The Open Boat by Stephen Crane (Summary) – Minute Book Report

The Open Boat by Stephen Crane (Summary) – Minute Book Report

This is a story about a crew of men who are
stranded on a small boat after their ship sinks. On board the boat is a hurt captain,
an oiler named Billie, a correspondent, and a cook. Billie and the correspondent take
turns rowing the boat to the captain’s orders. The captain spots a light in the distance,
which is a lighthouse, and so they row towards the lighthouse. However, because the waves
are strong, they can’t reach land and the captain decides to pull back into the open
sea. After drifting for a while, they try again
toward the island and see a crowd of people waving to them on land. They try to make it,
but again, the waves are too much. The captain realizes that the boat will not
be able to sustain them for much longer and so they try one more time to make it to shore.
As they row toward the shore, the boat begins to sink and all of the crew jumps out. The captain hangs on to the boat, while the
rest of the crew swims to shore. The correspondent is stuck in a bad current, but is then tossed
by a wave and makes it ashore. He is greeted by a man who helps pull all of the crew from
the water. In the end, all of the crew make it safely
to the beach except for Billie, who drowns, and they bury his body.

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