The Original Kinetic Sand by Brookstone

The Original Kinetic Sand by Brookstone

Sandy beaches? Awesome. Honey, did you pick up
the lobster for tonight? [SCREAM] Sandy living rooms? Not awesome. Get your hands on SAND. The curiously awesome
indoor play sand. SAND is so
fascinating, you might think it’s from another planet. You can sculpt it and
it holds its shape, and just look at it flow. Cutting into it is a uniquely
satisfying experience. Compact your SAND and
try writing or doodling like you would on the beach. Though it’s dry, you can mold
SAND as easily as wet sand, and it’s fun to sculpt
into imaginative creations. You can create fun shapes with
things like cookie cutters, and play with a combination
of all these techniques to build complex scenes. SAND is an amazing
Swedish invention. It’s 98% sand, 2% polymer,
and 100% percent awesome. No matter how long you leave
it out, putty like SAND will always stay
soft and pliable. This non-toxic material
is addictively fun. So kids five and up
may never put it down. SAND is easy to clean up
because it sticks to itself, not your hands– uh hands. And it doesn’t leave
any residue behind. With so many fun uses, SAND
is a great gift for everyone. Like, don’t be surprised
if they get too attached. Sergeant, I think we’re lost. We’re on the wrong beach. Ahh. Doesn’t matter none. Now our position is here. What we need to do is
head up this tree line because they’re on the ridge. Now I would have done better,
but I didn’t have a lot of time to spend on this. Thanks, sir. That’s actually pretty good. Ahh, I ain’t your prom date. Let’s go. Pick up SAND and
all the accessories now at Brookstone or [SINGING]

100 thoughts on “The Original Kinetic Sand by Brookstone

  1. is it just me or did anyone else remember going to the mall and playing with the little snadbox kits at brookstone

  2. So that means I can do anything with son that we can you make a zombie out of it and anything how do you even make these things how did you guys make that a moon a castle and how do you make all this fun stuff like 19 how much money does this cost to buy everything I’m asking your vet 19 I don’t think when you say that

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