The REAL sound of Metallica in Master Of Puppets!!! (ITA) – (Mesa Boogie MarkIIC+ and EMG pickups)

Hi guys welcome to my channel, today we talk about the sound of Metallica Hi guys, welcome back to my channel, I’m Luca, If you didn’t do already SUBSCRIBE to my channel and ring the bell today a special video a collaboration with some of my friends. You already saw the video on the mesa Mark 2c+ another friend of mine lent me his ESP Explorer with EMG pickups I think EMG 81 on bridge position and this combo recalls of course the sound of Metallica we wanted to try, me and my friend Marco(the owner of the MarkIIc+) if we could recreate the same sound ofMaster of Puppets even if we know that for the recording James used his flying V with Seymour Duncan Invader we used instead the EMG that Metallica used from the tour of Master of Puppets anyway, we tried and let’s see what happens also, my friend ha got also the book, (I’ll show you) Metallica – Back to the Front
that contains a lot of pics including the settings for the recording of Master of Puppets (I hope you can see it) so we tried to use these settings and you’ll listen to the results in a bit I know that Ola Englund already made this kind of video as well, but speaks in English and we speak Italian, so if you are interested in this topic keep watching.
You allready saw the amp, the Mesa Mark IIC+ “the Legendary Amp” an if you haven’t see the video here is the link up here I suggest to you to see it because I talked about it more in detail and showing different features that this amp has The guitar is a ESP custom EX really gorgeous guitar really aggressive with EMG pickups so I want to thank my friend Luca that lent me his guitar, cause right now I just ave guitars with vintage stye pickups and the only guitar I have with humbuckers is my Brogi that has the Seymour Duncan Antiquity that are not the best for Heavy Metal tones Ok let’s move in front of the computer to see what we did to try to nail the Metallica sound this is a bit of a “kamikaze” video because I know it will be probably demonetized because I used the drums and the bass and also the guitar stem of the original recording for the comparison but honestly I wanted to make a fair comparison with the real sound of Metallica, so even if it will be demonetized I don’t care this is a gift for you guys ok guys here we are in front of the computer this is the first time I’ll show you Cubase screen As you can see there are few tracks recorded, that are all of our takes and now we’ll take a look to them step by step so as you can see here we have 2 tracks of course all the tracks are double tracked and panned L and R at least 2 guitars as you can see here Mesa L and R EL34 from the notes so basically we kept the same settings of the book but the results is not that great, anyway listen to it of course if you watched my instagram video I showed you the difference between the EL34 power amp from my Marshall DSL because Metallica used the Mesa Mark IIC plus slaving out their Marshall JCM800 and using a 1960 cabinet (I think) with Celestion G12T-75, unfortunately I don’t have any 4×12 but I have my Isobox so that’s another little difference and the speaker is a Eminence Governor that actually should be closer to a V30, so the difference in the EQ will be noticeable because of the different speakers, and we know how much of a difference the speakers do anyway unfortunately here there is a bit of hum very strong because the Mesa Mark 2C+ is an American 110 volt model that has a transformer inside that changes the voltage from 220 to 110, but this procedure when I use other devices that run at 220 volt like my Marshall, it creates some hum in this electrical plant that I have here in my studio I don’t know if it’s just a problem of mine, but my friend Marco said that in his home it’s even worse, so maybe in order to avoid this problem maybe we can use some power filter, I don’t really know if there is anybody that knows more about it please let me know in the comments below anyway let’s hear this sound with the drums and the bass of Metallica so you can have a reference of the starting sound so this was the sound with the Marshall power amp and the mic maybe was a bit too much close to the border, in the classic position that I used many times anyway this is the sound ok , so you can hear that the sound is full of mids and if we reference it with the original one this grey one is the original stem we can hear that we are completely in a different world let’s hear just the guitar, these are Metallica (the demonetization is started I guess) this is our track with the EL34 so, we failed anyway we thought that maybe this thing of using a different power amp would be not great so we tried to keep the same settings and trying to use the Mesa Mark IIC+ power amp as well so these are the 2 guitars that we hear Mesa L and R 6L6 from the notes same settings as before but with the 6L6 power amp ok let’s playback them with Metallica ok, just the guitars we may have gained some bass but we are still far to refresh your mind, these are Metallica guitars it’s amazing, the sound they have on this record is just insane so I said ok these were the settings for Battery, but even if we go to listen to it the sound is not like this one we got so there is something wrong well let’s start our personal research and let’s use our ears so we changed a bit the settings that I’ll show you now for both he amp and for the graphic EQ also we changed the mic placement more in the middle in this fashion without changing anything else so bypassing eq and inserts this is our sound with Metallica drums and bass we can hear there are less mids, the sound is more angry and more comparable, this is without the drums and the bass just our sound yes, it’s better. It’s tighter, less mids and more angry but this is not enough cause this is the original stem so, no, this is not enough so we tried to compress the sound the track is called 6L6 custom cause we “customized” the settings so I used a Renaissance compressor from Waves really heavily the settings are quite extreme cause I can hear a pretty heavy compression on the original track so this is the sound with the compression without compression it controls a bit the sound and gives me a bit of this “pumping” effect that we’ll hear better later so, compression is not enough, I had to EQ as well as you can see here I used a further “V” EQ let’s hear the difference with the EQ EQing this way we lost some of the frequencies we have a lack of bass so we did one more thing we recorded another pair of guitars moving the mic closer to the edge to get more bass and using more compression and more eq on the notes apparently the cabinet was mic’ed with 2 mics so I think that what we did is fair enough I don’t know how many tracks are in the original guitar stem it’s hard to say, I’m not sure that they are just 2, anyway we recorded 4 2 on the L and 2 on the R, with slightly different panning the brighter is wider and the one with more bass narrower so this is the other couple of tracks we recorded with the mic on the edge, listen how much of a difference does the mic placement here it is so we got a bit more bass, this is the previous one instead it seems like a completely different cabinet but I just changed the mic placement maybe it’s not pefect, but making these adjustment in the real world requires more effort han the digital one in the digital one you just need to move the cursor of the mouse here we have to do more stuff anyway, in the last 2 guitar we recorded let’s insert the compressor in this case I used a Red 3 compressor by Focusrite that was included in my Clarett software package, really nice comp I use it a lot here I just used the factory preset off nice, I like the attack, it works fine.
let’s turn on the EQ as well in this EQ always kind of a Shelf filterhre in the low freq but I pumped a bit the 140 hz to give it a bit more fatness on the bass. I cut the 680 even if we have the graphic EQ on so I had to remove more mids and I gave a bit of fizzy on top so let’s hear with the EQ and it’s not bad, finally the sound starts to be closer if we add also the one we recorded before It starts to be “believable” this is the best result we could get, if we reference the original the original stem seems a guitar from hell it’s insane, amazing, it’s even more tight and the lows are even more angry it’s unreal I dont’ really know what to do to get any closer to get the original sound. Oh just so you know this is the sound I got with the GE200 si this is GE200 sound that I actually never released I also lost the Patch but it doesn’t matter we can redo it this was the sound and also here I spent so many hours it’s a curse to nail this sound, it’s almost impossible, I don’t know what to o anymore to get any closer.
Of course we are a bit arrogant if we want to have the same exact sound of Master of Puppets I Think it’s one of the most iconic guitar sound in the history of Heavy Metal but it’s fun let’s hear with Metallica on drums and bass and our final sound of our 4 guitars, this is the result it’s not bad, not bad at all. Maybe we could tweak it a bit more but it’s not bad of course is not the original the original sound is this one and this one withe GE200 that actually it’s not bad at all, but I have to say that it’s easier wth the digital machines to copy the original tones, cause it’s just about moving the cursor of the mouse with my headphones on and also you have more choices of cabinets and many other options with the real gear everything is more complicated maybe the sound is more personal and less generic, maybe even fuller but anyway with te GE200 the sound was not bad at all let’s hear again our sound with the Mesa Mark IIC+ and this is the best result we could get today Ok guys you heard the results of the test of course it’s not easy at all to nail an iconic sound like the one of Master Of Puppets I tried to nail it with the MOOER GE200 and it was hard but even with almost the same gear that Metallica should have used the sound is still hard to nail of course I don’t have the mixing desk neither the ears or the hands of the mixing engineer and my friend Marco that played on the tracks is not James Hetfield, so of course all these things make a big difference but I think that the biggest part is made by the different miking and the different cabinet and speaker but anyway, I wasn’t there when they recorded Master of Puppets also because I was just born and I couldn’t be there so I’ll never know but maybe it’s good to leave some of the mistery behind these classic albums Guys, I hope you liked this video as I said it will be probably be demonetized so I would not get any revenue from it so if you want to support me take a look at my Patreon and if you are interested on the alternate picking take a look on my Pickslating course down in the description if you dug deep into this tone quest please write down a comment and if you got better results let me know how writing a comment down below cause I wanna know how to get closer to such a legendary sound so guys that’s it for today see you next time!

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