“The Magic Moment” – Peter Dahmen the Amazing Paper Engineer

“The Magic Moment” – Peter Dahmen the Amazing Paper Engineer

(sparkling magical music) – I really love to work with paper because this material
has such nice qualities. It’s lightweight but at
the same time, very strong. A long time ago in the year 1989, it was the third semester of
my graphic design studies. We had a very interesting task. We should create three
dimensional objects from paper and I loved this topic because I always liked to
create things from paper, but at the same time I had a big problem because I had no car at the time and I had to go by
train to the university, and so I thought, “what could I do?” Because to transport such huge buildings would have been a problem and I thought about it for a day or so, and then it came to my
mind, and what I did, the idea to make them collapsible, and from that time on I
started to create popup cards. (bubbly magical music) My very first sketches for even the most elaborate popup cards, the first sketches are always
very ugly, very simple, and I’m developing them
from a very easy state and I’m not solving 20 problems at a time, but step by step, and this peacock thing,
now everybody says, “Oh, that looks nice.” Yes, but I haven’t shown you the 20 ugly things that I made before. So the best thing I can tell for people who want to learn something. Don’t give up if you fail because I myself fail a lot of times. (soft magical music) Many artists that create popup cards are interested in studying
and telling stories or creating something
that looks like reality, but the thing that I’m
mostly interested in is the movement. So if anybody asks me, what does this look like, what is it? I can’t tell you. I cannot tell you. It’s just to make the
movement a beautiful thing. (soft magical music) It’s always the same. I open popup cards for so many years now, but it’s still the magical moment. It’s the kind of wonder. You have some kind of just stuff… It’s dead material but you
grab it with your hands and you move it a little
bit and something appears in front of your eyes. It’s always like a magical moment.

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  2. It's always so wonderful watching you work. The movement is so beautiful. It is magical when you see what appears from a closed piece of card stock.. You have a special gift and I'm thankful that I can see these videos from time to time.. Thank you so much for sharing with all of us your wonderful talent…………pat

  3. Wow..this is amazing to see. I really like handcrafted pop up cards. I too have made peacock pop up card for my friend but sir other then peocock pop up card what u did was truely magic moment for me …I would love to learn .

  4. It’s really beautiful. It is really amazing what can be done with paper.
    Thank you for this post.

  5. I failed because of the expense of resources. I failed because the materials and resources that I have to use in my type of craft are precious to the earth's life. I failed because I love life more than my craft of mechanics and engineering. I didn't fail life but I failed my genius. If I hadn't failed my genius, my genius would have failed the world. It's genius but not. My craft was of metals and steel. There is plenty of plastic.

  6. Amazing. The most memorable card that I ever got was a handmade Valentine's Day pop-up card sent from my friend Micheal who lived 1200 miles away when we were kids. It had a gold Cupid with red feathers for wings on the front with a commercially made 3D tissue paper heart on the inside, and gold and red heart stickers all over. For nearly two decades, I held onto it until a jealous boyfriend found it and destroyed it. Nothing store bought has matched that special card.

  7. Please tell us how to make this types of paper crafts and make video so we can also make this type of paper crafts

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  9. Wouldn't it be an amazing life if we could all just work at making beautiful things during the day and not worry about finances? I've been trying fire 25 years and yet it's still a spare time hobby because I need to eat to live and have a home to sleep in so I can work to pay for food and a house. ..and on and on. This is failure. Doing the same thing everyday and expecting new results. 😅😕

  10. Sir. U deserve millions of subscribers..bcase its a true talent and every one dont possess that…
    I subscribed your channel..
    Love from INDIA..

  11. Este papel, lo hacen en México desde antes de la Revolución , para adornar el día de los muertos y Navidad. El papel picado es que que tiene figuras planas y el otro le llamamos faroles.

  12. Waw its looking mesmerising sir please sir send your videos how to make pop up cards. Its my request to u sir.

  13. The moment he said " how was he going to transport his project" then he folded it! 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 so amazing. Thank you for sharing your passion.

  14. Can't watch this without cringing at what my three-year-old niece did to our pop-up books last Sunday. As I watched her slowly destroy them, all I could do was say to myself over and over again, "Más se perdió en el Diluvio."

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