The disarming case to act right now on climate change | Greta Thunberg

The disarming case to act right now on climate change | Greta Thunberg

Translator: Akinori Oyama
Reviewer: Peter van de Ven When I was about eight years old, I first heard about something
called climate change or global warming. Apparently, that was something
humans had created by our way of living. I was told to turn off
the lights to save energy and to recycle paper to save resources. I remember thinking
that it was very strange that humans, who are
an animal species among others, could be capable of changing
the Earth’s climate. Because if we were,
and if it was really happening, we wouldn’t be talking
about anything else. As soon as you’d turn on the TV,
everything would be about that. Headlines, radio, newspapers, you would never read or hear
about anything else, as if there was a world war going on. But no one ever talked about it. If burning fossil fuels was so bad
that it threatened our very existence, how could we just continue like before? Why were there no restrictions? Why wasn’t it made illegal? To me, that did not add up. It was too unreal. So when I was 11, I became ill. I fell into depression, I stopped talking, and I stopped eating. In two months, I lost
about 10 kilos of weight. Later on, I was diagnosed
with Asperger syndrome, OCD and selective mutism. That basically means I only speak
when I think it’s necessary – now is one of those moments. (Applause) For those of us who are on the spectrum, almost everything is black or white. We aren’t very good at lying, and we usually don’t enjoy
participating in this social game that the rest of you seem so fond of. (Laughter) I think in many ways
that we autistic are the normal ones, and the rest of the people
are pretty strange, (Laughter) especially when it comes to
the sustainability crisis, where everyone keeps saying
climate change is an existential threat and the most important issue of all, and yet they just carry on like before. I don’t understand that, because if the emissions have to stop, then we must stop the emissions. To me that is black or white. There are no gray areas
when it comes to survival. Either we go on
as a civilization or we don’t. We have to change. Rich countries like Sweden
need to start reducing emissions by at least 15 percent every year. And that is so that we can stay
below a two-degree warming target. Yet, as the IPCC
have recently demonstrated, aiming instead for 1.5 degrees Celsius would significantly
reduce the climate impacts. But we can only imagine
what that means for reducing emissions. You would think the media
and every one of our leaders would be talking about nothing else, but they never even mention it. Nor does anyone ever mention the greenhouse gases
already locked in the system. Nor that air pollution is hiding a warming so that when we stop burning fossil fuels, we already have an extra level of warming perhaps as high as
0.5 to 1.1 degrees Celsius. Furthermore does hardly
anyone speak about the fact that we are in the midst
of the sixth mass extinction, with up to 200 species
going extinct every single day, that the extinction rate today is between 1,000 and 10,000 times higher than what is seen as normal. Nor does hardly anyone ever speak about
the aspect of equity or climate justice, clearly stated everywhere
in the Paris Agreement, which is absolutely necessary
to make it work on a global scale. That means that rich countries need to get down to zero emissions
within 6 to 12 years, with today’s emission speed. And that is so that people
in poorer countries can have a chance to heighten
their standard of living by building some of the infrastructure
that we have already built, such as roads, schools, hospitals, clean drinking water,
electricity, and so on. Because how can we expect
countries like India or Nigeria to care about the climate crisis if we who already have everything
don’t care even a second about it or our actual commitments
to the Paris Agreement? So, why are we not reducing our emissions? Why are they in fact still increasing? Are we knowingly causing
a mass extinction? Are we evil? No, of course not. People keep doing what they do because the vast majority
doesn’t have a clue about the actual consequences
of our everyday life, and they don’t know
that rapid change is required. We all think we know,
and we all think everybody knows, but we don’t. Because how could we? If there really was a crisis, and if this crisis was caused
by our emissions, you would at least see some signs. Not just flooded cities,
tens of thousands of dead people, and whole nations leveled
to piles of torn down buildings. You would see some restrictions. But no. And no one talks about it. There are no emergency meetings,
no headlines, no breaking news. No one is acting
as if we were in a crisis. Even most climate scientists
or green politicians keep on flying around the world,
eating meat and dairy. If I live to be 100,
I will be alive in the year 2103. When you think about the future today,
you don’t think beyond the year 2050. By then, I will, in the best case,
not even have lived half of my life. What happens next? The year 2078, I will celebrate
my 75th birthday. If I have children or grandchildren,
maybe they will spend that day with me. Maybe they will ask me about you, the people who were around, back in 2018. Maybe they will ask
why you didn’t do anything while there still was time to act. What we do or don’t do right now
will affect my entire life and the lives of my children
and grandchildren. What we do or don’t do right now, me and my generation
can’t undo in the future. So when school
started in August of this year, I decided that this was enough. I set myself down on the ground
outside the Swedish parliament. I school striked for the climate. Some people say that I
should be in school instead. Some people say that I should study
to become a climate scientist so that I can “solve the climate crisis.” But the climate crisis
has already been solved. We already have
all the facts and solutions. All we have to do is
to wake up and change. And why should I be studying for a future
that soon will be no more when no one is doing anything
whatsoever to save that future? And what is the point of learning facts
in the school system when the most important facts given by the finest science
of that same school system clearly means nothing
to our politicians and our society. Some people say that Sweden
is just a small country, and that it doesn’t matter what we do, but I think that if a few children
can get headlines all over the world just by not coming to school
for a few weeks, imagine what we could all do
together if you wanted to. (Applause) Now we’re almost at the end of my talk, and this is where people
usually start talking about hope, solar panels, wind power,
circular economy, and so on, but I’m not going to do that. We’ve had 30 years of pep-talking
and selling positive ideas. And I’m sorry,
but it doesn’t work. Because if it would have, the emissions would have gone down by now. They haven’t. And yes, we do need hope, of course we do. But the one thing we need
more than hope is action. Once we start to act,
hope is everywhere. So instead of looking for hope, look for action. Then, and only then, hope will come. Today, we use 100 million
barrels of oil every single day. There are no politics to change that. There are no rules
to keep that oil in the ground. So we can’t save the world
by playing by the rules, because the rules have to be changed. Everything needs to change — and it has to start today. Thank you. (Applause)

100 thoughts on “The disarming case to act right now on climate change | Greta Thunberg

  1. So hilarious how upset she gets, I need popcorn for this video, this is quite entertaining indeed!!! End of the world…SO EXCITING!!!

  2. NEWS FLASH GRETA…we're not an ''animal species''… we're human beings. Please knock off the evolution bullshit! We never were animals, we've always been humans. Humans and animals are two different things. But now I know why you worry so much, it's your atheism way of thinking. Atheists don't have the Lord Jesus and so they worry, stress out and panic over everything because they assume if this planet fails…it's all over. NO NO NO…nothing could be further from the truth. God will make a new heaven and a new earth as he promised, this is not the end. What's happening now is called JUDGMENT and there is NO STOPPING IT.

  3. Are global warming and higher CO2 emissions bad for our environment? Watch this:
    Left wing politicians want us to believe that global warming is a bigger problem than global cooling, which is false!!!

  4. Leftie agenda pump fear into the mainstream media, keep consuming puppets. It's all going to end soon. Keep buying

  5. When the CO2 levels are brought down to 100ppm , you will relize that all plants suffocate and die , then we die .

    To " save the planet" we need to RAISE co2 up to at least 800ppm to 1000ppm , more would be beneficial. lets GREEN THE PLANET.

  6. I've heard lots about this discourse as it went viral but did not see it until this moment. I am simply amazed by the message, the real facts and the impact that we do not want to see or act for. We all feel it but care more about jobs and tomorrow then about our next generation's future. I am amazed … in Romania's Parliament there is no person that could have had such a speech of 10 minutes with a clear message and exact facts in such a clear understandable way… and I wonder why!? Who is ruling this world and at what interests?

  7. I’m 100% like Greta. I love the environment, I’m only 13 years old and I want to do something about the environment. I’ve tried everything I can do but leaders just don’t listen to us. We are the future, young people have to do something and we are, but leaders just don’t listen. I am trying to get a Container Deposit Scheme in Victoria Australia. I’ve tried to protest write letters to politicians but they don’t listen. We need more people like Greta, Molly Steer (from the Straw No More Project) and me in the world.

  8. Before telling others what do to first try to do it yourself. Show others through your action. Minimal consumption, use only things you need not wants. These looks like a small step but if you do it and let others know about it it'll make a HUGE DIFFERENCE, But it'll never happen. Because we're all filled by greed, wants, glamour, validation…. WE ARE NEVER SATISFIED AND NEVER WILL BE
    I don't trust any activist with lame speeches who do not walk the talk.

  9. She is still a kid and has embraced low resolution thinking. These matters are extremely complicated. Greta needs help.

  10. Funny how the lefties didn't teach her to say anything about over population in Africa and Asia, which is ALSO a threat to sustainabilty!!!!

  11. "No one is acting as if we were in a climate crisis." Many people have been talking and writing about it. Greta is not great, but in need of guidance by sensible people, not manipulators.

  12. GRETA THUNBERG SPOKESPERSON FOR WORLD GENOCIDE and ISIS TRAINING MATERIALS. The Real message is "Give me your children, I am brain washing your future so I can kill them. What you going to do, you are paying us to kill you and you are blind. I AM GOD AND YOU WILL DIE and we will take everything from you including your children. Look at how well we brainwashed our little BREEDER"

  13. You want to save the planet? Start fighting china. China is to our planet the same as hitler was to the mankind, a fucking mass murderer.

  14. if we have the solutions like you say, there would be change, and there are acts in place already to fix things, honestly people are stupid

  15. Greta Thunberg-ты замечательная!!!!!!громи их всех!!!привет из ДНР!

  16. So "breathe" in the Intoxicating Air, whilst your brain is less Responsive to Fresh air, because after a while- you adapt to a Lesser standard- than "optimal" air- environmental setting that is being polluted.

  17. Don't believe everything you see or are told. If this kid's screwed up & has Asperger's it's due to the monstrous amounts of vaccines that are pumped into tiny infants from age of day #1 to age#18 mos. Where's the outrage for that? Yet she's giving speeches about climate change.🙄😣

    Please don't underestimate the destruction of humans in the name of climate change and population control.

  18. what is the problem with everyone in the comments saying stuff about her i think she is completely right about everything

  19. Humans created climate change and global warming? You lost me and a bunch of others in your opening false statement

  20. This is one of the reasons I unsubbed from TED. Giving these fanatics a platform (besides from MSM, schools et al.) is just feeding fear and shaping a generation of children into hating humanity and their predecessors. Its sick. And sad.

  21. imagine if there was a simulation that lets you feel actually climate change, like u agreed to the pain and everything and it would let u feel what climate change would be, like nerves and vr mixed together

  22. There's plenty intelligent and well spoken 16 year-olds out there that are excellent debaters, well read, etc….

    This ain't one of them

  23. I wish climate change gets worse enough so it kills all of these climate change “skeptics”
    and right wingers

  24. Greta started her protest when she was 15 years old. I was becoming depressed about the inevitability of climate disaster until she came along. She has inspired and given hope to millions around the world, including me. Mind you, I'm old enough to be her father.

  25. I blame our excessive population growth for global warming. Which means, strictly speaking, its Gretas generations fault. How dare she!

  26. She is being used as a political tool. A gimmick.
    A kid shouldn't be up there talking about this stuff and given an audience like that.
    In many regards, we protect minors because we consider they haven't reached intellectual maturity, haven't a formed good perception of the world, and can be manipulated.
    But yet, here we are giving a large audience to a kid on such a critical topic.
    This is wrong.

  27. I think she is CGI animation she doesn't exists, you are watching computer generated propaganda to make you accept all the changes you are going too have to endure in the coming future, it will be scary!

  28. The only way i see on a global level: 1 child per family. Population down to 1 billion. Plant tree, cut tree make coal, bury coal, plant tree, repeat.

  29. This poor little girl has been given a script by some one for their agenda. Her parents started and then someone told her all this. She is too young to know all this by herself! She is a child yet. I am so sorry she isn't allowed to just play like other children.😢💝💝

  30. What if climate change is a natural phenomenon? I Mean the earth itself has a lot energy inside the core. What if it is being transmitted through the earth interior and out at the surface and then to atmosphere? What if the whole approach of stopping climate change is totally different?

  31. It's enough to look at the face of this child to realize that she is somehow disturbed. What they do to her is political pedophilia.

  32. Functioning electric cars were a reality over 40 years ago. I read about it in newspapers. The inventors had actual cars being manufactured in a limited way because they weren't a rich company and it was new technology. They were quickly bought out by wealthy corporations that either manufactured cars or made large profit from oil. I'm not sure of the details as I was young and this wasn't in the news but came out years later in a documentary exposing the greed and corruption of these corporations and I took this corruption for granted and In my opinion think that politicians are their puppets. Of course the technology disappeared and it was said to be not viable. It finally was forced to resurface not long ago but I still don't see it really mainstream yet. It took a lot just to have it an option.

  33. There's too many people in the world to turn the ship around now. The best solution is to become self sustaining by living off the land and having a zero carbon footprint, but there isn't enough agricultural land or animals to achieve this due to our numbers. Maybe technology will find a way to feed us all, if GM crops have their way or we start taking tablets instead of food. All very sad and predictable, a steady decline into the abyss. Have a great day! 🙂

  34. It is evidence of incapacity that the majority of comments under a video concerning the biggest global threat of our time is about… Greta´s choice of clothes. Her age. Generally her not being perfect (ad hominem, look it up). And wild assertions with no evidence/source whatsoever like could you be reflective for a minute

  35. She has some valid points on the climate change but her green-fascist a-like rhetoric is just childish. But then again, she is a child. She's not a scientist, she's not a politician….she's just a spoiled big mouth kid.

  36. You people would rather believe fairy tales (Bible) than climate change. Speaks volumes. Hey newsflash!!! Climates are changing. It's a real thing. Unlike holy religion.

  37. Some Greatest Female Geniuses of all time:

    Emmeline Pankhurst "Deeds not words" – (1858 – 1928)
    Laura Bassi – 1732
    Florence Nightingale – 1883
    Marie Curie – Nobel Prize in Physics 1903 and Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1911.
    Rachel Louise Carson – (1907 – 1964)
    Greta Thunberg – ( Active 2018 – present)

  38. 500 scientist petition the UN that there is no climate emergency. H20 (aka water) actually affects temperatures in the atmosphere more than CO2 ever does (humidity effect anyone?)

    It is very nice to see passion in someone so young. When I was her age I was more concerned with trivial things. But her alarmist attitude is so misplaced. Science has not confirmed a climate emergency. Science hasn't confirmed emissions are the source of warming (it confirms water is more important to temperature). Climate is not black and white. It is multivariable, and dynamic. One thing cannot cause disaster in something so complex. It's like claiming cancer is caused by one issue, rather than the plethora of complexity that actually underlies it (cell physiology, hormones, genetics, nutrition, etc.)

    She is 16, not a professional scientist. The fact her journey with climate started at 8 years old shows how schools effect the minds of the young. Curriculum isn't critical thinking anymore, but regurgitating what you are spoon fed. Read research papers, learn some statistics and figure out what science actually has to say about climate. It isn't as alarming as people in the spotlight say it is.

  39. "What's the point of learning facts, when the most important facts given by Science clearly means nothing to our politicians and society."
    OMG she basically shed a light on why arguing with deniers, skeptics and haters is just a waste of time. We must ACT and peacefully OVERRULE the ones blind by greed.

  40. For the imbeciles who poke at her really goes to show your lack of character. She’s made a tremendous impact as an activist. ✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼

  41. She should protest inside a Disney Park. Pollution from fireworks is used as a projection smokescreen. Guests can't smoke but Disney does.

  42. theres a machine i think that changes tiny pieces of plastics like from a vitamin bottle or a plastic bag back into oil maybe but the machines are few i think and its china and india that dump all those plastic into ocean

  43. In a chilling warning, NASA predicts that the sun will achieve something called solar minimum by 2019-end or 2020 and when that happens Earth’s host star will release far less heat than it normally does, which means the mercury will plummet in the thermosphere resulting in a prolonged cold snap affecting the weather on the surface of the planet. According to scientists, the sun has been without sunspots for 79 days – or 55% – of the year so far, causing the Earth’s upper atmosphere to lose heat energy, which shows the long-awaited solar minimum has arrived and it could soon shrink the thermosphere – meaning it is going to get very cold, very quickly.

  44. ☀ 
    " all the popular information you receive is a lie, or it is sold to you backwards " 
    " it's all sold to you backwards to make sure you never figure it out "

  45. Here is a news flash for today's generation! The older generations did not ruin the climate. It is today's generation that is doing that. Previous generations used glass milk jugs that were put by the door and picked up for refilling when needed, cloth diapers that were hand washed and hung on a clothes line, one car per family home, landline phones with no answering service, home cooking, canning our own foods, sewing our own clothes, using a washboard or wringer washer, wood stoves for heat, raising our own livestock and growing our own food in our own gardens, hand me down clothes for the younger children, using a push mower to cut the lawn, playing board games at home for our entertainment, making our own butter, raising our own animals for meat, if we cut down a tree we planted one in its place,collecting our own rain water. These are just a few things that come to mind when I grew up. Today's generation uses plastic milk jugs that are not refilled and go to the local landfill, disposable diapers that go in the landfill, dryers in place of clothes lines, 2 and three cars per family and don't forget the RV, boat, and motorbikes to go with that,cell phone answering machines, computers , video games and I-pads that the children of today can not seem to live without, takeout meals that are nothing more than, most groceries bought in a store comes in a box, all store bought clothes that has to have some form of an expensive brand name, costly hydro bills each month for heat and lights, over consumption of meat bought in a store, high store end grass mowers, using trees at a rapid rate without giving back. Try going back to some of the old ways of living to help replenish the environment in a healthy way and in turn will help put the climate back in balance. since I have not heard any solutions come from any children like Greta Thunberg here are some you might consider, and it took an old person to provide them for you!

  46. Climate Change is a false disclosure psyop for Stratosphere Aerosol Injection Solar Radiation Management Geoengineering

  47. A new low for Ted Talks. Disturbed children ranting on about a non existent problem trumped up by those who profit from the next man made scare.

  48. l am from poor family, I really want a car, air conditioner, I need a beautiful house ,l need more meat for my family.

  49. Noble words but alas, no detail. There needs to be a much more precise sting in the tail
    of her speeches.The single greatest problem is human overpopulation!
    The devil is in the detail. Perhaps her cursory words allude to this.

  50. You know what im stop using English and im going to start using Spanish because is a scientific demonstrated fact that people who use English consume more oxigen when talking because of the pronunciation habilities you require to talk such language and the ones using Spanish use less oxigen, that's why there are so many differents Spanish accents and dialects, the rules are less and not so rigid compared to English which everyone say its easier but i still have problems to know if an A sounds like an A or like an E because the same letters have many pronunciations, is ridiculous.
    Off course im talking about scientifics studies made in my house which are really serious and well received in the scientific community around the world the same as all these climate studies about the end of the world made by the same meteorologist who can't tell if tomorrow rain or not

  51. I'm no expert but my take on environmental problems/climate change is this- We all know it's bad, and we're eventually going to destroy this planet and deplete all our resources. Maybe in 100 years or maybe in 1000 years. Either way this is very bad.
    #1 The population of humans has absolutely exploded, at some point we need to find a way to restrict child birth rates. Probably do what China does which is put heavy taxes on people who have more than 2 kids. We're at 8 billion people now, and growing, if it keeps rising to 9B, 10B, 11B, we could pass the limit that the earth can sustain and it could be the beginning of the apocalypse. It's not going to matter if every car is zero emission if we get to 15 billion people, those people still need food, water, electricity and will always have some environmental impact.
    #2 Both sides, the people who lean towards pro-business, and the people who lean towards pro-environment need to find a way to be sympathetic to eachother. If the solution is to shut down entire industries, unemploy millions, and upend the entire world economy, there needs to be an economic plan to help those that that will be effected financially by new restrictions. And to those who say the environment is more important than business or profits, I agree, but you just can't beat capitalism. Billions of people in business are working every day to make more money and be better than their competitors, you can't win the fight to shut all these people down because you think their business is environmentally unfriendly. The way to win is to give something to them, in exchange for asking them to sacrifice their business. And of course the business leaders, manufacturers, car companies, oil, coal companies, etc. are going to have to understand that change is coming and try to start planning for it.

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