The Indestructable Piñata

The Indestructable Piñata

Piñatas I love piñatas. It’s perfect for when you want to beat something to death, but also want candy! Why do they make it look so pretty? Most of the time when you’re playing with it, it looks like this: *Darkness* What the… ALEX what are you *stutter* doing here? I just wanted to know what it would feel like to have a million subscriber (*Holds “R”* s.) *Interupts* No, go. Get out. Go back to itsAlexClark and wait your turn. Okay… fine… Don’t come back unless you have cake! *SIGHS* Piñatas *Song Slows Down* Here is a story that involved me when I was a first
grader in a piñata. I don’t know if any of you guys did this
in your elementary school but when it was someone’s birthday, that kid would bring treats for the whole class. And then the whole class would take 10 minutes, stop
everything they’re doing and then pass out the pastries to everyone. How come we
don’t do that anymore? In high school, depending on the teacher, They don’t do
anything for your birthday party. And in college, heck, no one even talks to you. So I have
a twin sister and we were in the first grade together, so when it came time for
our birthdays we had to celebrate two birthdays. It’s double birthdays, we gotta
do something extra special My mom had an idea, “Let’s do a piñata.” But
since my mom is super cheap she decided to make her own piñata paper mâché. And
it turns out making homemade piñatas are easy. All you gotta do is blow up a
balloon, cover it in paper mâché, wait for it to harden, pop the balloon inside, cut a
hole up and fill it with candy, cover the whole back up with paper mâché, paint it and
then beat it senseless. Simple. So my mom went above and beyond made a sphere
piñata for our entire first grade class. Me and my sister’s birthday is towards the
end of the school year. In elementary school that last week of school, like, you
don’t even do anything, it doesn’t even count. So hopefully my teacher wasn’t too
mad what was about to transpire. My sister and I were just pumped the whole school
day because we helped build the piñata, we helped paint it and now we’re going to
help beat to pieces. The teacher eventually called out, “Alright class, James’ mom made us a piñata so we’re all gonna go outside and whack it!” Oh, YES! This was
perfect! It was our birthday; we got to beat up a piñata at school. I have the
best mom. Me and my sister got a swing first because we’re the birthday bois. We
didn’t end up breaking it, but I wasn’t mad. Let these other non-birthday people
have some fun, I’m a generous guy hey,in the end I just want the the next
guy goes up, then next and then the next and then eventually everyone gotta turn. Well,
piñatas supposed to break ain’t it?Apparently my mom was a little
precautious and put a few extra layers of paper mache and the pinata so that
way everyone would get a turn Yay! and apparently she also overestimated the
strength of paper mache and first-graders.But did this teacher let
the whole class down? No! You know what she did bless her soul she said “alright
class we’re all gonna take turns uhhh throwing this against a curb!” I mean what other option did this teacher
have? She could have stabbed it but I don’t think that would have been very
fun. Looking back she might have just been wanting to speed up the process but
as a group of seven year olds we had a blast! Also i’m glad the pinata was not
the shape of an animal because imagine how traumatizing that would have been to see
seven year old’s curb stomp a unicorn. We would have been like little tiny mob
bosses! Alright Tony, ready to give up the candy? (No I don’t) Such a shame you feel that way,
Tony. Bruce. I’m glad my mom was so thoughtful putting all those layers of
paper mache and the pinata because we all gotta turn throwing the pinata on
the ground. I remember getting so into it I remember
jumping up in the air before smashing the pinata onto the pavement. Nothing was
gonna get in between me and whatever candy was in there. Pretty soon though
we’re all getting pretty antsy everyone was like “uhh I was promised there’d be candy.” Eventually after what felt like an
eternity of beating this pinata into the ground we gotta rip. I don’t know if you
guys saw the first episode of the walking dead it’s actually the only
episode i’ve ever seen. And there’s a scene in the first episode
where the zombies rip open a horse and eat its organs. Well that was pretty much what it looks
like after we got a rip in the pinata. I don’t remember what candy was in
there but hopefully it was worth it. And that was probably the best and worst
pinata I ever broke. Have any of you guys curb stomped a piñata that your
mom made for you in the first grade. Tell me below in the comments. Also want to
give a big big thank you to CaptainSparklez who was okay with
playing a woman, I don’t know if you could tell, but my teacher was actually
Jordan. And it’s so cool that I’ve been looking up to CaptainSparklez for so
long and now he’s in one of my videos so dreams do come true I also want to give another thanks to
Alex. wait wait wait *sigh* What Alex? I’ve made you a cake it’s your favorite. Awww thanks Alex I hope it wasn’t too much
trouble, you’ll get there one day buddy Yeah… I will. wait what was that? You earned
it James congrats on one million subscribers! Cheers! Oh uhhh Cheers. mmh this is really good you should bake the
cake for when I hit two million next month. *Coughing Noises* Oh what was that? well James that’s very simple I poisoned
your cake. What! It’s so much fun you know because now the channel, It’s MINE. How
dare you Alex! *Continued Intense coughing noises*

100 thoughts on “The Indestructable Piñata

  1. On my birth day I had a game truck at my house it was cool and there were tow cakes 🎂 it was fun and we had 14 pizza box my mom and dad are rich James sooo you can come if you want to maybe not or maybe yes

  2. My grandma and I share the same birthday. Same day but not the year. I love my grandma. And in the Philippines the celebrant is always greeted even highschool like me. And they crack eggs on the celebrant's head for the believe that it gives you luck and also for the celebrant. Piñata is not a thing in the Philippines but they use palayok as an alternative. They fill a clay pot (Which is called palayok) with flour, candies and coins. The blinded celebrant gets to break the pot and the flour makes it more challenging for the kids to get a money because it gets foggy and the particles cover the money. The game is called Pukpok palayok

  3. Not necessarily curb-stomped it, but my little ghost piñata for my birthday (October 25th, so there were only Halloween-piñatas at WalMart XD) was INDESTRUCTIBLE. We literally broke its string off before it even had a crack. So as a bunch of 11-year-olds, we did the next best thing and beat the devil outta it while it was on the floor.
    I’m talking we kicked, punched, and wrestled the candy of that poor little ghost.

    Casper didn’t give us the candy.
    And he payed the price.

  4. In my contry we are always
    celebrating a person when he have birth day in school. because is not every day you getting a year older

  5. In my school you get to dress down on your birthday. Unless your birthday is in the summer. In which case you never get to wear non-uniform clothes to school unless you like win a contest or its almost a holiday.

  6. At a party once there were 3 piñatas. I broke the first 2 and was the last in line. My brother broke the stick on the last piñata.

  7. i’m here 2019 because i wanted to see how much better he does… i was right james is better now he improved❤️

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