The Curious Case of Free Energy Device

The Curious Case of Free Energy Device

Hi, I’d like to rectify free energy. It’s one of the hot topics between electronic enthusiasts. There are many demonstrations built by people out there, such as this guy from Pakistan who invented such machine with 1.6 million video video views. Electric companies hate him, mainly because he’s wearing huge sunglasses indoors. He has a motor and a generator coupled mechanically with a heavy freewheel to store some energy He first powers the motor to get the wheel up to speed and then connect the generator power back into the motor. Then the system can sustain its motion and generate even more energy to power other devices. Here is his contact if you want to get cancer. Don’t trust the first guy? Here is the second one with one and a half million views. Designed a similar machine by drilling a bunch of holes in some metal scraps and can power many things using his free energy device And another guy with {{hits table}} SIX AND A HALF MILLION VIEWS.>>Okay. What we have here is a motor generator unit; I’m abouta turn on the unit; I’m going to switch over the unit … to the generator source itself; [yelling over motor noise] We’re gonna unplug from the AC, and simply lay it out over here. Grinder is working(!) {{grinder shaves}}>>(I-)I know those guys look sketchy, but not this Asian guy with his giant minion>>{in Korean: Let me introduce this …} {spinner noise cuts in}
>>{in Korean: I will cut the (external) power completel} {spinner noise cuts in}
{{electric snap}}
>>{in Korean: I will cut the (external) power completely}>>{in Korean: as the internal energy …} {{plug tumbles and clicks in}}
>[ElectroBOOM] Such a clean set up and well made device, outputting *so much energy*. They even have a *fundraiser asking for $300,000* to bring *safe and free* energy to everyone! See, a free energy device would contradict the Laws of Thermodynamics which apply to any closed system, such as our universe. But according to their page, ‘If you can agree that the world is made up of “closed systems” and “open systems”, ‘then you should be able to open the possibility magnets could be a way to ‘funnel energy from the quantum world to the physical world.’ And *that’s* the power of agreement. ‘Our goal is to create CO2 free power at 2c/kWh and create … … [reverberating]
WEALTH. (…WEALTH. …WEALTH.) Nevertheless let me show you my version. As my generator, I’m using a DC motor I took from a drill and I’ve connected it to this tiny fan, so we can see {{handheld turbine grinds}}
when I turn the motor it generates electricity that turns the fan Now I have two motors here that are coupled to each other through this gear box. This one acts as the generator, and that one is the motor, and they are electrically connected to each other. Now what happens is, that as soon as I turn the gear box, the generator turns and makes electricity. And outputs it to the motor, which starts turning. Now the speed of the motor is amplified by ten times, through this gear box that turns the generator faster, making more electricity, and turning the motor faster, so the system can go on forever. Let’s give it a try. {drill suddenly kicks in and rises} {dual motor noise} [yelling over noise] … {drills lose capacity and dive} {drills regain capacity and rise} {{BOOM}}
… F***! Sh**! {{drills power down}} Sh**. Yeah, I was running it from my lab power supply. Because there is no free energy device. There is *no* *free energy device*(!) It’s impossible! [disgruntled yelling] This thing would have to have an efficiency of over 100%! It would make energy out of nowhere! EVERY SINGLE free energy device you see on the web is fake as f***! Or F.A.F.for short. There is no ‘blueprint of free energy devices governments are hiding from us’! Tesla was never able to ‘capture cosmic energy with his tower, to power the world’!! It’s impossible! ##>[Narrator] Nikola Tesla believed he had tapped into what he called “radiant energy”. Many scientists believed he was accessing what is now called “free energy”.>[ElectroBOOM, amplified] NO, HE DIDN’T!! See, Tesla was a genius with one main goal: Trying to transfer power wirelessly to power the world. — which is possible to some extent, but not to the scale Tesla was hoping for. And he DEFINITELY didn’t tap into some ‘f-free cosmos energy’! You know, the resonance frequency of a Tesla coil is somewhere in the order of hundreds of kiloHertz to around a megaHertz. And there are THOUSANDS of electrical engineers, like myself, all around the world that, *everyday*, measure electromagnetic interferences and noises in the environment. All the way from tens of kiloHertz to a few gigaHertz. And you know what we measure?! N-Nothing!! — in that vast spectrum of frequencies!! Except for those weak radio frequencies and noises *we* put in the environment, we measure N-NOTHING *significant enough* that can power *anything*.>>It’s breathing. It’s taking in the energy of space literally, and transforming it.>(Fwoosh!)
{{contact on equipment}} There is no free energy device!! This guy’s F.A.F.!He only opens his device *halfway* for demonstration(!) I’m sure he is hiding his batteries in the compartment he left closed. “But Mr. ElectroBOOM! This video has … *21,000,000* views!” “Surely this can’t be F.A.F.(!)” A bunch of magnets glued on fan blades, and another magnet can make them turn.>>[European accent] Once again? Okay? [over audio]>… When I put it … off, it’s not lighting.>{{exclaims in French}}>{{speaks in French}}, {{speaks in French}}… {{speaks in French}},–>…{{speaks in French}}–

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  1. I never knew I will learn too much from this TRUE engineer. I am newly licensed electrical engineer but im still learning because of this man. Cheers!!

  2. I made one that works but im not doing a video until I get a patent for obvious reasons. I'm not sure if it will scale to power a home but when I save up enough money I'm going to try to scale it to power a house. Time will tell.

  3. You know there's an expression in physics textbooks: "free falling bodies" which is used to explain gravity, potential energy, and kinetic energy, but it doesn't really mean free because of the potential energy stored. The same with pendulums, oscillators, etc. Otherwise they would be so much contradiction.

  4. I find your aproach to the presentation a bit funny but please dont misslead your followers, there is free energy (whole em spectrum we are getting from the sun) we only need to find the way to harness it. Morays device was good example. And please dont talk down to Tesla that confident…

  5. You are just like the narrow minded people that said we cannot fly, oh wait now we have millions of people flying in planes every day, its simple people are just not thinking about it im going to create it with hydraulics and you will come out to California and make a video saying you were wrong

  6. I realized that I can make the 2 motors free energy device when I was 15 which is about 15 years ago. I made one such device too but then realized that it was so much powerful that I have to go to heaven to make use of it. World cannot handle such pure energy.

  7. If all those energy-multiplying machines are connected in series, the Earth will instantly go supernova. Simple physics.

  8. while this isn't an electronics related comment I did want to mention that a nuclear reaction there is a thing called a positive void coefficient and if this occur the nuclear reaction will run out of control this is what happened at Chernobyl and so in nuclear reactions a positive void coefficient could create an endless increase in power but it isn't something that can be controlled it will always lead to something like Chernobyl this is why I reason that if they could make free energy devices which they can't the positive void coefficient property would apply to the free energy devices and so even if you could make one of those devices it would just just go faster and faster and faster until it would just break and destroy itself

  9. When you study electronics but then put of nowhere people starts creating free energy while you're still studying why that shit can't work those people have become famous

  10. Every forgetting to use air density vacuum sun water cavitation water hammer if you can't get free energy you need to let year egos die stop guessing you know everything of believe others guess . The void is the ether counter space is the void of Truth void of know truth it everythingnessisrsal is know is anything lie is nothingness void of everything void of truth . Darkness is purest light born in darkness light is in threw out of eye .

  11. I there any "close system", or isn't this just a theoretical view, or a convenient approximation.
    It seems to me that all systems are exposed to gravitation and magnetism.
    The second principle of thermodynamics might just be an approximation, like Newtons law
    what do you think?

  12. 6:16 Electoboom says people with accent cant be trusted😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤡👉👌

  13. Hi, free energy is possible,1940,sir Ganga ram made it possible, Ganga ram power station in Pakistan is still working today and giving free energy since 1940

  14. Well… there is the Casimir effect. This *MIGHT* point to the possibility of some day developing a zero-point energy technology. Maybe. In the future when the relationship of gravity to quantum mechanics is well characterized, practical exploitation of zero point energy might be feasible. So, I'll just use my TIME MACHINE to retrieve the technology from that future world….

  15. Omg, this was funny! Thank you engineer. That is no free energy, that we know of. But could you do a video on near free energy? Like a pendulum or gravity? Thanks again!!!

  16. Free energy: go to McDonald’s plug in extension cord, run it to your house. Boom! Free energy! Well until some dipshit unplugs it to charge his tablet after getting a McCafe

  17. "If you listen closely, you will realise that most of these people have some sort of accent. And you know what it means: they can't be trusted."

    Uuh… Let me use my accent recognition software on ElectroBOOM's voice…

    Oh, wait. It makes perfect sense: I shouldn't try some random electric circuits on my hotel room's power outlet.

  18. I designed a fucntional free energy device, it uses simple technology with a huge obviouse known source that we experience everyday, it is so powerful that we can run our whole universe off of it…

    It's a solar panel

  19. Might want to have a read of this mate

  20. For me. Free energy is about absorb energy around us.
    An air conditioner can pump heat three times than it's power consumtion .it's mean 300% of efficiency.

  21. What about a very long piece of a cord, that suppose to produce small, but yet electricity?
    Simply induced voltages and similar, like writen on wiki:
    "Induced voltages – Classical electromagnetic induction can occur when long conductors form an open grounded loop under and parallel to transmission or distribution lines"

  22. Nah, they are not really free, neither something mystic or unknown about them they are just methods to tap into energy sources like the electromagnetic field of earth radio waves micro waves or casimir effect zero point (virtual energy & matter A.K.A Hawking radiation) and so on. What's common in them? Even when they are capable to give a little surplus it's just not good enough to be economic.


  23. Rectify this. Now I have a serious question that I hope you will think about for a second. I saw a site where the guy was using a hydrogen torch that was very hot (5000+F). He got the hydrogen by electrolysis. His rig was using 5v at 60a.
    My question concerns using that for heating a home.
    Would you like to take a whack at all the ups and downs of trying that? Okay, I'm glad you're up for it.

  24. You do realise of course, as a qualified engineer, that the Sun is not powered by 'Nuclear'…it is Fusion powered. Just saying!

    This guy is using same size (power) moter. Just think how a windmill works! Wind helps to set windmill in motion and it can generate electricity which is used to suffice a villages need. What if half the power generated by windmill is used to rotate windmill itself with a moter capable to do what wind is doing! YOU WILL GET 50% OF ENERGY AS FREE ENERGY here windmill is big moter and substitute to wind is small moter.
    I'm not a electric engineering or scientists nor were great inventors. If I'm wrong do reply me

  26. with the invention of monopole magnets we might be able to pull off the magnet fan but its still not free energy, the magnets shed a bit of they're magnetism over time and eventually die.. so I'd say the magnets are the fuel…

  27. I want to nominate Mehdi as a candidate for Supreme Leader in the next Iranian Democratic election.. He would make politics scary and fun at the same time..

  28. HOLY SHIT GUYS. IT DOES NOT WORK!!!!!…….Yes, sunlight, wind, wave motion…etc is tapping into energy. I tested all of those so called free energy circuits and all failed!!!! I am an Electromechanical Engineering Technologist. I know a few things. Then I showed it to my friend who has his doctorate in science.

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