The Dark Psychology Of Gabbie Hanna

The Dark Psychology Of Gabbie Hanna

hey welcome back in today’s video we’re
gonna be talking about youtuber Gabbie Hanna some of the things in the current
situation I just kind of feel like I’m familiar with and hopefully I can give
you a different perspective on the situation today in exploring youtubers
if you’re unfamiliar with Gabbie Hanna she is a popular youtuber online with
over 6.51 million subscribers and she sang that one song that’s very relevant
to today’s video the other person relevant to this story is a youtuber
Jessi smiles who really doesn’t upload actively as she’s taken a backseat to do
other things like edit for other creators and things like that but she
uploaded the video Gabby Hannah needs to be stopped on
November 16th of 2019 the reason that Jessi said she made this video was
actually due to a video upload about Trisha Paytas this video being called
why I don’t trust Gabby Hanna this video showcases the side of Gabby Hanna that
is currently being exposed on the Internet
when I saw the video I was so unsettled the right word I just felt so weird
basically what happened was that Gabby had texted Trish’s ex jason nash when
Trisha and Jason first started dating Gabby figured out that they were dating
and she texted Jason – and told him that Trisha had herpes which Trisha does not
have you’ll see in this video that Gabby has a real big issue with reaching out
to creators behind the scenes to push a certain narrative but that’s not the
part that wasn’t settling to me it was all the parts where Trisha said that she
was scared of Gabby it kind of just made me realize all of the manipulation and
made me realize all the times I’ve apologized to her all the times that
she’s made me stop being friends with friends it was the beginning of me
realizing that this person who constantly preaches being a good person
about being so much better than she used to be like it made me realize that all
of that bullshit what’s crazy to me is I’ve been listening to this audio book
called dark psychology it helps you identify whether or not somebody’s
manipulating you and the parallels between this story is the reason why I
wanted to make this video I’ll be referring back to that book throughout
this video I’m gonna put a link in the description if I can find one to get
that audio book I highly recommend it but one thing about people like this is
they’re always gonna talk about how happy they are like you won’t even say
anything they’ll just bring it up out of nowhere they’ll say I’m so happy I just
can’t believe how happy I am I can tell that you’re not happy I can tell that
you’re not as happy as I am and you’ll just be sitting there thinking what this
is doing to things it’s making you feel almost nauseous because the mirror
neurons in your head that kind of connect like if you’re not aware of
mirror neurons are these things if you like yawn at a person you can even do
this to it an animal nonsense of 10 they’re going to the mirror neurons are
gonna connect and they’re gonna yawn – and that’s how you feel just kind of
strange if you ever see like a robotic person that’s kind of human-like but not
you just get this eerie feeling well the same thing goes here those mirror
neurons are not going to connect and it’s because they are not as happy as
they’re letting on really if you’re happy you don’t have to say anything
about it I’ve never heard anyone that’s legitimately happy go on a campaign to
prove that they are in fact happy you start to feel somewhat bad for this
person you just won’t reach out and you want a hug no just black it’s it’s ok
because you know they’re lying you know they’re not as happy as they say so you
just want to be like I’m sorry you know it’s ok but obviously clearly if done
right you’re not going to do that you’ll probably feel awkward to say anything
about it at all so you’ll just let it slide let them keep on with their happy
narrative but make no mistake at all this is an attempt to shift the dynamic
in their favor to gain control people like this always want to be in some sort
of control and worse they might not even be aware of it she tweeted I think a lot
of people forget or don’t know that Gabby Hanna chose a rapist a rapist who
admitted and wrote a confession to the cops over her best
friend who was the victim and she didn’t do it privately but publicly that’s
always bothered me so Gabby saw Diana’s tweet and she didn’t like it she felt
strongly enough that she felt she needed to message Deanna and that’s why I’m
here today we’ve all come to find out by now that Deanime is not the only person
that gabby handled was reaching out to she was also reaching out to drama
channels one of those being Dustin daily look she sent me look at all of this
text messages videos all these kinds of stuff like do you see how much this is
she pretty much since the same thing to several other people it’s just a
one-sided story that is purposely against Jessie you’ll notice that Jessie
doesn’t do this but this is another form of manipulation it’s called lying by
omission it prevents the other person that’s hearing it to have their own
opinions to form their own thoughts and it’s just super one-sided Gabby does
this on a wide scale and it appears that she’s done it for a while as a lot of
people are stepping forward we’re gonna go over some key messages between Gabby
and Deanna I genuinely am trying not to engage with this stuff because it’s
gossip but this is one that truly confuses me because I don’t understand
why anyone believes it if I collab with my friend’s ex especially publicly where
is it where is any photo any video it doesn’t exist because it didn’t happen
that man is not my friend has never been my friend I think I tweeted at him one
time before before I even ever met Jessie and that’s it so how is the story
a thing I’ll never understand but I want to this is more manipulation see the
best lies are mixed in with a little bit of truth there very will not have been a
collab and that’s the weak point that she wants to exploit here from the
massive amount of files and research that gabby has on this stuff that she
sends to other people it’s clear that she knows exactly what she’s doing she’s
probably memorized this stuff inside and out and is easily able to find different
ways to make people question themselves can see her say I think I tweeted at him
one time before but evidence suggests otherwise but
or we go any further if you’re unfamiliar with the situation that was
between Jessie smiles and Curtis Lepore he was he faced charges TMZ reported
that he faced charges back in I think it was October of 2013 and he actually was
arrested says he was arrested in October and released on a thousand in bail he
pled not guilty originally but then took a plea deal and pretty much put a guilty
confession in that he did what he was alleged this was obviously a very
traumatic experience for Jessie and it came out that her friend Gabby sided
with her with this other person over on the represent whitter i retweeted a
tweet that was very relevant it’s talks about how he was arrested in October of
2013 but if you look at the dates you can see Gabby Hannah I’m so honored
every time someone tags me with curtis lepore or kingbach because clearly
they’re deluded into thinking I’m on their level this was in September of
2013 and this could be seen as not being very nice towards them but the second
one’s very confusing you can see Curtis Lepore is tagged she
says well thanks you’re awesome man and thanks for including me with these guys
crazy honored this was December of 2013 and we
know that these allegations came out in October of 2013 and you have to keep in
mind that Jessie is supposed to be her best friend at this time you got to keep
in mind that the point here was not about the collab but rather this was a
point where Gabby knew she could discredit Deana and make her question
herself on what she thought she remembered clearly as this video goes on
you’re gonna see more contrast to stuff like this and just straight-up
lies in more manipulation Gabby says here’s a long story short and she starts
talking about me now notice how the girl was not talking about me at all yes it
has to do with the man who Lucy and her supporting him but Gabby just jumps like
straight into okay it’s time to diss credit Jessie it’s time to make Jessie
look like a bad guy so that I can get this girl to realize that Jessie’s a
liar that Jessie’s crazy and then I’m right Gabby I truly appreciate you
asking and I want to hear your side my tweet was really harsh and you didn’t
come at me with hate or anything as far as I and 99% of your subscribers four
people on this side of the YouTube fence believe that you took his side when the
allegations dropped and if I have anything wrong or mistaken please feel
free to show me your side correct me the collab video was something that someone
in my mention says and I didn’t match eCPAT and I apologize for jumping the
gun on that one yet again this is another form of manipulation she will
focus primarily on the one point that was wrong while omitting the full story
to shift blame to the other person in this case Jessie how you catch this is
by realizing that Deanna’s initial issue was only with Gabby’s actions but with
people like this it’s never their fault Jessie and I weren’t friends when the
allegations went down we became friends after once we were friends I literally
never talked or collabed with Curtis focusing on the collaboration again for
reasons that don’t matter in my opinion and not to spread hate of rumors Jessie
and I had a falling-out and I had to make a choice to stop engaging with it
since then her and Jim started a hate campaign about me saying that I ditched
her to collab with her it’s because he had more followers there has never been
a single photo or video or literally anything to back this up see how she
keeps mentioning there is no evidence there are no photos there are no videos
and this is another way to reinforce that Deanna was wrong bouncing off the
collaboration that she didn’t get right this repetitive behavior is reminiscent
of Gabby always saying that she’s happy she’s playing be perpetual victim to
garner sympathy and it worked there has never been a single photo video or
literally anything to back that up the text I sent Jen were after her
relentlessly attacking me and spreading that rumor and I was a lot younger and
angrier than since then Jim has reached out and apologized last I spoke to her
we were on really good terms and she would reach out when she wanted
to talk I have no idea where this hate is coming from now and I messaged her
last night asking what happened from then and now to make her so upset and if
there was anything I did and could we talk
chose not to respond that’s what I’ve been dealing with for five years I don’t
engage with it because it’s simply not true if it is please someone send me
whatever video or photo collab I ditched my best friend for Jesse broke my effing
heart dude and here comes Deanna with sympathy saying I wanted two percent let
all of my emotions on that tweet I’ll own that but if you look up the
situation or ask anyone on Twitter about it everything says that you publicly
came out and supported him and like you just told me you and Jesse weren’t
friends anymore I thought you guys were best friends and so does everyone else
that’s a huge chunk send me a screenshot what’s the day and no I never would
publicly support him I told him verbatim when he reached out after what Jesse did
to me now this right here in itself is a lie she now says that she had a
conversation with Curtis where before she was denying any contact at all I
don’t even know how to express what I felt was the most one of the most
disgusting parts of all these messages to me number one you lied he didn’t call
you you hung out with Curtis his friends Curtis was there this is what you told
me he pulled you to the side and he told you that he told you I’m so sorry I was
mean to you I can’t believe what Jesse did to you trying to get on your side
that that part’s true but it happened in person and the reason why I remember it
happened in person is because you told me I’m really worked up and really
fucking annoyed I’m sorry Gabby told me when I communicated to her this was
after we had stopped being friends but even though we had stopped being friends
one of the things that I believe you never do even if you hate someone now
it’s hang out with their rapists and his friends so I was hurt and I told Gabby
Gabby this is fucked up like I’m really hurt and she defended herself when all
of this happened and she said I was hanging out with his friends I wasn’t
hanging out with him he just so happened to be there and he pulled me to the side
I didn’t intend to talk to him whatever and I communicated with her and told her
how much that hurt me and that was the point where she told me something like I
will literally never fucking forget because I cannot believe like till this
day that she would say something like this she said Jesse Curtis his friends
didn’t rape you what the fuck do I say to that like these types of people have
two sides and I have a way to make you love
this is what keeps a lot of people in bad relationships this might be
something that you’ve you’ve heard or seen maybe even something that you’re
going through yourself you’ve heard the narrative oh I love him he does all
these good things but then he also does this bad thing and it’s it’s crazy
because our brains play this little trick where we separate the good stuff
from the bad stuff as two separate things when actually it’s not you if
you’re going to accept the good stuff about a person you most definitely need
to accept the bad stuff and if you can’t accept the bad stuff reality they have a
way where they’ll do wrong they’ll apologize and then somehow they’ll make
you feel bad flip it around and make it your fault because remember nothing it’s
their fault at all to give you a good example of this and now that we have a
little bit context towards a little bit of dark psychology and these behaviors
we’re going to show you a comparison that Jesse provided in our video where
you can see how Gabby spins the narrative and compare it to how Jesse
spins the narrative look for the signs whatsoever I wish her nothing but the
best and for morning these sheets to having a great life and she’s doing her
thing she’s very happy and I am very happy for her I don’t really know her
anymore but I’m sure she’s grown up a ton and so have I now I have admitted in
the past that I myself have had some crazy bitch moments but there is a huge
astronomical difference between having crazy bitch moments and being a crazy
bitch honestly looking back at my time with this person I do look at it with
fondness because we didn’t have a lot of fun together and she did mean a lot to
me at the time but sometimes it’s hard to believe now here where I am in my
life that I ever put up with this type of behavior the amount of stories that I
have but that’s kind of my issue that I learned about myself thanks to a year of
therapy is I seek out like emotionally unstable neurotic people and I try to
fix them even if I’m not trying to fix them it’s like I feel
I need to support them and be there for them so like I said I have a lot of
stories about this friend in particular but I think that this is the first one
where I was like oh you’re psychotic and this is how I introduce a situation
about her I saw an email that apparently was sent to me while I did not have
access and it was from someone that I used to be friends with way back in the
day well I mean I guess not way back in the day but pretty back in the day I was
the friends with them when I was like in fucking kindergarten but you get the
picture so I read this email and in this email this person mentioned this thing
that I’m about to tell you guys about and they mention it in a way that made
it seem like they were so like really angry about it and I was just thinking
to myself like what the fuck are they talking about I’m gonna tell you how
this situation happened obviously through my perspective I can’t tell you
how they saw it and I want you guys to be honest with me tell me if I’m in the
wrong here maybe I just don’t understand or don’t see why I was wrong in this
situation but I need you guys to tell me if you’ll notice it’s very subtle
Gabby does not give you room to form your own opinions much like the now
exposed DMS where in contrast jesse is open and ready for a constructive
dialogue this is unfortunately something that just happens with these types of
people it’s like they’re living in like this completely alternate reality
sometimes if you’re even texting these people they say stuff and you’re just
like what what is this it seems like they always have an issue they always
want to talk about something dragged up dramas and just keep things negative it
it’s hard to make sense no matter what I do I’m always a bad person in this is
what is why I have three amazing friends that I hang out with don’t talk about
anybody don’t do it like I’m in my fucking house live in my life I’m at a
place in my life where I’m so fucking happy like I’ve great people in my life
like my friendships my love life like my house my career like everything’s great
and I’m so secure in myself and who I am at this point that I’m so done with
bullshit and I’m so sick of like the shit I hear that I’ve said or done like
coming back to me and just like hearing the things that like people make up
I just dude I’m the I am somebody who not to toot my own
horn but beep the fucking beep I am so kind to people in my life and to me it’s
just it’s so insane because just in October of 2019 she posted this tweet
that says people with good intentions don’t need to remind you all the time
they have good intentions people with good hearts don’t need to remind you
they have good hearts honest people don’t need to convince you they’re
honest the loudest people usually have the most to hide the irony is insane I
can’t believe she doesn’t see that like just one month ago you were saying that
and now you are constantly telling people how kind you are how honest you
are you’re in a fan’s messages trying to convince her that I suck that I lie that
she shouldn’t believe me and that what she thinks happened never happened like
I’m just it’s so bizarre to me another thing I feel like it’s important that
points to more of this this narrative that Gaby locks put out is that shortly
after the conversation that she had with Deana Gaby accused Deana of manipulating
her which is mind-blowing to me since she’s the one that reaches out to her it
just makes no sense Deana tweets here’s the message of Gaby saying i manipulated
her I cannot stress enough she is talking blank about a fan to another fan
not to mention the fan is literally a minor the rest of the messages are on
Abby’s Twitter but here’s the proof for the people asking she actually says if
I’m being real I feel manipulated by Deana because she
was being so kind and sweet and understanding and I thought we were cool
and had an adult conversation and she’s in she’s in the DM she’s reaching out to
multiple people with full-on files of research videos messages things that
she’s collected for years using every manipulative tactic every manipulative
word that you could possibly think of and not to mention I knew that if I
didn’t say this she’s reaching she’s jumping into the dm’s of fans that are
under the age and she’s claiming that they’re manipulating her
when she’s the person of influence the dynamic is in her favor here I hope that
this video has brought up some good points give you new a new and different
approach and perspective so what we try to aim to do here on this channel so if
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me and when I was are going over and researching it it just connected so I
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  29. Some people that have never experienced sexual assault, hurt when someone they care about is assaulted, or done the research to sympathize with someones trauma, just don't care about how the victim feels properly, and it's different when they aren't around the victim. It's not their problem. It doenst personally affect them. So why does it matter? What are they doing wrong if it's not something they have to live with?… it matters bc its triggering for the victim to know u consciously interact with someone/ppl who did such a horrible thing to them, that they will never get over. Its telling of how much they care about u and what u went through…. I had a friend like this… I was somewhat ok with it bc I thought I cant expect someone to understand even if I tried, but the thing is, I shouldn't have to do anything…. if they just took the time to be thoughtful of how they treat this sensitive area between us… but I do believe there should be education about sexual assault, how to deal with it, and how to be there for someone.

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  31. Never liked her. Had an off feeling about her and never understood why my daughter was subscribed to her…i kept telling her….Idk I get a weird feeling. Her energy is not good….and look at us now after all these years …all is coming to light. My daughter doesn’t like her anymore and I figured out why she liked her so much….she was 8-10 at the time …..and then I came to my ah ha moment…’s all little kids that watch her which is how she can fool them all ….but I think the rest of us can see through her 😐😐 😳😳

  32. She would just manipulate whoever interviewers her. Watch petty pages video about her interview during the brush scandal. I can't remember who interviewed her but she totally spun the nerative.

  33. Dude it’s a shame you’re doing this video🤦🏽‍♀️ I still support Gabbie and I’m tired of people wanting to use cancel culture to cancel people over things that don’t affect them. Can we worry about things that actually matter😒

  34. This whole situation is so annoying and such a sign of the entitlement creators think they deserve when they believe they’re “YouTube Famous”.

  35. The thing that bothers me the most is that she kept all of these screenshots for so long. My ex husband did that he still has screenshots of our fights from like 5 years ago. It made me sick when I learned that. How can a person that you have a personal relationship with keep "dirt" on you "just in case". It's sickening that someone can be a part of your life while also entertaining the idea that someday they may have to ruin it🤷‍♀️😬

  36. Gabbie Hanna has always been insufferable to me, now I have solid reason to dislike her, not just for her fake af personality. Turns out she truly does suck, like my intuition told me. The more you know

  37. Damn, she just called all her friends broken. Unstable peasants that she has to save and fix. Ouchies, that's gottta sting.

  38. People that are genuinely happy dont go around saying they are happy , BUT! people that have had depression that are being accused of not being a good person or happy Do over compensate and try to enforce that they are indeed happy beacuse they dont want to start overthinking and question if they arnt really happy, WHICH will then make then depressed again!

  39. Her body language is totally tense and aggressive. She is like a hissing cat. She definitely does not like be called out for her behaviour.

  40. Whoa, this reminded me and taught me a bit about my ex. He is always threatening to take our kids from me. Which in reality I know he has no right to. I have had custodial custody for over 8 years. He is so loud, threatening and mean that I can't even talk in a conversation with him. Then for some stupid reason, I walk away scared. Well, now I know some of the reasons why. TY rep

  41. All of this is not a problem if you just don’t put up with bullshit. People treat you how you allow them to treat you. I would have blocked that bitch a long time ago. Lol

  42. Gabby is still sending dms to people trying to convince them..she has many fake on insta is fluffylittlesoulmates and she is writing paragraphs gabbie style to people calling her out..she is spreading more lies about Jessie and drama channels and offering to dm people things..this girl has got serious issues..I took screen shots and it is painfully obvious it is her..I had serious 2nd hand embarrassment for her..and the things she said about Jessie yesterday on that account is truly disgusting

  43. I was watching this whilst doing the dishes. Everytime the meow happened I was freaking out thinking theres a cat in my walls. But yeah fuck Gabbi Hanna

  44. Great video, very interesting ! Also Ioved the editing 👌🏻

    Little mistake though : Gabbie and Jessi only became friends a few months after the rape accusations went public on January 16th 2014. BUT Gabbie did hang out with Curtis in 2015 🙃 So it doesn't change the fact she's trash.

    So they weren't friends yet, but she did mock Jessi on January 16th, calling her a liar, saying she accused him because she was heart broken, she said "Hold up where's my popcorn" and "Vine right now 😂😳" and told a Viner who said he hopes Vine will go back to normal after this situation "FUCK THAT MAKE IT NASTY"

    T r a s h

  45. Huge thanks to Rep for bringing out truth and thank you so much to the research team. We must preserve and protect the truth. Thank you for doing just that!

  46. Ok, no. As someone who is severely depressed and fews the world as black and white, I can't agree about the "if you're happy you're not telling anyone".. If I'm actually happy I'm so surprised and happy about being happy that I feel the need to let everyone know..

  47. Gabby tweet the other day said it best. You can always turn the page.. don't close the book. Learn from your mistakes.

    I had to block Jessie because other people were constantly bringing her onto my TL, & she has been going on & on about Gabby.

  48. Ok heard enough, lying or outing anyone for any illness is sick-STD included fake or not-seems hate talk …..even using the word rape with any woman is sick….manipulation…what???? Gabbie is not that smart but I am sure she is not a monster. Is Gabbie under 18? If not, then just let her be. Don't waste energy on haters. But rape and throwing out STDs associated with anyone is just sick for a better lack of word at this moment. Just a mom here that ran into hater videos on some gal so had to find out of this Gabbie girl. If Gabbie wants to be a friend with a rapist who was not arrested is her choice and between those two, I personally would not be friends with him even if innocent because when a woman says she is raped regardless she went through something, I am sorry Jessie Smiles you went through your pain. And the pretty girls talking a mile a minute, damn I be pissed and press charges if anyone said I had an STD whether I had one or not. Jealousy? Move on girls and use your energy for your self,

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