The Good Place – She’s Not the Only One! (Episode Highlight)

The Good Place – She’s Not the Only One! (Episode Highlight)

What’s up? – Well, Janet has been acting
as my assistant. It’s not what she was
designed to do. Didn’t go great.
– But now I’m back to normal. It turns out
that the best Janet was the Janet that was
inside Janet all along. – She was feeling a little lost,
so I gave her a self-help book
to restore her confidence. – Now I’m living my truth
and creating my bliss. – Anyway, um, look, Michael asked me if I would
serve as his assistant, but I’d quite like to focus
on my relationship with Jianyu. So I recommended you
for the job. [giggles] – Eleanor, you
and I could work side-by-side to figure out what’s going wrong
with this neighborhood. Will you help me? – How could I say no?
– Yeah, hurrah! – Hurrah!
– [giggles] – What now? [sighs] Relax, Eleanor. You sent this to yourself. This is your own guilt
manifesting itself. – I’ve been waiting for you. – Jianyu? You talk now? You sent me
these threatening notes? What the fork, man? Some Buddhist monk you are. – You don’t belong here. Admit it. – Okay, you’re right. I don’t belong here. Michael made a mistake. But I’m trying, dude. I’m really trying
to be a good person. And I think I’m changing
for the better, so just please,
please don’t rat me out. – Don’t worry, I won’t.
– [sighs] – Because I’m not
supposed to be here, either. I don’t know how I got here,
I have no idea what’s going on, and I am freakin’ out,
homey! You got to help me. I’m scared! – What?

29 thoughts on “The Good Place – She’s Not the Only One! (Episode Highlight)

  1. That was one if the best twists ever. He does a great job in this show for a smart person in real life

  2. I kinda want this series to end in Michael talking in the meeting room with all of the other demons about how everything turned out the way it was supposed to and that it was all a success.

  3. Does anyone else notice when ever they referer to a person in this show they always say SHE? Other people can say Janet's name in passing nothing happens Elenor says Janet's name in passing she always appear….something's up with that

  4. I hope The Good Place gets a syndication deal immediately following the 4th and last season. The 1st season will be considered one of the best TV seasons of all time in a few years, if it hasn't already.

  5. Knowing what I know now… I don't get how Jason actually handled pretending to be like a wise even when revealing himself to Elenor here he didn't break the monk thing for a good amount of time… just in last few seconds…

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