The Problem With Paper Mario

The Problem With Paper Mario

Dear Nintendo, I’m done, I’m just I’m done. Sometimes you hold hope in your heart to help you get from day to day, you have to hold on to that hope! But, after a while you reach a point where that hope can only hurt you and all you can do is let go and move on. It’s better to simply accept that there is no hope so that you can start to heal Nintendo you just announced paper Mario Color Splash and the hope for a real Paper Mario sequel that I’ve been holding on to for over a decade, I’m letting it go. A lot of people will tell me not to judge the game based on this short clip, and we won’t know until the game’s out, but I’m not playing the whole game. I know what this is. I know what I’m seeing when I watch this, and it’s basically Sticker Star 2. I see no partners, No RPG elements, no interesting enemies or environments, or characters, I just- I see Sticker Star 2. With all due respect Nintendo, I don’t think you have any idea how much the first two games mean to us, you just don’t get it! You don’t understand the depth of our love for them for the characters the excellent battle system the awesome stories, the Worlds you gave us to explore that made the Mario universe seem, so rich and alive I’ve never been able to quite put my finger on what made those games so darn good, but It was something, and it’s clearer than ever that you simply do not understand that For starters, if you understood you would have never announced the game in such a casual way. When I think of a new Paper Mario coming I imagine a reveal as grand as one you would get for Zelda and Metroid. Some sort of exciting trailer, maybe starting with a little teaser than revealing that yes, this is a brand new Paper Mario game, but You didn’t do that. Bill came on with a goofy little paint joke and was just sort of like, “Hey look, here’s some new Paper Mario you get to paint and there are cards, and it’s kind of cool. Anyway, Pokkén Tournament” and I was like “WHAT!?” The fact that Paper Mario has become such a casual little Amusement to you speaks loads about the disconnect between you and fans of the series But that’s all probably the least of it if you really how much we love Paper Mario you would have never removed the refined addictive turn-based combat and replaced it with substandard 2D platforming and a 2D 3D mechanic that never lives up and if you understood you most certainly would have never even Dreamed of not only removing all experience points in RPG elements turning battle into something that’s better to avoid but stripping the series of any sort of plot or delightful characters or interesting cohesive environments or most? Egregiously any Bowser humor look you simplified Mario’s main games And I get that I totally do you tried having hub worlds and stories and adventury stuff, and you decided you know what? Mario is just about simple platforming and nothing else I didn’t exactly like that decision, but I understand it and most people are fine with it so cool But would you take the next Zelda game for instance and remove its story would you break the world into small isolated areas accessed Via world map remove items and Epona and just have sword fighting But it’s okay because there’s all these silly swords you can get and they all do different stuff Would you do that to such a beloved and deep series? Because there was a time when I thought similar treatment of Paper Mario would be Impossible the first Paper Mario was called Mario Story in Japan for Pete’s sake That game and Thousand-Year Door were epic quests through huge lands with the sequel building Incredibly on every single aspect of its predecessor this series was the perfect companion to the other Mario games which were and still are More about just picking up and playing for a bit of jump and fun one has to wonder why on Earth you would be Unsatisfied with this perfect setup of story Mario and platforming Mario now I do have a theory when the first Mario and Luigi came out naturally. I was like whoa It’s like Paper Mario on my Game Boy it had most of the same mechanics But with a bit more action in the combat in a much sillier field I imagine that over time you started to be like Why do we have to separate Mario RPG series? We wouldn’t have two slightly different Mario Golf or Mario Party series running concurrently So you figured that Mario and Luigi could be the official RPG series and Paper Mario could be more about whatever Papery mechanics You could come up with in a form that doesn’t necessarily have to match any sort of set style That’s why you then tried to make the game about platforming and perspective And you know what super paper Mario was definitely enjoyable if just for one playthrough do you know why it was still fun though? For me personally it was the fact that it still had an epic story and a fun cast of interesting and often Hilarious characters half of what I loved had been replaced with stuff that was okay, but that story still made it worth it But you weren’t done experimenting you sat on the series for several years then released Sticker Star a game that just broke my spirit Here was a game. That was just oozing with style just exploding with it the visuals were amazing the paper aesthetic was finally perfected and collecting and using stickers was so darn much fun and Turn-based battles were back, but like I said earlier battling when you didn’t have to just wasted your stickers And that nearly ruined the whole game by itself But then there were still no partners and in fact barely any characters at all there was no plot oh No Bowser stole the whatever sticker and we had to go get him plot synopsis Over there was no overworld to explore there were no towns Just dots on a world map Super Paper Mario at least had half of what I loved about the first two games Sticker Star had like 10% the rest was dumbed down stripped away turned into more of a shallow pick-up-And-play Experience and that brings us back to Color Splash Yeah, I don’t know everything about the game yet I’m jumping to conclusions yadda yadda yadda, but I know what it’s not and hey I’ll even admit just like the sticker mechanic painting stuff looks like fun. If they fix the XP problem They might have a little adventure like game That’s enjoyable in its own way totally but why does it have to be this way? Why are we just not allowed to have the Paper Mario? We want take the style of the original games and add the sticker or paint mechanics, and you would have Incredible experiences each one would be fresh while still being Exactly what we want. We love it when you try new things Nintendo. We really do But not when those new things replace nearly every old thing that we love You know what I know what we’re asking for is kind of a lot Those first two games were probably way harder to develop than the other games good plots are hard Writing is hard big connected over worlds are hard It’s hard to make a grand adventure that has a lot to it But you’ve done it before you used to do it all the time and on much weaker hardware You used to be ambitious you used to want to improve on your work Make it better every time and that’s what we want now. Don’t be the company that aims only for simple fun and sacrifices everything else Experiment. Keep using new ideas But make sure they’re supported by a complete experience that we want to return to again and again and this doesn’t just apply to Paper Mario Mario and Luigi the series that effectively replaced it has been getting stripped and Simplified in terms of plot and world building in every title that comes after Bowser’s Inside Story it has to stop Please just take a moment to actually listen to what your ravenous fans want Go anywhere on the internet and tell me what the vast majority of people are saying that kind of response is not normal It’s not healthy you absolutely cannot deny that nearly Every Paper Mario fan was extremely saddened by the disturbingly casual announcement of this game then when you’re done reading angry tweets go and check out some of the many fan games or go and see just how absolutely crazy We all are about the idea of using all sorts of Mario races as partners the idea of further Expanding this world that you’ve already started creating. We want a real sequel to Thousand-Year door and we want it so badly There’s nothing more I can say Nintendo except please Please make the Paper Mario game. I know you’re more than capable of making that we’ve been waiting so long for Make it silly and creative and charming with some cool new mechanic that brings something fresh to the series But also make it Paper Mario well, thanks for watching this 20-somethings heartfelt plea for a storybook themed, baby came and Just in case I did get the attention of someone at Nintendo, please let Pikmin 4 have a level Editor, please Oh, please oh, please oh, please oh, please

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  1. I blame Mr Miyamoto for this. Mario is about simple platforming, but Paper Mario is not a MARIO game, it's a different franchise, as well as Mario and Luigi.

  2. Shure super paper mario veers from its rpg roots, but at it's core it has an amazing story and characters. The main villain is more humanized and sympathetic than any other in the series. There where also parts in the game that genuinely made me cry. And as you would say in a future video we don't play paper mario because its paper, we play it for the story and characters. Shure its got its flaws, but every game does, and in my opinion super paper mario is the best mario game as far as storytelling goes.

  3. Sticker Star isn't a bad game, it's a bad Paper Mario game. I like Sticker Star, but I prefer the first 3 (mainly Super Paper Mario).

  4. You want to know the saddest thing about the Paper Mario series..?
    The early days of Sticker Star had exactly what we wanted for a new Paper Mario game, RPG elements with an in depth story, fleshed out characters and items, but Miyamoto took one look at it, and said it was basically The Thousand Year Door on the 3ds and scrapped the whole thing in favor of… this.
    We could have gotten a TTYD-like Paper Mario game lads…but Miyamoto didn’t want that. I’m going to go cry forever

  5. I'm still waiting for Nintendo to release Paper Mario Super Glue Adventures. It's a game where you touch the screen to kill enemies with super glue… and it'll be released for mobile.

  6. Color splash really did end up being sticker star 2.0. by far better than sticker star but doesn't live up to the first 3 paper Marios. I didnt mind super paper Mario but rpg element was better

  7. I have an idea for a new paper mario game, here. Use the whole "Bowser stole the thing, and go get him" story but you stop bowser instantly, and you get the thing but someone greater than bowser takes it, and plans to destroy the paper world! And he's an original villain. On your journey to stop the new bad guy, you find all new friends and some old ones from 1000 year door. How's that sound for a new paper mario game, huh?

  8. I have an idea for new paper Mario game I thought of it after I saw your video

    Here the plot both Peach has been kidnapped but while trying to save her you notice the koopa kingdom is being attacked by a unknown enemy.

    Now I’m not gonna tell you my entire idea but I will say I watched a let’s play of thousand year door

  9. if super paper mario was the first paper mario, i feel alot more people would have enjoyed it. it isn't a bad game, it is just overshadowed by the fact that it is needlessly different.

  10. all I want is a good drak story and good gameplay! RPG or the one in super paper mario I DON'T CARE ALL I CARE IS DONT MAKE IT STICKER STAR 3

  11. I mean we have Book of Mario 64 to look forward to this summer. That’s gotta mean something, right?

  12. My friend in school said sticker star is their favorite game and I freaking own the first 3 I said and my Idea of friends is horribly flawed.

    (I got super paper mario as my first, but the other two are BEUTIFUL!)

  13. I have one problem with most videos like these they always tell Nintendo this Nintendo doesn’t even make the games it’s made by other people who work for Nintendo.

  14. I actually love Dream Team, the only Mario and Luigi game
    I don’t like that much is Paper Jam. I’ve played all Mario and Luigi games except for Partners in Time. Unfortunately, the only Paper Mario game i have played is Sticker Star, but the old ones looks amazing but they haven’t released them on 3DS or Switch and it’s too late to get a Wii U

  15. I hate the 4th & 5th Paper Mario's too. But what the heck is with all the Super Paper Mario hate? It's gameplay might be average but it had arguably the best story to ever be in a Mario game.

  16. I don’t know if it’s a Japanese cultural thing or whatever. But Nintendo’s not listening to fans. They do their own thing and are confident to get support, and they do. I don’t know what to tell you. I’m just saddened.

  17. The only Paper Mario game I ever played was Super Paper Mario and it was amazing.
    Everyone says it sucked.

  18. Hey Arlo!
    Could you do a retro review of Paper Mario and Paper Mario the thousand year door?
    For us the old players to recall and remember and and for the new players to learn about them.

  19. I made the mistake of picking up Sticker Star, thankfully used. I returned it after playing for less than 30 minutes of playtime.

  20. Arlo in 2016: There is no hope for Paper Mario. The franchise is as good as dead at this point. Nintendo will never come through to us because they just don’t listen. The only thing to do is to just move on.


    Jokes aside, it’s amazing how far we’ve come from this video. To think three years have come and gone just like that…

  21. Out of curiosity what are Sticker Star and Colour Splash called in Japan? They can’t still be called “Mario Story”.

  22. I mean at age 8 I made a Paper Mario dungeon lock and stuck it on my door so the games had to be doing something right at some point.

  23. I hope that nintendo doesn't sell his company because of the fans like George Lucas although that's unlikely but could still happen

  24. stop hating on color splash stop hating on color splash stop hating on color splash stop hating on color splash stop hating on color splash stop hating on color splash stop hating on color splash stop hating on color splash stop hating on color splash stop hating on color splash stop hating on color splash stop hating on color splash stop hating on color splash stop hating on color splash stop hating on color splash stop hating on color splash stop hating on color splash stop hating on color splash stop hating on color splash stop hating on color splash stop hating on color splash stop hating on color splash stop hating on color splash stop hating on color splash stop hating on color splash stop hating on color splash stop hating on color splash

  25. I'd prefer another super paper mario like game instead. The first 2 paper mario games were just generic turn based RPGs. No wonder that never came back.

  26. I thought Sticker Star was pretty good, I’m already an addict when it comes to RPG exploration and collectibles so I was hooked

  27. Literally all they need to do is diversify the NPCs. It was nice to see traditional "monster" species used as townsfolk. There were Toads, but they usually had a unique look. The new Toads don't even have a variety of colors. And then the enemies, can you even remember all the monster types in TTYD? There were a ton. And so many NPCs and monsters were unique to that game, but they still fit into the Paper Mario aesthetic. It can't just be all Toads vs Shy Guys, the menagerie of bizarre and unique characters is the heart and soul of Paper Mario. It's a 2D sprite, it's not like they need to model anything, they could crank out hundreds of them with nothing more than some decent drawing software, that's why the old games could afford to go nuts and make so many unique characters even just for the background.

  28. I've legitimately seen this video like 20 times all the way through. It's perfect, and we need more Paper Mario content!

  29. I've never understood why so many people complained about how bad sticker star and color splash is…the first Paper Mario I played was TTYD…and yeah we all agree that's the best one, because you got to play as other characters…but you dont get to do that in color splash or sticker star…its just mario and 1 sidekick…I honestly think that's what all the complaining is about.
    I personally liked color splash and sticker star…I just like paper mario period. I like that Mario can use a big ass hammer!

  30. It is really weird watching this talk about Nintendo being boring or making bad design choices after the release of the switch and all the breakout games they made and the complete overhauls they pulled XD

  31. 3:00 Technically, that's what they did in BotW
    Story? All but completely gone. Not much going on in the game's present day.
    Items? The ones for puzzles are gone, replaced with runes.
    All these silly swords and stuff? Yes, quite a few.

  32. In my personal opinion i thought each of the paper mario games were good in their own and i liked each of them on their own ways and if you guys disagree i respect your opinion because we all have our own entitled opinions but i personally enjoyed each game on their own

  33. The games ranked worst (5) to best (1)…

    5: Sticker Star
    4: Color Splash
    3: Paper Mario (N64)
    2: Thousand-Year Door
    1: Super Paper Mario

    Fite me.

  34. Arlo: "Sticker Star bad. TTYD battles good."
    Me: "Hey I kinda like this guy. Seems pretty cool.

    Arlo: "Please let Pikmin 4 have a level editor!"
    Me: "Best YouTuber. Hire him, Nintendo."

  35. I liked Super Paper Mario for its wonderful story that made me cry it was so beautiful. Great characters and catchy songs. Couldn't bring myself to finish Sticker Star and never bought or played color splash.

  36. Guys, a prominent leaker said a few days ago we'd potientally get (among other things) a Paper Mario game in the style of the Thousand Year Door! If this is true, I'm stoked!

  37. If we get a new Paper Mario that's a return to form then people should thank people like you for making these videos and raising a ruckus. Unlike my friend who thinks people have no right to complain and whine or that it won't do anything.

  38. At this point I'll be okay with hd ports of the first three games, ideally a true remaster, but I don't have hope for future installments 🙁

  39. I genuinely loved Super Paper Mario, controls were slightly annoying but I mean for a game for the Wii it was pretty good and I loved the story too. Great to see you bring up how the characters and storytelling was great but I wouldn’t say only the first 2 paper Mario games were good I sorta feel like Super Paper Mario somewhat deserves recognition

  40. I’m not that much into the depth of RPGs.
    My first RPGs were M&L: Dream Team (my only 2DS game for a couple of weeks) and STICKER STAR.
    By the time I got COLOR SPLASH along with STICKER STAR, I knew a complement and 2 problems were at hand.
    1. Beautiful graphics (which is pushing it for the 3DS)
    2. Lack of characters and development for them.
    (It was a steal, since I got both half off.)

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