The Design Behind the Konstant Reinvention of Mortal Kombat

The Design Behind the Konstant Reinvention of Mortal Kombat

(keyboard clicks) (kung fu music) – You know, the first Mortal
Kombat game was four people doing everything basically. The next one was five, next one was seven. Fast forward to now and it’s 200 plus. (kung fu music) A big part of it is art, graphics, animation, special effects. There’s just so much art that
goes into a game these days that one group of guys
can’t possibly handle it all so it’s literally all over the world there are people working
on Mortal Kombat art. My day to day is mainly
looking at all the content that’s coming into the game
and making corrections, keeping us on the same path. There’s so many components to it, we have an entire cinematic
movie-like experience that has directors, animators, writers, camera guys, you know, audio engineers. Then there’s the gameplay part, that is the mechanics of the fighting, punches, kicks, are they
too easy to difficult to do, do they look cool enough,
all the environments, the worlds that everything is in. The animations, the effects,
the audio, all of that stuff, at the end of the day I’m
the one kinda responsible to make sure that it’s all cohesive and it’s all consistent with the game. So very much my days of
actually creating, writing code, actual content creation,
are long behind me. (screams)
(bones snap) (thuds) (groans) (spurts) – Every game starts
with a sit down with Ed. Usually has a couple of big ideas of, not necessarily the plot but
of themes he wants to hit and so we try to come up
with pitches that hit that. In the case of Mortal Kombat 11 he really wanted something
that was bold and fresh and taking the story in a way
that we haven’t seen before but also is paying homage to the past and all of the lore that we built up over 20 plus years of Mortal Kombat. And so when my co-writer
Shawn Kittelsen came up initially with this idea of Kronika we were like, oh, this is so wild, nobody’s gonna wanna do this
but then Ed saw it, he’s like, no, that’s where we wanna go
because that is gonna get us the ability to bring the
past and the present together and to deal with all these characters and sort of support all these
other things about the game about really creating your own fighter and creating your own
take on Mortal Kombat. I mean, the story process is
always ahead of everybody else. We can be six to eight months
ahead of the rest of the team, they’re still finishing up the last game and we’re working on the next thing. And that’s because once they roll off then we immediately need to
start getting into production, particularly on the cinematic side, the breadth of our cinematics and the width of it has gotten so large, it takes so many man hours to make and we just have to be ready to go as soon as they’re able
to start working on it ’cause otherwise we’d
just never get finished. (screams) – You know, from the
very first game until now it’s a completely different beast. We would never have thought when we were making the arcade games that we were gonna have a
cinematic movie part of the game that has directors and
writers and animators and special effects and all the components that you’d expect from a movie, there are people doing
that for this thing, so that’s an entire project in itself. And then all of the online
modes have a constant thing, we have all of this gear and everything, so like the game is just so big that it’s just a completely
different experience developing one now, you know, I don’t feel like I’m doing the same thing that I was doing 10 years ago. – QA is one of the most
valuable pieces of a studio because we could go,
yeah, on pencil and paper this looks like it should work, right. But QA is always the voice that comes in and will be like, hey, the casual player may not be able to do that, right. And we have in our QA a range of players from old tournament
players to your casual, hey I just picked this up and play it, so we get a great amount
of feedback back and forth. We went through the data of Injustice 2 and how many people were
playing the Multiverse and things like that and I mean, it’s a good
split of players, right, but generally you don’t
see a lot of players that want to be in the ranked environment come down into the single
player and vice versa. I mean, there’s people
that all they wanna do is compete online and we
have some stuff hopefully that will entice the players that are more casual single
players to go online. – As we were thinking about the interaction of past and present in the Mortal Kombat 11 story, we actually, we sort
of had a broad outline of the story we wanted to tell and then we went back and we
were looking through like, okay, what are the past and
present interactions that will give us the most grist for storytelling and so certainly looking at
one of the best ones, honestly, is young Johnny versus old Johnny. He’s one of our characters
that’s transformed the most over the journey from MK9 through MK11. And so to see his interactions of the older more mature
father of an adult child with the young gun who
is just, can be a jerk, you know, and just realizing, oh my gosh, I was that guy, it wasn’t a dream. And just really, it really helps give a perspective to him
and deepen him in a way and that’s true for all these
kinds of interactions we have and it was just a matter
of going through and like, okay, what are the best
spots for all this stuff? – Your skin will make fine leather. – It better, I paid enough for it. – [Announcer] Round one, fight! (upbeat music) – With every Mortal Kombat
game we really try to change things up, we really don’t want Mortal Kombat 11 to feel
like Mortal Kombat X with a prettier skin, prettier
graphics and what not, so we change things up,
we change the function of the fighting mechanic, it used to be this one meter that you would use to
build up for super moves or offensive moves, defensive moves, and so we separated it,
we changed things around and there’s a certain
risk when you do that of well, people like the last
game, why would you change it? And our philosophy with that is once we don’t change things up then people just start
getting bored with it, even if it’s good it gets boring. – [Danny] That’s an
interesting situation to be in where you almost have to iterate just to give it the feeling of freshness. Like, you might’ve actually
nailed the mechanic in the previous game but
you still have to change it. – Yeah, and I think that’s
one of the reasons why we’ve made it to Mortal Kombat 11 is the fact that, you know,
9 plays nothing like 3, plays nothing like 6,
plays nothing like 11, and when I think our players know that when they get a Mortal Kombat game there’s a spirit that’s in there that is still Mortal Kombat,
there are certain features that are signature to Mortal Kombat but the overall experience,
they’re gonna get something new, they’re gonna get something fresh. Scorpion plays different
from 11 to 3 to 9 to 4 and if you’re a fan of Scorpion you’re gonna get something new and cool. (groans)
(thuds) – [Scorpion] Come here!
(thuds) (groans)
(thuds) (clanks) (screams) (thuds)
(groans) – Well everybody has just like a different viewpoint on the games, right, like some people in MKX
really love the pressure and the run features and things like that. Some people are like hey, combos are really, really
long in MKX, what the heck? And then people are like, hey, shorter combos would be great. So, you know, in MK11
you can do longer combos and you can have that nice
middle ground of footsies and the mid game play that
people’ve been asking for. – The part that makes me most excited is when things start
coming together, you know, and it’s usually in a funnel,
very intense at the end, you really see things on the story mode, all the renders are starting to have their final polish on it
and then you really see just how great it’s gonna
look and that anticipation of, you know, that’s what drives you, that’s what gives you the energy to get up at five in the morning
and kinda beat the traffic so you get a couple more hours of work in and all of that content
just coming into place as fast as it does is
a real adrenaline rush. (clanks)
(groans) Like for instance right now
I’m looking at a bunch of our, you know, those Fatal Blows,
all of the blood bursts and all of the cool
visuals that accompany them and giving comments back,
I’m looking at the story, the new chapters that are coming in, giving feedback to that, looking at the gameplay, are
things too difficult, too hard, you know, the navigation
of the characters. All of that stuff is coming in hot so like I don’t sleep, I don’t, I just get a constant you
know, I’m on this treadmill of new stuff that’s being put in the game and giving feedback and
then getting other stuff so it’s really, I’m
changing gears all the time. Towards the end of the game we have to kinda tell ourselves, okay, you know what, it is what it is, and we are always in
the kind of mindset of, oh we coulda made this that
much better, that much better, but at the same time what
we did get into the game is exciting, this game I
have as much confidence in this game doing well
as the last two games and those were our biggest
selling games of all them. I don’t know how many franchises do that, have their best ones as
their most recent ones, that’s a pretty, that’s a stat
that we’re kinda proud of. (upbeat music) – [Announcer] Round one, fight! (upbeat music)

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