The Crane Kick – The Karate Kid (8/8) Movie CLIP (1984) HD

The Crane Kick – The Karate Kid (8/8) Movie CLIP (1984) HD

One point, Lawrence. Two-two.
Ready. Fight. Out of bounds. Come on, back in. Destroy him, Johnny. Come on, Daniel. You can do it. Come on! Come on, Daniel. Come on, be strong! Be strong! Come on! -You okay?
-Yeah, I’m okay. Whoever wins the next point will be our new champion. No point. Ready. Fight! It’s over, Johnny. Yeah, you did it! -Are you sure you’re okay? Can you go on?
-Get him a body bag! Yeah! All right, that’s a warning for illegal contact to the knee. Ready. Finish him! Fight! Winner! The new champion, Daniel LaRusso! -You’re all right, LaRusso.
– Thanks a lot. Hey, Mr. Miyagi. We did it!
We did it! All right!

100 thoughts on “The Crane Kick – The Karate Kid (8/8) Movie CLIP (1984) HD

  1. This win still gives me the chills but I don't like what became of Johnny but then again he's doing well now with his non-Kreese methods of cobra Kai karate he's teaching. Anyone who thinks he's just like Kreese Is an idiot.

  2. Iv tried doing the crane kick in a fight at school vsing a karate champ at my school my let got broken he caught it then used his elbow like Jonny did

  3. This scene still remains one of my favorite moments ever. And Mr Miyagi still remains one of my favorite fictional characters ever

  4. A classic. Daniel went through every dirty trick pulled in nature..but her never gave Up…A classic

  5. Ralph Macchio isn't the karate kid
    The karate kid was William Zabka
    Star pupil of the Cobra Kai Dojo
    who this monster defeated with a cheap, illegal head kick

  6. Whoever thinks Daniel didn't say thank you after Johnny handed him the trophy obviously didn't hear him say it.

  7. Whose your friends now Daniel when they said on the beach where did you find this guy and now they are at the tournament

  8. Ah, those were the days… when u can kick a guy in the face and not face the consequences. Today, Daniel-san would be in jail for assault 😒

  9. I bet a million little kids were disappointed when they got their parents to sign them up for karate after watching this only to learn the crane kick is made up.

  10. One kinda mistake of thsi movie the kid who throws the crane kick gets knocked down multiple times and he never gets told hes out of the fight but as soon as the blonde kid hits the mat he loses when he is clearly still ok 😂

  11. How many John's are in The Karate Kid you had Johnny Laurinaitis you had young Kris the Sensei and in the Karate Kid Part 3 is another joke

  12. Damn! If that Crane kick had ever happened to me, I would definitely teach someone to do it to another guy in the future..

  13. RIP Rob Garrison. You will be loved and missed by the best of Karate Kid fans❤️ I hope you lived the best life…

  14. How strange that the guys were Daniel's so called friends at the beach said where did find this guy when Daniel was fighting Johnny are there at the fight now. It's good how Daniel and Johnny had some good moments in Cobra Kai

  15. Johnny says "You're all right LaRusso" to Daniel,….& years later,..he still hates him?? How the hell does that make any se…..oh right! I forgot! He made the move on Ali when she left Johnny, & he was still pissed about that. Nevermind.

  16. Okay I’ll be that guy….

    How come when Johnny hit Daniel in the face to win what would be his 3rd final winning point (3-2) ….got taken away or didn’t count for face contact….

    BUT when Daniel hit Johnny with face contact with crane kick for his 3rd final point ….THAT WAS ALLOWED !!!???? Always wondered that.

    Johnny Lawrence is THE REAL ALL VALLEY CHAMPION!! He got hosed. Nuts n Bolts Johnny got screwed !

  17. First of all I love the ending! Illegal Kick Or Not, If your Dumb Enough to walk into that kick to the head YOU DESERVE TO LOSE 😆

  18. I love how Johnny hands Daniel the trophy with real tears in his eyes and pride. He truly earned the bully's respect, meaning he wasn't so bad after all. The remake didn't quite get this right. The Chinese kid looked too reluctant to hand it over.

  19. Just incredible that this move became iconic and it was done by a non martial artist. This is a definite classic and will always be one. 👍🏻

  20. I am 39, almost 40 years old and have watched this movie and this part so many times. But now I feel like a dingus, I never realized Mr. Miyagi was telling Daniel-San to get up.

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