The EPIC Ninja Star Boomerang! (Amazing Origami/Paper Toy)

The EPIC Ninja Star Boomerang! (Amazing Origami/Paper Toy)

Hey, what’s up guys it’s Rob and welcome
to my tutorial for: The Ninja Star Boomerang! I spoke with Jeremy Shafer about trying to come up with a ninja star that comes
back and while each of us were trying to figure it out, we both came up with our
own designs. Mine is made from half a sheet of printer paper and flies like
this… while Jeremy’s is made from for origami squares and flies just like this.
I’ll have a link to his tutorial at the end of the video so be sure to check it
out! I’m really happy and proud of the Ninja Star Boomerang because it’s not
only easy to make, but it flies incredibly well. Better than any
boomerang that I’ve made and has quickly become my favorite thing to make. You’re
gonna want to show it off to all your friends, so be sure to give it a thumbs
up down below if you do enjoy the video! So grab your piece of paper and let’s
make it! For the tutorial we’re going to need half a sheet of letter size printer
paper just like this which we’ll then split up again into quarters and make
two identical pieces which will then fit together and interlock just like the
ninja stars – I highly recommend you first try with a plain white sheet
because although it looks a little nicer with the colored paper, I found out the
white is a little bit thinner and winds up flying much better. We can first fold
the paper in half by taking the top and aligning it with the bottom and once
it’s lined up neatly we can make a nice sharp crease along the top with our
fingernail by running it across a couple times and
you can either cut it or as I prefer to do just tear it right in half. To split
the paper into quarters we can do the same exact thing by folding the paper in
half and meeting the edges together neatly then we can make a nice sharp
crease along the top and just carefully rip the paper in half. Now that we have
the paper in quarters like we need, we can go on to make the two units and
interlock them. So, just set one of the pieces aside and then we’re going to
take the quarter and we’re going to fold it in half. So just align the edges
together, once it’s neatly aligned just make a crease all throughout the paper
and just give it a nice sharp crease on top. Now we can take the left side and fold it across to the right side, line up the
two ends and just give it a hold here on the right and a tug in the middle and
crease it on the left side. Just run your fingernail against it once and then you
could open it up so that it’s a mountain fold and that the open edges are on the
bottom. Set it down and I’m just going to mark it so that you can see it a little
easier here. Now, we could take the right side and we’re just going to take this
top edge and fold it down onto that vertical line give it a nice crease here
and on the left side we’re just going to do the opposite so we’re gonna take the
bottom and fold it up. Once we do that, we can then crease on that new fold so you
should have something like this and we’re just going to flip it over and
just make sure that it’s nice and flat. These next folds we’re going to make are
important because it’s going to establish the flap or the sort of little
“Air Foil” that we have here on each of the wings or arms the boomerang that help
it fly in that nice circle. We’re going to fold this top edge down to the bottom
just like this, except we’re not going to fold it all the way. We’re going to leave
a little bit of space and as you’ll see here, I’ve made a mark and that mark is
one-eighth of an inch from the bottom. I’m giving you a measurement because
I think you should probably try it the first time you make it just so you have
an idea of about how much that is. And as you’ll see here on the ruler, an eighth
of an inch is just basically that first big increment that we have right here.
Now that you know what to do we’re going to take the edge and we’re just going to
fold it like this and as you’ll see the whole left side comes along. I’m just
going to basically line it up with that line that I drew so this whole left side
should kind of flip and I’m going to line it up all the way across and then
make a nice sharp crease. Now, I’m going to just run my fingernail against the
top. Now, we’re going to do the same on the other side so all we need to do is
to flip it upside down like this and then we’re going to take this edge right
here and we’re going to fold it down as well leaving a little
bit of space– about an eighth of an inch. I’m going to eyeball at this time but if
you want to draw the line from the bottom you can. Just take it and fold it
down like this leaving a little bit of space and make sure that it’s parallel
all the way across. Once you have it pretty even all the way on the bottom,
then you can make that crease on top and just give it a nice good crease and make
sure that you didn’t kind of pull these apart. So it should look something like
this. Now that we made those folds, you’ll see
on the front here I have a diamond that I’m holding facing towards me whereas on
the back it’s split where we folded those two edges. I’m going to
basically take the ends here and I’m just going to hold them like this with
the corners facing towards me I’m going to open them now I’m going to airplane
both of the corners into this vertical line just like this. So just fold it
directly on that vertical line here and make a crease and then do the same on
the left side. As you’ll see, because the left side is thinner it makes a smaller
triangle but we both want these top edges directly on the middle just like
that. Then you can re-close the two edges together and just pinch it and make a
crease do the same on the other side. Just hold it like this open it up and
just airplane these corners directly on to the center and then re-close it so it
should look something like this. Now all we need to do now is basically just fold
these arms in a little bit– it’s not critically important where it is usually
right around this little point or corner that you see right here. So I’m just
going to take it and just fold it like this and you’ll feel some resistance so
right when you feel some resistance right around there is good and we’re
just going to make sure that this outside edge is aligned with this one on
the bottom so once they’re lined up like this. Then you could just give it a good
pinch. Then you can unfold it and you can do
the same with the left side so just take it like this and just lift it up and
fold it across and when you feel some resistance, right around this corner here,
then all you need to do is to just line it up and just give it a pinch. And there
you go! That’s how to make one of the pieces. Now that we’ve finished the first
piece, the second piece is made the same exact way. So if you need to you can
re-watch the time that I’ve listed below and when you’re done we’re ready to
interlock the two pieces together. Alright guys, all that’s left now is to
interlock the two pieces together and as you’ll see I’m holding them so that the
diamonds are facing me on the right side. I drew a line from the top of the
diamond to the bottom and on the left side I drew one from the left to the
right. We’re basically just going to take the one on the right and turn it 90
degrees and put it on top of the one on the left. And if you can see, you’re just going to basically overlap the diamonds by kind
of putting them right in the middle and sort of overlapping the lines just like
that. So right around there is good. I’m going
to start with the top arm and we’re going to fold it down and we’re going to
go in a clockwise direction. So that’s one, then we go here that’s two. You
can move these around if you need to because they are going to start
overlapping. So here we go this is three. As you’ll see if it gets a little
scrunched up then you just can move move it around like this. Shift this down the
last one here is going to go over this one the third one and underneath the
first one kind of under here. So what I’m going to do is hold it here and I’m
going to lift up the first one by just pulling it out like this. I’m gonna
pinch it right here and I’m going to take the last arm and just round it off
a little bit and then I’m going to stick the point right into that opening right
there and I’m going to pull it through. Now, when you pull these through you want
to make sure that they go up to the folds that you kind of created before. So
you want to reach up the first one that you pulled out just like this kind of
push it in. While you’re pushing in the other ones
like this and make sure that it’s nice and flat in the middle. You can kind of tug on the opposite ones a little bit like this, and there you go!
You’ll see it will come together sort of like that. So just make sure it’s nice
and flat in the middle once you get it all interlocked. Then all we need to do is basically take this little
overlap this little flap and we’re going to fold it right along this edge so just
take it and fold it right all the way down I’m going to set it down on the
table because it’s a little easier for me. Just gonna take the edge and fold it
all the way down on there as you’ll notice when you do that it doesn’t want
to fold in the corner here, that’s okay. You just need to leave it a little bit
curved. So just press it like that right in the corner then just
rotate it fold this one down now all the way. Then the next one fold it down and
just walk my finger up right there and then finally we’ll do the last one.
There you go there is your ninja star boomerang. Now what I like to do is to
just run my fingernail over all of the creases especially these right here you
want to make sure it’s nice and flat. So just press it down like this upside down
and you’re ready to throw it! I’m going to hold the boomerang so that the four
interlocked boxes are facing the left side with the air foils and my pointer
and middle finger are grabbing one of the arms just like this close to the end.
I’m going to rest the other arm of the boomerang on my palm
right near my thumb like this, and I’m going to basically curl my wrist and I’m
going to flick it out like that like I would with a yo-yo. You could do it
directly out but I also recommend you can do it up like this at like a
twenty or thirty degree angle. Alright so I’m just gonna basically go like this
and flick my wrist really hard and release the boomerang. Okay so let’s give
it a shot! Thank you guys so much for watching my
tutorial for my all-new Ninja Star Boomerang design if you did like it
don’t forget to give it a thumbs up down below and if you’re not already
subscribed click that subscribe and notification bell so that you know when
I come out with a new video. To check out Jeremy’s tutorial for his boomerang you
can click this little card here in the upper right and I’ll place the link in
the video description below. After you throw the ninja star boomerang a couple
times you might notice it starts to get a little bent or it might not come back
as well. What you need to do after every couple throws is just flatten it out and
reinforce the creases to make it flight great again. If you find when you throw
the boomerang that it hits the ground or it doesn’t come back all the way or even
if it shoots off in the other direction what you can do is hold these four boxes
on the bottom and tilt the wings up like this ever so slightly and you should
notice that the boomerang will come back a little better. With some practice,
throwing and catching it you’ll definitely become a ninja star boomerang
pro in no time. As always thanks so much for the support I’ll see you soon!

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