The Outrage Continues Over Mortal Kombat 11’s Joker Design

The Outrage Continues Over Mortal Kombat 11’s Joker Design

There is a whole new Joker making waves on
the internet, and we’re not talking about Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker or even the controversial
Jared Leto’s Joker. NetherRealm Studios officially announced a
Mortal Kombat 11 DLC that adds in six new characters, and one of these characters is
none other than the Joker, sporting a new look that not everyone is so keen on. “Is it just me… or is it getting crazier
out there?” After the announcement, one Twitter user wondered: “Why does Mortal Kombat 11 Joker look like
a cosplayer?” This version of the Joker doesn’t look anything
like Heath Ledger’s rough-around-the-edges Joker or even Jared Leto’s edgy Joker. Fans have felt that this new Joker doesn’t
really look the part of the clown prince of crime. One fed-up Reddit user even photoshopped a
paper bag over this new Joker’s head. And we get it. Seriously, there’s something just… wrong
about the Mortal Kombat 11 Joker. He’s too clean cut, young, and strangely buff
to be the Joker, especially after fans of the villain just experienced a skeletal, middle-aged,
disheveled take on the character in the award-winning film Joker. One theory as to why the Joker looks the way
he does is the fact that we originally learned of his inclusion in the game through a dataminer. Alongside the Joker leak was another pop culture
icon: Ash from The Evil Dead. You know, the guy with a chainsaw arm? He’s tailor made for a game that celebrates
gory kills. “Who the hell are you?” “Name’s Ash……. Housewares.” The idea is that the Joker and Ash may have
been combined – or their character models might be the same, which is why the Joker
looks like he could bench press the Batmobile. We have not heard anything about Ash since
the official announcement of the DLC pack which includes the Joker, Shang Tsung, Nightwolf,
The Terminator, Sindel, and the comic book antihero from hell, Spawn. Fans don’t have any complaints about these
characters. In fact, the Terminator looks just like Arnold
Schwarzenegger himself. These DLC characters will be released slowly
over time, with the Joker coming to the game on January 28. So why is everyone talking about him right
now? Recently, the game’s director, Ed Boon, tweeted: “Just watched an early pass at Joker’s Fatal
Blow….. Day-um!” He topped things off with a surprised emoji. In the replies, fans begged for another taste
of what’s to come for the Joker. But mostly, fans asked for alternate skins
based on their respective favorite incarnations of the character. Everyone is excited to see what kind of antics
the Mortal Kombat 11 Joker gets into, but no one really wants to look at him. It’s worth mentioning that the Joker has been
in a Mortal Kombat game before. The 2008 title Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe
saw the Joker getting his butt handed to him by Batman, then Scorpion. Eventually he gets the upper hand once he
is infected with Kombat Rage, which causes him to get overconfident and want to fight
every living thing in sight. His attacks are based on the gags he’s done
throughout his long criminal career: he has razor-blade playing cards, an acid-spraying
flower, and an electric hand buzzer. He even has an extendable boxing glove, along
with a pair of old fashioned revolvers. In the past, one of the Joker’s fatalities
was the aptly named “Killing Joke,” where the Joker shot at his foe with a revolver,
giggling when nothing but confetti and a sign saying BANG! came out. Then, of course, he took out a real revolver
and shot his opponent in the head. He also had a deadly “Card Trick,” which saw
him throw four cards at his opponent, the final card striking them between the eyes. What will the Joker’s move set be like this
time around? According to Ed Boon, the Joker will be “VICIOUS”
in all caps. Mortal Kombat 11 is a bloodbath of a game
with some of the most brutal fatalities the series has ever seen. We’ve come a long, long way since the days
of 16-bit blood spurts that made parents lobby for the game to be banned for its celebration
of violence. What would they think of today’s fatalities,
which depict melting flesh and ripped out, still-beating hearts in lifelike detail? In any case, we’re hoping that the Joker’s
new fatalities make up for his ill-received looks. If we’re lucky, there will be skins and cosmetics
released along the way that allow players to alter the Joker’s unfortunate face.

42 thoughts on “The Outrage Continues Over Mortal Kombat 11’s Joker Design

  1. I mean pancake games are whatever but they clearly should've gone straight with the dark knight version.

  2. These guest characters in Mortal Kombat games need to stop. Spawn is overrated, Joker looks like garbage, and Terminator doesn't even use Arnold's real voice. They are taking up spots for more deserving returning Mortal Kombat characters.

  3. Let’s be real did anyone really ask for Joker to be in MK11 I don’t think so so why the fuck is he even in the game I know MK and DC have crossed over in games before but come on man the gameplay will be the same everything will be the same I would’ve preferred Pennywise to be in MK11 instead of Joker if they had added Ash (don’t know if they had the rights yet or not) then maybe nobody would start criticizing the Kombat pack because when Sindel appeared everyone was excited then Spawn appeared everyone jumped out of their seats Joker appears and everyone is underwhelmed and there’s hardly any reactions for Terminator because everyone knew he would be in the game

  4. This is the internet, of course people are going to "rage"
    However, they also have extremely short attention spans, so this will all be forgotten about when Spawn and Sindel get released 🤷🏼‍♂️

  5. You all do realize his face will very likely be customizable. Which will be a good to me because that means you can play your favorite era Joker from Cesar Romero to Joaquin Phenix since the Joker himself is an enigma.

  6. It’s really that bad? I thought it was actually neat. His smile is what gets me the most. He’s so clean cut and the demented, perfect smile slides right into the uncanny valley. I’d be more upset about how terminator’s voice acting is shoddy

  7. They made him look like that on purpose so people will spend extra money for premium in game currency in order to get the joker skin they really want.

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