The HU – Wolf Totem (Official Music Video)

The HU – Wolf Totem (Official Music Video)

If lions come, we’ll fight until the end If tigers come, we’ll fight and battle If elephants come, we’ll fight in rage If humans come, we’ll fight and obliterate We, If lions come, we’ll fight until the end If tigers come, we’ll fight and battle If elephants come, we’ll fight in rage If humans come, we’ll fight and obliterate If you come as snakes, We’ll become Garuda birds and fly over you If you come as tigers, We’ll face you as Lions with blue mane HU HU HU HU HU HU HU HU If you with come evil intentions, we’ll give you a fight! Ten of us will strike you as thunder Hundred of us will shatter your hearts Thousand of us will destroy and obliterate Ten thousand of will hand you the wrath of Heaven! If you come as flood, we’ll fight until the death If you come swarming, we’ll scatter you around If you come flying, we’ll shoot you down with our archery If you come charging, we’ll slice you with our swords HU HU HU HU HU HU HU HU Let’s cut through them as speed of flying falcons! Let’s burn within as the hearts wolves! Let’s stampede with our horses! Let’s defeat them with the wisdom of our Great Khaan, Chinggis! HU HU HU HU HU HU HU HU

100 thoughts on “The HU – Wolf Totem (Official Music Video)

  1. Did anyone notice that at 5:13 in the video there's a shot of a clenched fist with rings on. One of them is "Mongolian Choppers" and the other is blurred out. Then at 5:17 the same clenched fist is shown but the second ring is not blurred and it has a Nazi symbol on it. Thought that was kind of odd.

  2. I think this music can be a good one (head to head) against this : 😀

  3. -если перевод на русский язык правильный…-то это шедевр !!

  4. Me and my poodle listened to this song once. He turned into a giant wolf and now I'm riding him into battle with a lance on my back and a bow in my hands.

  5. Just putting this out there, those are not Swastikas that you see. Swastikas are tilted 45 degrees. Learn some cultural history before ignorantly saying that they are Swastikas.

  6. Man, I was starting to like this band, but it seems like they're nazis / far-right nationalists:

    The symbol on that Ring at 5:12 is tilted 45 degrees and the the second ring shows an iron cross, which should put the other symbol into context: It is indeed a swastika.
    Also the traditional buddhist symbol has the "arms" go to the left. The symbol on that ring has the arms go to the right… again: It is a swastika.

    Also: Here's a picture from nazi germany that shows the usage of a non-tilted swastika:

  7. Imagine you got some soft music on during sex… then… all of a sudden… their vocals come out of nowhere… HU HU HU HU HU HU

  8. Someone looked closer into the biker gang featured in this video.

    Turns out: They are nazis…

  9. Файно , міцно , але цікаво , просто прийде до вас , чи з війною ? А то переклад такий шо всі хто до вас прийде ви будете лупасити .

  10. The Hu ▶️🔊🎸🥁🎤

    2019 —> Bigbang of asia⏱💣💥
    Gerege of Great Chinggis khaan 💫
    'Азийн их тэсрэлт '
    2020 —> New Hit songs of world🌏⚡
    'Дэлхийн шинэ хит дуунууд'
    2021 —> New empire is rising🌐👑 'Шинэ эзэнт гүрэн мандаж байна '
    2022 —> Strategy of Mongols 🎯🏆
    'Агуу хит дуунууд '
    2023 —> Conquers the world 🤟🗺
    'Дэлхийг дайлаар мордоё'
    2024 —> Power of nomads.🌀🎠
    'Нүүдэлчдийн хүч'
    2025 —> Who is Hu? all the world ask.🎉😮😜
    'Хү гэж хэн бэ? бүх дэлхий асууж байна.'
    2026 —> Promise your blood. Be legend.🧠❤🙏
    'Цусан тангараг өргөх нь'
    2027 —> Legend band 🥇🗝🔝
    'Домог хамтлаг'
    2028 —> Record band 🥇📈🔝
    'Рекордыг эзэмшигчид'
    2029 —> Forever with us🔥🔥🔥🌍🌎🌏
    'Үүрд сэтгэлд мөнхрөх шүтээн'


  11. Awe inspiring to think that even the almighty Roman empire kowtowed before the raw military power of the Mongols. Today that will be alike the US doing the same to China.

  12. we got a few uncultured dumbasses in the comments thinking the asians are nazi's for having a certain symbol that existed long before the said nazi's.

  13. The music is great. The video is not so much: dumb harleys on the fucking steppe? Really? A GS would be much more appropriate or Urals! It seems, even the mongols succumbed to the same american cultural netflix hegemony like everyone else. Not the tiger you should be afraid of.

  14. Amazing sound💪💪💪 and the perfect frequenzies for Meditation and healing. Thank you very much for this wonderfull music. I hope the hu do this for a long long time. Greetings from 🇨🇭

  15. Love this song, and was excited to see it on XM radio finally. Too bad they had to mix some terrible band overtop of the song though.

  16. Супер, красавцы, приезжайте к нам, обязательно приду на Ваш концерт

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