The Japanese Puffer Fish’ Amazing Mating Ritual

The Japanese Puffer Fish’ Amazing Mating Ritual

Fortunately, This small kawaii pufferfish is my life. Almost the point of superpower like fly, or eat doritos But btw, he is probably the greatest mlg pro in the world To grab a pussy, he creates something that almost defies belief His only tools are his shooting star music, and We are number one In his head, He memorized all the memes in the world He ploughs the sand, breaking it up into are finest of particules He can’t rest for than a moment, but must work 24 hours a day, cauz he’s chinese Or the current will destroy the meme world (plz no) A final tidy-up and his meme is complete (EPIC MUSIC) THE MEME WORLD IS SAVE, BY THE LORD OF MEMES, GRANDAYY SUBSCRIBE TO GRANDAYY!

100 thoughts on “The Japanese Puffer Fish’ Amazing Mating Ritual

  1. It's nice to know where this technique originated from. Thank you, grandayy. (lovin' those subtitles)

  2. Did the name change on the video? It used to be "I'm quitting memes to start making documentaries" no?

  3. I was trying to find the part of the video where he finds his women but instead I see this 😐

  4. If you can make a meme based around a fish, you need to make a musical meme based around the lyrebird, the bird that can sing almost anything


  6. "nowhere else in nature does an animal construct something as complex and perfect as this"

    So bird nests are being created by cyborgs? fuck you David Attenborough I don't believe in cyborgs.

  7. Lol I just switched on TV and saw the original Documentary just at this part:
    "Magnificent, nature never ceases to amaze one with it's beautiful art…" – "OMG LOL SEND NUDES IT'S THE FISH FROM THAT ONE GRANDAYY MEME OMG LMAO XD"

  8. Some kid in my class showed this video and thought it was a educational one and my teacher said β€œWhat’s send nudes?” And our entire class just died

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