The Log (Clash Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

The Log (Clash Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay Tutorial. Today we are going to create the legendary card the Log. Finally from Clash Royale. I know that some of you have been waiting for a very long time for this tutorial. I am honestly sorry that it took me so long to create the Log from Clash Royale. I didn’t even find the poll results from this poll we once made, I’m really sorry. I just had no idea how to create the Log in an interesting way, because let’s face it just to create this tree trunk with the thorns looks boring. But finally I came up with a nice idea with the skeleton to tell a tiny story. So let’s jump in. Let’s create the Log scenery together. Now the tree trunk is created out of brown clay and I’m just putting in some ochre for… Yeah, what’s that called in the tree? I would say grain or texture of the tree. Here we go for some more texture on the edge and of course, we will also create the annual rings inside this ochre. I’m using just my needle tool for that and it’s very easy to create when you just turn around the trunk in your hand, when you just roll it like that. Here we go. Okay, what is missing for the log? Of course the silver thorns? To be honest, I haven’t played the Log a lot. I have the card of course, who doesn’t? But I never created attack with a Log which worked great. I rather used the Zap and maybe a fireball, but there are huge groups of skeletons and minions together, but normally I can just work with the Zap perfectly. So this is why I haven’t used the Log a lot, but it’s quite cheap. Just two elixirs to play. I think this is pretty fair. Now these three thorns will be added after oven hardening. And now we will create the scenery. And I wanted it to be a bit crooked, because it should look like as if the Log would roll downhill and therefore the underground had to be a bit crooked, yeah. Adding the texture as always. I did that in many, many Clash Royale tutorials before. Here we go. Yeah, and I’m still playing. I’m still playing Clash Royale. I have recently been kicked out of my clan. I think because I was a little bit inactive. I haven’t been playing a lot lately because I needed time. Hello skeleton army. I needed some time to get into the new update and to get familiar with the clan wars, but now that I completely understood the clan war concept I’m playing again and it’s still pretty nice to play three or four games a day and that’s it. Yeah. So if you are still interested in playing with me together we should totally start the clan together. I can’t be kicked out of my own clan I guess. Yeah. For the grass details I even used my toothbrush, but the best way is still to use a scalpel or any kind of needle to make all these tiny dots. Just adding some more grass to the edge. And it looks great and well, we need some more grass details, because the Log is throwing it all into the air and this big one will be the flower. I thought it would be just funny when the skeleton… He puts his sword down, sticks it into the ground because he doesn’t want a fight. He doesn’t want to fight anymore and well he’s collecting flowers and he has a great day until this big Log killed him. Yeah, here we go. Hello, skeleton! you remember my Skeleton Army tutorial. I’m just showing some steps on how to create the skeleton. I’m using a paper clip for that. If you want to see the full tutorial i’ll link it, just click on the I in the right upper corner. Now we can place the skeleton or at least make some foot marks on the grass and we have to remove the sword in order to get the flower there. Yeah, nice guy he’s so peaceful and then he is killed by the Log. Let’s go to the oven! Freshly baked Log and a flower and a stand! And all we have to do is to glue and assemble everything with some super glue I’m using. So we start with three thorns at first and this is the final version of the Log. It’s already finished and now we will place it onto the stand. Therefore I’m using my hand drill. Just make a tiny hole and I’m using some glue for the hole that it sticks onto the wire. And maybe you have already seen it in the thumbnail I used some wool for this rolling effect. It is always quite difficult to create something out of clay, which is supposed to be in move, which is moving. And well this Log is rolling and flying through the air and I thought a great way to show this effect is to use the wool. Yeah. It looks a bit like in comics. I think this is OK. Yeah, don’t forget to stick the sword into the ground because this guy, the skeleton has decided to become peaceful. Peaceful with all his enemies. And now we are gluing some pieces of mat and dirt and some stones and also the grass pieces into the wool. And it already looks so amazing! Just adding some more details and well maybe we can even add some more skeletons. They will laugh at this guy. I guess that’s it the Log! Guys I hope you enjoyed this tutorial As always please let me think about this tutorial. Write it down in the comments. I guess that’s it for today! Thanks a lot for watching. Take care. Have a great weekend. See you soon. Bye! What’s that sound?

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  1. awesome tutorial where we can see the dirt and grass flipped up just like the card picture in game
    lol the flower

  2. Fireball on minions? Dude you hear about tactics with log with posion and arrows? Try this it's kill all minions,skeletons and graveyards.

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