The Mummy (7/10) Movie CLIP – Imhotep Creates a Killer Sandstorm (1999) HD

The Mummy (7/10) Movie CLIP – Imhotep Creates a Killer Sandstorm (1999) HD

[ Screaming, Grunting ] – Get off of me! Get off!
– [ Spitting ] [ Shaky Voice ]
l need a new job. [ Evelyn ]
Oh, my God. We’re back. [ Airplane Engine Buzzing ] O’Connell. – [ Roaring ]
– [ Screams ] Oh, my God. Hey, Winston!
Pedal faster! Hang on, men! [ All Screaming ] [ All Screaming ] Aaah! – Aah!
– [ Roars ] Stop it!
You’ll kill them! That’s the idea. [ All Yelling ] Aaaah! Here l come, laddies!
[ Laughing ] [ Engine Sputtering ] [ Explosion ]

100 thoughts on “The Mummy (7/10) Movie CLIP – Imhotep Creates a Killer Sandstorm (1999) HD

  1. The airplane is a Stampe SV I believe. Popular airplane in movies for years. They were a big workhorse in Hollywood before CGI replaced everything.

  2. Captain Winston Havelock: What’s your little problem got to do with His Majesty’s Royal Air Corps?
    Rick O’Connell: Not a damn thing.
    Captain Winston Havelock: Is it dangerous?
    Rick O’Connell: You probably won’t live through it.
    Captain Winston Havelock: By Jove, do you really think so?
    Jonathan Caranhan: Everybody else we’ve bumped into has died. Why not you?
    Captain Winston Havelock: What’s the, uh— What’s the challenge then?
    Rick O’Connell: Rescue damsel in distress kill the the bad guy and the save the world.
    Captain Winston Havelock: Oh! Winston Havelock at your service, sir. See that? I’ve never seen one so big.
    Rick O’Connell: Never?
    Captain Winston Havelock: No!
    Rick O’Connell: Oh, my God. Hey, Winston! Pedal faster!
    Captain Winston Havelock: Hang on, men!
    [Sandstorm Chasing The Plane]
    [Rick See A Large Face Appearing Into The Sandstorm. It’s Imhotep]
    [Rick Fires A Lewis Machine Gun At Him]
    Rick O’Connell: Aaah!

  3. Soñé que papa volaba en un avion en un horrible remolino de destrucción…
    Pues yo soñé que mamá besaba una momia…
    eso no es posible
    si lo es
    que no
    que si
    que no
    que si

  4. Stephen Sommers did a spectacular job of the sandstorm. 👍👍 two thumbs up for Rick's screaming at the mummy's sand face.

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  6. I always notice most of all the messed up parts of the movie and on other movies too

    Like where the mummy guy took the guys eyes notice that guy used glasses how can the mummy see without the glasses that part is messed up on the film theirs lots of other messed up parts in the first and second movie

    I noticed them i wondered how many other people do to.

  7. I remember Winston Bernard Fox on the Andy Griffith show sometimes that’s where I first seen him was on that show.

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