t take their brother’s

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