The One Thing: Stampin Up!

The One Thing: Stampin Up!

I’m Shelly Gardner. I am CEO with Stampin
Up! Well we started in 1988, so we’re 25 years old this year and we started with two employees
and part time people coming on originally. And now we have nearly 500 employees and nearly
50,000 demonstrators around the world. A lot of people, especially in Utah assume that
we’re a scrapbooking company. We do sell products for scrapbooking, but those same products,
which are stamps, ink and paper and a myriad of accessories, they’re used to create cards,
gift wrapping, scrapbooking, home decor. We sell product through demonstrators, home party
plan, and those demonstrators can make a little extra money or make a lot extra depending
on how many hours they want to put into it. So I think for us, if I had to pick one thing,
we focus more on people and relationships than we do on anything else. And the rest
kind of happens naturally. It may sound a little trite, but we focus more on relationships,
more on people than we do product. Product is really important. We want quality product.
We want to be able to encourage creativity with our product. That’s what people work
on every day in the office. But when it really comes down to it we build relationships within
the company and with our demonstrators outside of the company and our customers. When you
ask how Stampin Up! made a difference, they don’t usually say, well I was able to buy
a home, or I was able to pay off my husband’s truck or I paid for piano lessons. They usually
go straight to the relationships and that’s what has made the difference. The money just
follows. We started out in our living room and within a few months moved into a warehouse
with an office. And then a few months later, a warehouse and two offices, and we’re finally
in buildings of our own. But along the way it’s been easy to focus on people because
I think that the growth has been organic. And I know this sounds kind of silly maybe,
but you don’t just become a parent of 10 children all at once, or even 4, it’s one at a time
and you learn that you can love that one and then you learn that two, well how could you
not love two. And then when you’re done having children, well you love them all. Along with
that, I mean, I’ve had Board members over the years who have said, why do you have a
facility in Kanab? Couldn’t you be more profitable by moving those operations here in Northern
Utah? Yes. We could probably be more profitable. But it’s important for me to have a presence
there. I want to be loyal to them. They’ve been loyal to us. The community there has
been good to us. Why would I want to, for the sake of the all mighty dollar, why would
I want to move that up here? I said, I can give up some of the profit to be a part of
a community that needs us and we need them. What goes around comes around and if you’re
focused on money, maybe money will come, but if you’re focused on relationships you get
relationships and money. I’m passionate about the people that I work with and I’m passionate
about our product and what we can do with our product. And that passion translates,
not just for me, but amongst each other for our demonstrators – they love what they do.
They love showing people how to take our product and create something wonderful with it. That
is the turning point. That is an evolution, that’s something that happens over time as
you grow and evolve.

4 thoughts on “The One Thing: Stampin Up!

  1. Why don't you charge more for your stamps and we not pay shipping? The shipping costs are the reason I don't order more.

  2. i love this video!! and… even more than that….. i love that i can be a part of such a wonderful company!! thank you for all you've done for ALL of us, Shelli!!

  3. Stampin ups shipping and handling çosts are absurd, and all of those photopolymer stamps are terribly high priced when photopolymer is considrably cheaper to produce

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